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Rated: 13+ · Novel · Romance/Love · #1006969
Riley feels so lost and so alone, she no longer knows who she is, can he help her?

“Dad, when is mum and Paul supposed to be back?” asked a tall, slender teenage girl. Her father turned away from his work, and pulled off his glasses to look at his watch, he clicked his tongue annoyingly.
“They were supposed to be back an hour ago, I’m sure traffics just bad.” He turned away from his daughter and carried on with his work not giving it a seconded thought. The girl walked back into the kitchen where she sat down next to her friends, they were all eating a pizza, “When’s Paul getting back Riley?”
Riley looked at her best friend Sarah, she smiled and lifted her eyebrows.
“When is this stupid crush of yours on my brother going to stop? Sarah it’s weird, he’s my brother.” Riley got up and grabbed the phone smacking Sarah around the head as she sat back down.
“Riley don’t hit my sister, she can’t help being a freak!” Said Sarah’s older brother Jack, he was Paul’s friend and was waiting for him to get back. Riley ignored his comment as did Sarah, she was worried about her mom and brother so she picked up the phone and rang her brother’s mobile.
‘bring… bring… bring – hello?’ the person on the other end wasn’t her brother or her mother, Riley felt a sudden rush of unease.
‘Who’s this? –
My name is Dr House, who may I ask is this? –
I’m Riley where’s my brother, why do you have his phone? –
Riley I think you should get your self and your dad down to the hospital there’s been an accident.’ Riley’s heart was beating so fast, everything went so fast after that.
That one Tuesday evening where her whole life changed, her brother and mum was in a car accident, a drunk driver ran a red light, there wasn’t much hope for them, but Paul managed to hang on for a couple of day’s but her mother died on the scene of the accident. So that’s where Riley found herself.
And that’s where our story begins.

Chapter one

My name is Riley Faye Lewis, I was born April 16th 1988 in York Hospital, and York is in England, the middle to be exact. It’s mentioned in the film ‘Braveheart’, it was considered the capital of the north of England during the times of William the conqueror. Sorry I’m a bit of a History buff.
It’s April 9th, it’s been exactly one year since the accident, my dad still shuts me out and even though I know I’m not alone I still feel like I am, all I want is for someone to put their arms around me and tell me that everything is going to be ok.
I miss them, so much.

“Riley!” Riley’s dad stared at her, the look of anger passing over his face, he looked so perfect, clean, combed hair, freshly shaven and a clean crisp suit. “Riley our plane, its in are you ready?” Riley couldn’t answer him so she simply nodded her head. I can’t believe him sometimes! I hate to fly and I hate him! I hate him for making me leave everyone I have ever known, and everything I have ever known!

Riley was being taken to go live with her mother’s sister Grace and her family, while her father was away on business. Aunt Grace and her family weren’t especially close, only meeting up on Christmas. Riley had two cousins Hadley and Kelly. Riley and Kelly had never gotten along well before but Riley hadn’t seen her for a whole year so maybe things were going to be different. But Hadley was always really close with Paul so when the occasional visit came around she would hang around with them, they never minded because Riley had always been close to her brother and liked most of the things he did. Had, liked.

The plane ride over was long and awful, the film was some cheesy romance with dogs in it, the meal was disgusting and the guy in front insisted on reclining his chair. Riley busied herself with the many radio channels and her art work. Riley had always enjoyed art and was often praised by her friends and teachers on how good she was, she enjoyed drawing people, mostly because she couldn’t, she found it so difficult to show felling and expression. The landing was a little scary for Riley, she found herself suppressing a nervous giggle or two, the strange woman who sat next to her offered her hand for support, Riley took it gladly and thanked her when they had landed.

It was a beautiful Thursday evening, the sun was still high in the sky and the heat was still strong, it was nothing like home, like the plane ride, their ride from the airport to Jacksonville was just as silent. But Riley was too busy watching the passing scenery, the trees, the buildings and the people, girls dressed in hardly anything and topless guys hung around the streets. Before long they pulled up to a large white townhouse. Wow! This place is amazing! Three floors plus and attic and a basement! My god! Paul would have loved it!

