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by water
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Situations gives a very deep illistration about people of color.
(Dedicated to our people. For not what they are, but who they could be... Think about it!)

The hand strikes six. A human takes his hand and uses it to push a button on the computer. The computer is looking at him as if it has a mind of its own. But, it does not! This human is about to leave from work. Then, the person turns to the right and begins putting the left foot infront of the right foot. Twenty steps is all it takes to get to the back of the store. After those twenty steps had been taken. The human looked up at the coat rack, that was straight ahead. A hand gragged the coat and placed it around his flesh. Suddenly, he turns and waves good by to the person that is above him. Then, he turns his face to see where he is going. His feet are taking him to the outside. When he get's outside. The head raises and the chin points straight ahead, like an arrow. Blackness, pours over his face like darkness. Thousands of miles away, in the blackness, little lights are looking down at him. What will he write about know?
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