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Poem about the endurance of love
I held you close in my heart
right from the start.
I kept on dreaming,
kept believing,
right from the start
you were close to my heart.
I kept on dreaming,
just believing
the I was close in your heart.

The world falls apart.
I can't believe the words that you're saying,
when you say you're leaving,
you've stopped believing
and my heart is breaking.

But I still believe in you,
you're still in my heart,
and I can't stop dreaming.
I have to believe it,
even though you say that you're leaving,

that one fine day, one sweet day,
you'll look into the sky,
you'll see it in my eyes.
I have nothing left to believe
but the dream in my heart.
I have to believe it
you'll come back to my heart
back to the start
here in my heart
I'll keep on dreaming;
I'll keep believing.

Right from the start,
I had to believe
it's not just a dream...

Can't you feel it in my heart?
I haven't stopped believing
I'll never stop dreaming
I'll hold you again,
here in my arms,
here in my heart

So, I'll keep you close
and I'll keep on dreaming
I have to believe,
it's not just a dream.

I'll hold you close to my heart
No matter how far we've drifted apart,
I'll pull you back to the start,
here in my heart.
I'll keep on dreaming,
just believing

you're just as close to my heart,
though we're apart,
as you were from the start.

And I’ll pull you back to the start,
hold you here in my heart,
if I keep on dreaming,
just believing.

Here in my heart,
can't you see it,
just believe it.
I've held you close to my heart
right from the start.

I've always believed it,
it's not just a dream,
you're always here,
here in my heart.

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