When Riley got out of the air conditioned BMW that her dad had rented, she was hit by the heat! It’s almost 7 o’clock and it’s still warm, it’s gonna take some getting used to! A lot of this is going to take a lot of getting used to. My whole life is different, I feel different I am different!

“Riley! Uncle Dan! You’re early! Uncle Dan my mum’s inside she told me to tell you to go inside I’ll help Riley with her bags”, they watched Dan walk up the driveway and into the house. Riley stared at her cousin, he’d changed he was so much taller and very good looking. Hadley was staring at her as well, she smiled at this, “So you gonna help me or what?” He cocked his head to one side. He turned and called some people over, his friends Riley guessed, well now time like the present to meet new people! Here goes nothing.

“Guys this is my cousin Riley, Riley this is Sam,” He pointed to a strong built, tall lad, he had gorgeous blond hair and big blue eyes, his smile was amazing, he was really good looking or so Riley thought. “This is Beth!” He put his arm around a girl, she had short black hair with pink stripes, and she was very pretty. “And this is Landon! These are my friends!” The last person he pointed to was a lad about Hadley’s age maybe a little older, he was also strongly built but not as stock at Sam, he had short black hair and dark green eyes, he was by far the best looking out of all the guys there. “Hi, it’s nice to meet you all!” Wow, he was gorgeous.

“Yeah nice to meet you too, so Riley your accent where you from?” asked Beth. Kelly stepped forward flipping her shoulder length, bright blonde hair. Kelly was Riley’s age and quite pretty. My god Kelly, how much more make-up can you get on that tiny head of yours!
“She’s from York; it’s a town in England, Hey Sam you want to go out later? How about you Landon?” Riley watched as Kelly flipped her hair again and battered her eye lashes. They all turned towards the house at the sound of Riley’s dad shouting.

“Riley hurry up, get your stuff together I’ve got to go! I don’t have time for you messing about! Have I made myself clear?” Riley’s dad approached her with his arms tightly folded across his chest. She couldn’t help her little outburst, “What! What do you mean? So you’re just going to dump me here and take off?” Her anger boiled she knew everyone was staring at her, but she no longer cared, she needed her dad, she needed him more then ever, she was still getting over the accident, she had shut herself down afterwards and buried her feelings but their was so much anger when it came to her dad.

“Riley pull yourself together, stop being selfish-“, Riley took a step closer letting her hair fall about her face. “Are you kidding me? You’re the one who needs to pull yourself together! I know I’m having problems but you’re supposed to be supportive and you’re supposed to be there for me! You’re not the only one this happed to so stop shutting me out! And for being selfish, how dare you! I have left everything, everything to come here for you, all my friends, everything that I have ever known and even before that. I stopped going out and quit my job I even stopped going to school so there was someone home to cook your meals and tidy the house up. I have given so much up for you, and when I need you the most, you just take off!” she paused to collect herself, he was about to speak but she cut him off by grabbing her bags and slamming the car boot shut. She could barely breath as her dad got in the car and muttered goodbye and drove off down the street, she stood on the grass surrounded by people she hardly knew, she felt so alone, before she knew what was happening Hadley had put his arm around her and pulled her up the driveway towards the door.

Hadley was the one to show her around, with a quick hug from her aunt and a mumbled hello from her uncle, Hadley showed her to her room, it was on the top floor with white walls and a whole wall covered in very large windows which opened on to a little balcony. Hadley explained that the room was used for his gym equipment but that he’s moved it all down to the basement so now she has this whole room to herself. It was a large room, it overwhelmed Riley and all she could say was, “Thanks.”
“We can paint the walls or something later on, but you should probably get some sleep, first day of school tomorrow!” with that Hadley left the room leaving Riley completely bewildered, she had completely forgotten about school, she couldn’t sleep until she was at least comfortable with the room. Upon entering the room she had round her storage boxes already here, they must have arrived a couple of days ago. She opened them one by one and peered inside.

