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There was nothing to do so i wrote this song for little kids and teenagers.
When i was just a little girl
my momma always tucked me into bed.
And i'd lie there imagining,imagining what i would be like when i grew up.
I'd tell my mom that i'm only 13 years old,and tell her what i'd look like if i was a popstar today.Oh yeah!
Imagination, imagination is always up above.
Don't let anyone tell you that your wrong in what you imagine for today or any other day as well.
When i was in 7th grade I stopped believing in Santa Claus.
But now i have my own imagination.
Everybody thins i'm weird. everybody thinks its true.
Just an ordinary unicorn thinking of you. And its the color my favorite blue.

So just imagine, just imagine, just imagine what you mind would be like today if we had no, had no, no imagination.
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