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Superman meets Jamie, an alien another planet. He is 11 years old, and has super powers!
The large commercial airline was making its final approach to Miami International Airport.

“Miami Control… This is November-Alpha-Eight-Niner-Seven-Charlie, coming in for long final, Altitude 3,000 feet, heading 110 degrees…” the pilot radioed the control tower. The Captain was commanding his Boeing 747-400 passenger plane, every seat on board was filled with people who wanted to come to Florida for the long weekend.

It was a bright, sunny day in Miami, Florida. Unfortunately, lots of people were traveling during the Independence Day holiday weekend, and there was a lot of air traffic over the Miami area that afternoon.

“Niner-Seven-Charlie, You’re cleared to land on Runway 11. Please report short final and indicate when you have the airfield in sight. Maintain heading 110, wind speed 10 knots.” The air traffic controller answered. “You have traffic at 11 o’clock, a twin Cessna heading 250, altitude 2,000 feet…”

The Boeing was getting close to coming in for landing, when the small propeller plane came from the opposite direction. Neither pilot spotted the other craft, for they were passing through thick cloud cover at the time of the collision. When the pilot of the private plane suddenly realized that he was flying into the rooftop of a commercial jet, he immediately pulled the nose up, and increased his airspeed, forcing the plane to ascend rapidly. Unfortunately, he couldn’t pull up fast enough, for the tip of his wing had smashed into the very top edge of the rudder, making the airplane impossible to steer for the Captain of the Jumbo jet!

“Mayday, mayday…” the captain radioed the tower… “The rudder has been hit by the other plane! This is Niner-Seven-Charlie… We’ve been hit!” The alarm was ringing in the cockpit, and the stewardesses immediately followed emergency evacuation procedures and instructed all passengers and crew to place oxygen masks on and to grab the life vests from under their seats.

“Miami Control!” the pilot of the small plane radioed. “This is Uniform-Tango! Mayday, mayday… We hit the rudder of a plane… We’re losing altitude fast… Mayday, mayday!”

Superman was just flying over the coast of Southern Florida. He briefly landed at the Dade County Sheriff’s Office when the distress call came in, and he immediately took off and headed towards the airport.

There were two planes which were coming down fast, with burning smoke coming from the wing tip of the small plane and from the rudder of the Jumbo jet.

Superman hated these kinds of accidents, for he knew he couldn’t be two places at the same time. He decided to help the Jumbo jet first, since there were more lives that could be lost, although he couldn’t stand the thought of not being able to rescue the small plane as well.

The Man of Steel flew below the Jumbo jet and grabbed hold of the belly. Then he pulled the airplane towards the airport where he gently set the plane down on the runway.

With not a second to spare, he flew to where he saw the small plane and raced towards it, when another figured appeared out from beyond the horizon and flew up to meet the small plane. The other figure was smaller but faster than Superman, and the flying man gently grabbed hold of the plane by the wing, and guided it to a small open field of grass just south of the city.

Just when Superman arrived, he saw the other figure, as he gently set the small plane down on its landing gear. The man then leaped out of view and flew over to a hilltop, which was overlooking the ocean. Superman spotted him from a distance and followed him, and he landed right behind him on the hilltop.

When he got there, he noted that the muscle man was shorter than he expected. The man was tossing small rocks into the ocean, like the kids did who were at the beach.

“Thank you for your help…” the Man of Steel said, as he approached the muscular figure.

As soon as the muscular man turned around, Superman gasped when he realized that the short, muscular man wasn’t an adult at all, but a little boy!

The boy was about 4’10 inches tall but he was ripped with muscle from head to toe! His calves were like grapefruits which appeared to be implanted in his thick, muscular legs. His quads were as thick as an oak tree, with veins running over the layers of muscle, which gave him the look of a man who could outrun anything.

He had a thin waist and his skin was smooth and hairless, he didn’t have a wisp of hair on his body. He had what seemed like a twelve-pack of abdominals on his torso, which made his stomach look like a tiled kitchen floor. His pectorals were like two soccer balls which stuck out from his chest, giving him the V-tapered look from the waist up to the shoulders. His arms were thick and hard, with biceps which appeared as round as basketballs. He had short, brown hair which was spiked on top, and he had big blue eyes.

The muscle boy was only wearing a Speedo and he wore sandals on his feet which had Velcro straps, so they wouldn’t fall off when he was flying. The boy had a beautiful, golden tan, and he looked like he spent many hours on the beach. He was clean cut; he wore a necklace around his neck which looked like fishing wire, with a series of small pieces of sea shells strung together through the wire. The boy looked like a surfer or a swimmer!

