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by Shaara
Rated: ASR · Poetry · Satire · #1010574
This is a silly poem about an instrument that takes measurements of altitude.
The Kymograph

a word
in the dictionary.
Didn’t know what it meant.
Read and reread its unfathomably long definition.
Decided the description probably was in English, 'cause after studying it,
frankly didn’t have the faintest idea if a kymograph was something I needed.

The dictionary said the instrument evaluates angular oscillations. (How did oscillations grow angles?)
But if I were flying around while measuring those loopy oscillations,
I’d be wishing that I’d already landed.
Therefore, I am almost positive
I don’t need
a silly

A Writer's Cramp: Prompt: write a Prime and Reverse Prime:

Line 1: 1 word
Line 2: 2 words
Line 3: 3 words
Line 4: 5 words
Line 5: 7 words
Line 6: 11 words
Line 7: 13 words.

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