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Rated: 13+ · Appendix · Crime/Gangster · #1009588
A story of the truth about what happened on a day at skewl coming from a young girl.
Chapter 1

I was expelled from my school yesterday. Its not like I did anything. Just threw a few punches... Its not like it was fun or any thing but I did enjoy it a little. I just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. In this case it was the school.

My parents are not all that thrilled about it. I probably wouldn't be sitting here writing in this old notebook if everything... I mean everything wasn't taken away from me,( including my door, cell phone, computer, tv, stereo, outside privileges, inside privileges, and any say with anything that goes on in this family)!

But I did the right thing, and all of this was definitely worth it. Im bored and don't really know what else to right other than how everybody feels, but ill get to that later. Like I said everything was taken away from me which means I have got tons of time on my hands.

So I might as well start at the beginning so that this entire thing will stay the way it actually happened, no exaggerations, and no cutting out any part of the truth. maybe it will then stay just the truth, at least with me.

Okay this was after school today. Friday the 13. coincedence? I think not. Most people had already left. I was there late because my Mom was at the hospital with my little brother who had fallen down a flight of stairs. Little did she know that that wasn't the only child of hers that was going to be at the hospital that day. My Dad was out of town for a business trip. My other brothers were probably scattered around the neighborhood at various houses with different friends then probably switching places every once and a while.

I went inside to pass the time and started cleaning out my locker. It didn't need to be done but hey I was bored, nothing new there Im always bored. Then something kind of strange happened. these guys walked silently behind me as if they were trying to go by unnoticed.

I had seen them around a few times but I didn't know anything about them. They acted a lot like a gang would and it seemed like they were trouble. The entire school knew that.

I stared into the leaders eyes as he walked passed. It was like staring into a black whole. It wasn't at all like he was staring back at me. It gave me such a feeling of emptiness that I can not explain. It Wasn't as if he was staring back though, he just kind of gathered my gaze. I just couldn't bring myself to look away from those eyes until he rounded the corner with his buddies.

After they turned the corner I heard a small repetition of soft thumps against the wall so I knew that they were al standing with their backs up against it. then it was total silence, as if this whole school was holding its breathe for the inevitable thing to happen. the problem was I didn't know what that inevitable thing was.

I was off thinking of something else. I was the president of LaLa land. Fields, Butterflies, Poetry, I don't know but my mind was elsewhere.

I was brought back into reality when this boy rounded the corner, His converses gently padding the ground. I have to say he was kind of cute! Around 5.1 with soft brown, kind of curly hair that the light kin of glinted off of making him look super natural. No it wasn't a curl it was more of a wave. He had chestnut colored skin that I thought and still think is beautiful and you could definitely tell by the way he dressed and the way his body was built that he did sports.

Up here in Colorado you seem to run into sports boys more often. Baggy jeans with patches in the knees. the patches were made with some sort of blue silk. He had a windsurfing shirt on and a sweatshirt tied around his waste with a snow boarder on it. His face was different though, kind of tensed, like he was waiting for anything and his dark pale blue eyes looked right through me as I looked into them. They were distant and he looked frightened.

Just like a flash of lightning IO put everything all together. This boy was excpecting something. All of those boys before were all acting like they were contimplating for something. It all fit. This boy was going to get jumped!

I had to do something but what! Even if i did know what I was going to do my body would not let me do it. I had never felt like that before. Having the will to do something, not being able to do it , and still not knowing what that something is! my body just kind of shut down!

He rounded the corner and my body suddenly rebouted! I dashed up the hall.( but yet it seemed like no one saw me doing it!) I rounded the corner in almost the same instant as the chesnut boy did and plunged right into a fist that was meant for him. As soon as I hit the ground I was up again, not feeling the pain, just those misty blue eyes staring a whole in my back.

"Step aside girl!" the voice was mean. You would have thought that it came from an angry, drunken, man. "This is our buisness, stay out of it!"

"Heck no!" I said with a little more confidence than I felt. turned around so I was facing the wavy haired boy, ducked and just bareley felt the punches wind throwing my hair. Stood up again then said to the misty eyed boy,"So, you think we can take em?"

I must of sounded preppy and a little happy because when he said,"You go I can handle this," his face gave me a look of shock and his voice sounded very suprised in that deep friendly pitch.

I just †urned around and smiled at those black eyes and simply said," If you want to get to him, you are going to have to get through me first!"

Chapter 2

I ducked to dodge another one of his punches and while i was low i tripped him. He fell flat on his back and as soon as he gave way to any sound of discomfort wich was right away everybody got involved! There was so much kicking and punching and biting and all that other good stuff that you could barley tell wich wa y gravity was pulling you.It must of looked really bad for Mrs. Dinchen to have called 911 before trying to break up the fight.

When I heard the sirens blasting I turned in the direction of the sound and for that split moment that I had let my gaurd down I was nocked out. I woke up in the hospital a couple hours later. Something was terribly wrong.

I looked to the left and got dizzie when I saw two cops outside my window. I heard a voice from behind me, I had heard it somewhere before. I spun around a little startled to that boy wih the chesnut skin staring twards the ground.

I finally remembered, the fight, those cold yet secure eyes, that gathering gaze, the pain. Everything.

'You did not have to do that you know."

"If I didnt I woulda never forgiven myself. Its not like I had a choice, My conceince just kinda took control."

WRITER give me feed back thats all that I have time to write today thanks for reading. Hey Im new at this so if you have any ideas on like a better title or anything please let me know.
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