“My goodness…” Superman whispered. “You’re a kid!”

“Hi Kal-El…” the boy said, in his high-pitched voice. “My name is Jami-son but everyone calls me Jamie! I’m from planet Zyrton… I’m a Zyrtonian…”

Superman just gasped when he heard the boy call him by his original, Kryptonian name.

“How did you know my real name?” the man of Steel wondered.

“Zyrton is a neighboring planet of Krypton. Well, it was a neighboring planet, until Krypton exploded. Zyrton is about 8.7 million miles from where Krypton used to be. Many Kryptonians immigrated over there about a hundred years before your planet exploded, and we have almost the same physical traits as Kryptonians do!” the boy replied, making Superman’s mouth drop wide open in amazement.

“How did you get here? Do you have the same powers as I do?” Superman asked the little boy out of curiosity.

“Oh yes! In fact, I’m probably as strong as you and I have some powers that you don’t have at all!” the boy chuckled. “Not only that, but I’m not weakened by Kryptonite, as you are!” the little boy exclaimed.

Superman continued to look at the handsome, muscular boy in total shock. He couldn’t believe what he was hearing.

“You’re kidding…” he mumbled in disbelief. “The means you’re practically omnipotent…”

“My real mother sent me to earth after my father died. My rocket landed near the North Pole about 10 years ago, and I was picked up by members of a US-Canadian expedition team and brought to Toronto. I was given my earthly mother and we lived there until last year, when she moved to Florida for her work. Now I’m here! I’m really only 10 years old!” the boy said with a grin.

“But, you can fly, and you’re strong enough to lift a small airplane…” Superman thought out loud.

The boy had a huge grin on his face, and he was almost bouncing on the balls of his feet. His entire body seemed to radiate with muscular strength and power, even though his face was still very much like that of an average little boy.

His friendly smile, his big, blue eyes, and his boyish looks just added on to the incredibly muscular physique, which made Superman stand in complete awe of him. The boy seemed so you, so short, and yet so powerful. The Man of Steel just couldn’t help but feel very impressed, and perhaps even a bit envious of the young muscle boy.

Jamie bent down and picked up a few stones which were lying by his feet, and he casually hurled them in the ocean, from the hilltop where he was standing.

“Oh, you bet I’m strong! I’m probably just as strong as you!” Jamie smiled, as he turned around to face the caped man. “Let me show you…”

Jamie raised his thick arm while making a fist. He flexed his muscles, immediately making a large, round ball of muscular mass rise up from under the skin of his arm. His bicep was huge, and it seemed like it was as hard as rock.

Superman extended his arm and wrapped his fingers around the 26 inch bicep and he gently squeezed the muscle. He gasped when he realized how thick and how hard the muscle was. Not only that, but he saw that no matter how hard he squeezed, the boy just continued to stare at him with a grin on his face, for he wasn’t feeling any pain at all.

“Can I feel yours?” the boy asked him politely. “Please?”

“Sure, why not?” the caped man wondered. He had no idea how strong the boy was. But he didn’t expect this little boy to be so strong, that he was possibly capable of making Superman feel pain.

Superman then flexed and showed his own 26 inch bicep, but he felt an incredible pain as soon as Jamie placed his small fingers around the muscles and began to squeeze.

“AAAAUUUWWW” Superman shouted, as he pulled his arm away from the little boy.

“What? What’s the matter? Are you hurt?” Jamie immediately asked out of deep concern, not realizing that he was strong enough to inflict some serious pain on the Man of steel.

“My God…” Superman replied, after the pain subsided a little, “You’re incredibly strong for a little kid!”

“I’m sorry if I hurt you…” Jamie said, as he looked at the taller man. “I told you I was very strong…”

Superman then raised his hand and poked his finger against Jamie’s chest. The boy’s pectorals were like massive plates of titanium, they were extremely hard! Superman realized that the boy was also heavier than any normal kid, and he stood as firm as a giant block of concrete! When Superman poked his finger against his chest, the boy didn’t even budge!

Jamie then raised his hand and poked Superman in the chest as well. But he pressed his finger against the older man’s chest with such force, that he sent the Man of Steel flying several feet in the air, before Superman managed to land back on his feet.

“Hey, are you making fun of me?” Jamie giggled. “I didn’t push you that hard!”

