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The charater, instead of the narrator will describe the story.
Hi, my name is Unknown! You may be a little confused about what the narrator was talking about. On the other hand, he writes like that for a certain purpose. His purpose was to give as much desription as possible. When you have to read a draft such as that,it will make you think. But that's just my own opinion. Want to hear something interesting? I have been created to tell, you the audience a special story. Many issues, that we don't talk much about will be addressed. This story will be powerful and unpredictable, if you give it a chance! First, let's start out with something we learned back in first grade. A through Z. How can these letters learned long ago be motivating, give faith and give you a different outlook on life it self? Listen, think and pay attention. Please! A. A man walks down the street very happy. B. Be good to all people, even if you don't want too. C. Courage is the best thing to have, when you are scared. D. Don't ever be afraid to do what is wright. E. Energy will be needed to complete great task. F. Free yourself from all your bad thoughts and feelings. G. Good people can be great, if they just take a chance. H. How happy is the world today? I. In some way shape or form, you can make it through the day. J. Just think positive about your future goals. K. Kind people, usually receive gifts in return. L. Love everyone around you, it pushes away evil. M. Money doesn't grow on trees, so one will have to earn it. N. Nobody likes to loose. O. Old people can help young people grow old. P. People can help you to grow, so keep meeting all differet kinds. Q. Quite people have confidence in themselves, because they don't ask many qusetions. R. Respect everyone that you can, for as long as you can, or just leave the situation. S. Spend your money on what you need, not just what you want. T. Take some time out and see the world. U. Under dogs, will come out on top, in the long run. V. Violence does not solve anything, it just hurts bad. W. Wise people make good judgements, most of the time. X. X-rays show how the body looks on the inside. Y. You are almost done reading this part of the story. Z. The last letter fits better in a word instead of at the begining of one. Think long and hard about what you have just read about. I am pretty sure that some of this story applies to you. On the other hand, the story will get deeper and deeper, as you keep reading it.

Be sure to read situations, first draft if you can. Thank you!
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