The room already had a bed, a sofa, a chair, a mirror, curtains, wardrobe, walk-in closet, two sets of draws and a desk and chair. She even found she had her own bathroom. Wow so when did I become a princess? She started with her clothes and then moved onto toiletries and shoes. When she was finished with that sort of stuff, she sorted out her CD’s and stereo, she managed to set up her TV and laptop easily enough but she had slightly more trouble with her DVD player. When she had finally finished with the technical stuff, she moved onto more personal things, photos and memories. The shelves were soon filled with knickknacks and photos of friends were stuck all over one wall, she had decided to use one wall for photos and drawings, so one wall was filled with all her drawings and photos. When she had finally finished the clock read 11:00pm, Riley yawned and walked over to her bed with a picture frame, she had already changed into her cotton Kitty-Cat pyjamas, she laid down and studied the faces of her mum and brother in the photo as she drifted off to sleep.

~~۞~*~*٭*~~*~٭ ͌͌ ٭◊٭ ͌͌ ٭~*~~*٭*~*~۞~~

I think it only right that I introduce myself first, my name is Landon Willis Winters, Yeah that’s me and so far you have already met me. I know I didn’t say much but I’m not much of a talker. I’m a senior and Jacksonville High and my best friend is Hadley Stevenson. Today is Thursday the 9th of April and before I get too carried away with my life story I just wanted to say this was the day my life took a little turning point.

“Hadley what you looking for, you’ve been staring at the street for the past twenty minutes!” Asked Landon, he was concerned about his friend.
“Oh just waiting for my cousin, she’s moving in with us for a while, I told you right?” Hadley said turning to regard his friends. “Yeah you told us, she’s cute right?” asked Sam. “Shut up Sam! She’s my cousin.” Landon laughed at his brother Sam he was always so occupied with girls, like his sister Beth was occupied with boys, one in particular, Hadley.

A silver BMW pulled up into the drive, for some strange reason they were all just standing outside Hadley’s house waiting for this chick. Landon wanted to be anywhere else but here, Kelly had said her cousin was really weird and really ugly, now Landon wasn’t one to trust Kelly but she was probably just like her, Kelly was an annoying little kid who followed her brother around, she wore fashion clothes and had perfect hair.
A man in his late thirties got out the car, Hadley rushed to his shouting hi to his Uncle Dan and his cousin and that his mom wanted to talk to him, he had offered to help with the bags. Landon was about to take off when Hadley called them over, he only felt it polite to get introduced to this girl. But he wasn’t prepared for what came next, a tall slender girl got out of the car, her hair was tied back but there was loose tendrils of golden hair that twirled around her face, she was beautiful, she smiled, her smile, it was only little but Landon could only imagine what she would look like if she really did smile. He was in a complete trance; he couldn’t help but stare at her, wow!

He was still in a trance when she started to shout, he couldn’t believe his ears, she looked so small and timid, but wow their was so much fire in her voice and in her eyes, wow her eyes, the colour of the shallow ocean. My God stop staring! I’ve got to get out of here! Before he could take off Hadley was saying goodbye and guiding the girl into his house, she looked so lost.
“Wow Landon that girl, she’s gorgeous. Beth what was her name?” asked Sam, Beth shot him a glare but he ignored it, “You’re so shallow Sam, her name is Riley, come on we’ll be late for dinner… Landon?” She and Sam had already set off down the street, “Um… Yeah! ” So her name is Riley, Riley… Riley… Riley. Landon chanted her name in his head all the way to their house, he lived in a much bigger house then Hadley, his parents were rich, they had about 20 bedrooms and even a ballroom, their house was massive. Landon couldn’t get Riley’s face out of his head, all night he thought about her, about who she was, he was suddenly overwhelmed with a desire to get to know this girl. I want to know everything about her, everything, I want to know what she likes and what she dislikes, I want to know what kind of person she is, she intrigued him, her eyes, she had looked so sad and so lost, but they were filled with so much hope, so much love.
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