Superman quietly walked back towards the boy, still looking at the little muscle boy in shock. He just couldn’t understand how this little boy could possess such power, that he could hurl him in the air with just one finger!

“Are you invulnerable? Can you take a punch in the stomach?” Superman wondered, as he looked down at the little muscle boy.

“Sure, I can!” Jamie replied excitedly. “Go ahead, punch me! Hit me with everything you got!”

The mighty Man of Steel then approached the boy, as he made a fist with his right hand. He stopped, and then took four steps back, before he stopped again and pulled his arm as far back behind his back as possible. He then ran towards Jamie, who was just standing there, with a wide grin of confidence on his face. The boy didn’t show an ounce of fear or intimidation at all, as Superman swung his arm and allowed his fist to make contact with Jamie’s abdominals.

Superman’s fist made a tremendous booming sound, and Jamie was just forced to take a step back, due to the impact of the blow. But he didn’t feel a thing, and he just remained standing there, with a smile on his face!

As soon as Superman dealt the boy his blow, the Man of Steel just looked at the boy and gasped as he realized that the blow didn’t even cause the kid to flinch! Jamie was still smiling, clearly indicating a complete absence of even a remote sense of pain, while the same mighty blow from the super hero could have caused a skyscraper to crumble into a large heap of dust and rubble!

“Didn’t you feel anything?” Superman wondered, while still looking at the smiling boy in disbelief.

“Yeah,” Jamie replied with a grin. “I felt my stomach tickle a little bit, that’s all!”

Superman had never seen a human being stand up to that kind of blow before, much less a little, ten year-old kid! His mouth dropped wide open, as he continually began to see that he had severely underestimated the power of the little boy. With every test or comparison, Superman began to understand that the little boy was stronger than him in every way!

“May I punch you?” Jamie asked him politely. Superman just nodded, as he spread his legs out slightly and placed his hands on his hips. There was no way that Superman was going to make himself look weak and vulnerable, especially not before a little kid!

“Give it your best shot, kiddo!” Superman laughed.

Jamie casually walked over to the man of steel, and he made a fist when he stood right before his hero. Without too much effort, he pulled his elbow behind him, before he struck Superman’s abdominals with his fist.

There was a loud BANG sound when the boy’s fist made contact, and the caped hero screamed at the top of his lungs as his body was immediately sent soaring through the sky! Superman was crying with pain, as his stomach was struck with a blow of such force, that it had never been struck with before. The feeling of such intense pain was foreign to the man of Steel, and the pain was so great, that he couldn’t even open his eyes in order to see where he was going!

Superman’s stomach hurt so bad, he had no clue that he was flying over 60 feet in the air! Jamie saw this and became worried, especially when he realized that Superman’s eyes were still closed, and he hadn’t regained the strength yet in order to fly back to the hilltop.

“Oh no! He’s going to crash somewhere… I need to save him!” Jamie shouted. Jamie immediately leaped in the air and extended his arms, flying after the man of steel, who was soaring backwards through the air, while placing both his hands on his stomach.

Jamie flew past Superman and then caught him in his arms, just like how to catch a football. Jamie became worried when he saw how the man of steel was still cringing in pain, and he decided to fly back to the hilltop, where he gently allowed Superman to lay down on the grass field with his back.

“Superman! SUPERMAN!” the boy shouted, as he became increasingly worried about the man, who seemed to have lost consciousness. “Are you alright? Wake up!”

Jamie began to feel extremely guilty, and he almost began to cry, as he knelt down on the grass, sitting on his knees by the body of the stricken super hero.

‘I’m sorry… I’m so sorry!” the boy said to the red and blue body on the ground. “I didn’t mean to hit you that hard! Please, wake up!”

Jamie blew a major sigh of relief when the caped hero slowly opened his eyes, letting out a few groans. After a minute or so, Superman’s eyes were open, and he looked up at the boy with an expression of complete shock.

“Are you OK?” Jamie whispered at him, obviously feeling shaken by the fact that he literally knocked out the man of steel with one punch! “I’m sorry!! I’ll never punch you like that again! I promise! Please, forgive me… Will you be alright?”

“Yeah… I’ll be alright…” Superman groaned, as he slowly got back up on his feet. He was obviously dazed and confused, and he walked around with his head bowed down, as he needed a few minutes to recover from the muscle boy’s titanic blow to his stomach.

After Superman had wiped the sweat and the tears from his face, he turned around and faced the boy.

“I want to see how strong you really are!” the caped hero replied calmly. “Let’s get on the grass and arm wrestle!”

