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you're searching for something, you're so close you can feel it...
I can feel the heat
as I push through the crowd
the pulsing vibrations
draw me closer in the near darkness
searching frantically,

I fail to see your face
your body calls to me
I long to be near you
to feel the warmth
of your breath against my throat
to feel your gaze
sear into my soul.

My heart pounds
you’re near
but so far away
I can feel you
as I get closer

yet, try as I might,
hard as I search
my hand fails to hold yours
my eyes cannot see yours
my heart cannot reach yours
my soul longs to be joined with yours

to be one with you
is all I desire
but, you always seem to be out of reach
so I continue searching
pushing through the crowd
hoping for a glimpse
of my one true love
searching, searching

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