Superman then got flat on the grass while lying on his stomach, and Jamie did the same while continuing to stare at the bigger adult with a smile of confidence. The two super being were then laying on the grass and facing each other, when they both placed their elbows on the grass, clasping their fingers together in a mighty handshake. They had both arms extended in the vertical position.

“On the count of three…” Superman ordered. “One… Two… Three!”

Superman immediately decided to apply full force and to show the little boy who was boss, but the boy just continued to stare at him while displaying the ever wide grin on his face.

Superman grinded his teeth as he increased the power, but he was left completely in shock when he noticed how Jamie was constantly able to match his strength and his arm continued to remain in the same vertical position.

“Just tell me when you’ve had enough, okay?” Jamie laughed.

What was even more disheartening to Superman was the fact that Jamie wasn’t even trying to beat him at all! The boy just stared at the Man of Steel, without even breaking a sweat! In fact, Jamie let out a soft yawn! He even seemed to be bored, as Superman continued to apply more and more pressure in the hope of bringing Jamie’s arm down.

“Push harder, Superman! I’m only a little kid! There’s no way I can be stronger than you!” Jamie smiled, while he tried to encourage the caped hero.

For Superman, it was a strange feeling. He has never encountered another human before, who was able to meet his strength so easily. To make matters worse, this person who was now challenging him appeared to be at least fifty years younger than him!

And Jamie patiently continued to stare at the older man, as he noted that fatigue started to set in.

“Come on, Superman!” the little boy cheered. “You can do it! You’re supposed to be much stronger than me!”

Superman’s face started to turn red as a tomato out of the strain and energy which he used to bring Jamie’s arm down, and he was challenged every second of the match. Superman started to grow tired of it, and he was slowly overcome by a feeling of old age, weakness and helplessness as it became ever clearer to him, that the little boy was going to beat him at arm wrestling.

“Are you starting to get tired?” Jamie wondered out loud, speaking to his hero in a soft, innocent voice. “I don’t want you to get hurt!”

Superman continued to strain harder and harder, but Jamie matched every ounce of strength that the Man of steel could muster.

“AAARGHHH!!” Superman groaned, in a last act of desperation. It was his final gasp before he was forced to admit defeat. But it was no use. Jamie just continued to stare at him, holding Superman’s arm in place without exerting any effort at all. He made it seem like it was just too easy to out-muscle and overpower the great Superman.

“Hold on, Mister Superman…” the boy said cheerfully. “I’m going to apply a little bit of pressure to your arm, okay? Tell me if it hurts, and I’ll stop immediately! I really don’t want to hurt you…”

Jamie then started to increase the power to his arm, forcing Superman’s arm to slowly come down towards the grass. Superman’s arm began to tremble a little bit, when his muscles realized that they were challenged by a force which was far greater. The arm trembled even more as Superman’s arm was slowly inching closer and closer to the grass, until the older man’s knuckles were gently pressed into the grass.

All Superman could do was look up at the victor, who had slowly pressed his arm down to the ground, while making it seem just too easy to beat him. Jamie then let go of Superman’s fingers, gently releasing the older man’s arm so that Superman could nurse the increased muscle pain in his bicep. Suddenly, Superman wasn’t feeling so powerful or strong anymore. He had been out-muscled and overpowered by a little, 10 year-old super boy!

Jamie immediately leaped to his feet, and he then extended his right arm to the older man, offering to help him back on his feet.

“Awww… You’re no fun!” Jamie said, in a disappointed tone of voice. “I bet you let me win, just so that I wouldn’t feel bad! That’s cheating!”

Superman extended his hand, and Jamie gently pulled him up. The whole time he was smiling at him, without saying a word. Somehow, the boy didn’t need to say anything at all. Actions spoke louder than words, and Superman now realized who was boss.

“Do you have heat vision? And super hearing? X-ray vision? And super breath?” Superman asked him. “Tell me if you can feel my heat vision. What does this feel like?”

Then Superman used his heat vision, aiming the red beams of heat rays which came directly from his eyes at the boy’s muscular chest. Normally, these would have melted an aircraft carrier, but the little boy just stood there, smiling back at the Man of Steel.

“Oooh… that feels good!” the boy chuckled. “That felt like being in a sauna! My whole body feels warm… It actually tickled me a bit! Now it’s my turn! Let me use my heat vision on you…”

Jamie then turned towards Superman and aimed his face at his abdominals. Suddenly, a thick red beam of light came from his eyes, blasting into Superman’s stomach with such force; it caused him to scream in pain, before he fell on his back!

“AAAAARRGGGG!!” the older man cringed, as he placed both his hands over his stomach.

“What’s the matter?” Jamie wondered, as he immediately stopped his heat vision. “Are you alright? Don’t tell me you were able to feel that! You’re Superman! You can’t feel any pain!”

“Oh, yes I can…” Superman moaned.

Jamie walked over to Superman and he gently placed both his hands under his armpits. Jamie then slowly lifted Superman off his feet, holding him up as high as possible. Superman was hanging in mid air, with his red boots dangling a few inches from the ground.

After a few seconds, Jamie gently set the older man back down, with his feet on the grass.

“You’re not that heavy, either! I can easily lift you up!” the boy laughed. “I hope you’re feeling better now. Should I take you to a doctor?”

Superman eventually regained his posture, as he continued to stare at the powerful boy in awe and in wonder. He shook his head, as he finally felt the pain subside in his stomach.

“I’m so happy we finally got to meet!” the boy said to him. “Maybe I can help you out, just like it happened today? You can’t be two places at the same time, you know!”

For the moment, the Man of Steel looked down at the muscle boy and felt something he hadn’t felt in a long, long time… It was fear. He was afraid of this boy. The boy made him feel old and weak. He knew this boy was stronger than him, and there was nothing he could do about it. But when Jamie offered to help Superman out, he was overcome with an incredible feeling of relief.

“But… why?” Superman wondered, as he continued to look down at the happy, muscular kid. “Why would you want to help me?”

“Well…” the boy answered, when he suddenly had a sad look on his face. “I’m a big fan of you and you’re the only other person on earth who has the same powers as I do. My mom has been telling me to keep my powers a secret as long as I can, but I’m getting tired of it. I want to have some fun, just like I had today, when I got to help you out with the two planes that were about to crash! I want to be allowed to fly, and use my strength… I just want to go out and use my super powers and be out in the open. I’m tired of hiding my powers all the time…”

Superman couldn’t help but feel sorry for the boy, although he was unsure about what Jamie really wanted from him.

“We can have so much fun! I would just love to play with you and do things while we use our super powers!” the boy continued.

“Can I live at your house for awhile?” the boy asked him, with a deep expression of sadness. “I’ll be really good, I promise! I got all the powers as you do, and maybe you can teach me how to use them better?”

Superman was completely astonished at first. This incredible muscular being was far stronger and more powerful than him and yet… He was still an innocent, little boy.

“I miss my dad so much…” the boy said, as tears started flowing from his eyes. “You’re the only one who can understand me because you also have my super powers… Please… Please let me stay with you…” the boy pleaded with the Man of Steel. “I have all these powers, but I really don’t know what to do with them…”

The boy quietly walked over to Superman as he sobbed, and he then wrapped his arms around Superman’s waist, as he embraced him with a bear hug. Superman cringed in pain while the mighty, little boy hugged him, pressing the man’s body against his own, and practically lifting the Man of Steel off his feet!

“Please, let me stay with you…” the teary-eyed boy said, as he lifted his face up and looked Superman in the eye. “You’re like my daddy, in a way… I miss him so much… And I don’t know anyone else who has super powers but you…”

For a few moments, Superman was left speechless. The boy gently let go of Superman, and he used his hands to wipe the tears from his face.

“Alright, Jamie…” Superman replied quietly. “I’ll take you to the Fortress of Solitude. But you’ll need to ask your mom for permission first!”

“Thank you, Mister Superman…” the boy replied happily. “Thank you so much! I’ll behave; I promise! You won’t regret it!”

“My mom lives in a house near the beach…” the boy answered obediently. “I’ll race you over there!”

Jamie then extended his arms straight above his head as he leaped in the air, flying through the sky at great speed. Superman followed close behind him, although he had to struggle in order to keep up with the super powered boy.

“You can’t catch me!” Jamie teased, as he continued to fly further away and flying much faster than his adult partner.

As Jamie continued to fly much faster than the Man of Steel, and the caped hero had to give it all he got in order to keep up. Eventually, he couldn’t keep up anymore, and he had to humble out.

“Jamie, slow down!” Superman pleaded with him. “I can’t fly as fast as you! Wait for me!” he shouted at the boy.

“I’m sorry, Mister Superman!” Jamie said, as he stopped and allowed himself to float in the air, as he waited for Superman to catch up. “We’re almost there!”

Superman and Jamie landed at the front porch of Jamie’s house, where Superman got to meet Gloria, Jamie’s foster parent. Gloria was already in her fifties, although she seemed much younger. She was sitting on the rocking chair on the front porch, when the two figures landed right before her.

“Momma! Look who came with me! This is Superman!” Jamie cheered, as he introduced the hero to his mother.

“Pleased to meet you, Sir!” the lady said, as she shook his hand. “I’m so glad you two have finally had a chance to meet. Jamie has been growing so much, and his powers have just been growing stronger and stronger, and he just wants to go out and use his super powers to help people, the same way you do. I told him to keep it a secret, but he started using his heat vision and his super breath in school and people are starting to notice his super strength. He can’t seem to keep it a secret anymore, and he’s been dying to meet you and to stay with you for some time now.”

“Can I go with Superman, Momma?” the boy asked her. “Please? Can I?”

“Only if it’s alright with Superman…”

Superman just nodded, for he realized that it was better to make friends with the boy, than to have the boy become his enemy. Jamie’s eyes immediately lit up, when Superman decided to allow him to go to his place.

“Yayy!!” the boy cheered, as he raised his arms up in the air. “He’s so cool, momma! I even got to arm wrestle Superman!”

“Oh really? Did you win?” Gloria wondered.

“Yeah…” Jamie said, while he winked at the caped hero. “But he let me win…”

“Thank goodness you’re here…” Gloria said to the Man of Steel. “He’s been driving me crazy, with all his powers… He’s clumsy; he breaks things all the time… He even came up with this atomic ray that comes from his eyes and causes huge explosions… The boy has powers that are just unheard of… He needs someone like you to teach him how to use them for good…”

“I’ll see what I can do…” Superman replied calmly. “I can definitely use an assistant…”

“They found a small rocket under a sheet of ice in the North Pole about ten years ago… There were papers in the rocket, which told where he’s from and who his parents were and why he was sent to earth… I was the lucky one who got custody of him… he’s a really good kid… But, he really needs someone like you who could show him how to use his strength and his powers…”

Then Gloria turned towards the super-powered muscle boy.

“Alright, super boy! You go learn how to use those powers of yours in a safe way, okay?” Gloria said, in a stern tone of voice. “I don’t want to see you blowing up candles and fireworks with those heat rays coming from your eyes anymore!”

“I will! Thank you so much… I love you, Momma…” the muscle boy said, as he gave his mother a hug.

“I love you too, champ…” Gloria whispered, as she passed her hand through the boy’s hair. “I want you to listen to Mister Superman and I want you to behave, okay?”

“I’ll be good…” he answered. “I promise…”

“And be careful! Don’t destroy other people’s things… And make sure you learn how to use each one of your powers, because you’re always discovering new ones and you still don’t know yet what all the things are that you’re capable of doing… And please don’t change any of Mister Superman’s things into Kryptonite, okay?” Gloria instructed him. “I want you to have fun!”

“You bet I’m going to have fun, momma!” the boy cheered, as he turned towards the caped super hero. “Just watch…”

The boy then took a deep breath, before opening his mouth just slightly, so he could blow on Superman. The hurricane force wind that came from his lungs knocked Superman off his feet once again, causing him to fly through the air! But this time Jamie ran behind Superman and caught him with his arms. He made sure the man of Steel wasn’t going to fall over again! Jamie flew back towards the ground and gently set Superman back down. He just wanted to play with him, and it showed!

“Now, you be nice to him!” Gloria warned the boy. “Don’t hurt him!”

“Oh Momma, I was just playing with him… That’s all…”

“It’s alright…” Superman replied. “I’m getting used to it…” Superman didn’t want to come across as being weak in front of Gloria or Jamie, although he was well aware of the fact that Jamie was clearly much stronger than him, in every single aspect of his mighty super powers and his super strength. Not only that, but Superman also came to the realization that the boy would always be stronger than him, no matter what! The boy was still growing, which meant that his strength would definitely continue to increase. And Superman was no longer growing stronger; it would only mean that Jamie would become far more powerful than he was now!

“Alright… Let’s go…” the boy finally said, as he turned to his new mentor.

“Follow me, Jamie!” Superman said, as he leaped in the air.

That day, many residents of Miami were left in amazement, as they spotted two figures flying side-by-side in the sky. The man and the boy had formed a team, as they extended their arms before them, gracefully flying through the sky, towards the Fortress of Solitude, which was hidden behind the many isolated glaciers of the North Pole.

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