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What happens when an angel challenges God
With a single word, a vast expanse appeared. God spoke again and a small planet popped into existence, cold, dark and formless. He went down from Heaven to that seemingly insignificant rock.

Waters poured forth and God hovered over the waters.

“Let there be light,” He said.

A large ball of fire grew in the distance, and turned the sky of the planet a brilliant blue.

Closer to the watery planet, another rock, smaller and gray shone brightly as the light of the sun illuminated it. The earth turned and God called the light “day” and the dark “night.”

As the days passed, God continued to work and create on this tiny planet. Each day revealed new, even more complex and wonderful creations. The waters separated and brought forth the land. As the sun kissed the barren ground, green leaves peeked upwards, stretching to receive more of the life-giving light. Soon, all the land burst with greens, yellows, oranges, purples and every imaginable color in between.

God looked upward at the darkening sky, and with a wave of his hand bright, twinkling lights – millions and billions of them – exploded. Along with the moon, the stars made night all the brighter.

One of the angels watched his Master create the universe in silent awe and wonder.

Just when he thought God had completed his creation, he spoke another simple, yet powerful word. Animals of every shape, size and color poured forth to populate both the land and the sea.

The angel’s amazement only increased as he watched God’s patient, perfectly adept hands continued to create plants and animals. Some were so tiny they could hardly be seen while others grew so large, each of their footsteps seemed to shake the earth. His Lord was truly magnificent. Only He could create so many unique and countless living creatures and plants; things beyond this angel’s imaginings. The colors He created, the attention to even the smallest, unseen detail, and the complexity of each creation defied description. Watching it all move and fit together so perfectly brought tears to his eyes. Certainly, nothing was impossible for his Creator.

Or was it?

The angel dropped down to stand next to his God and said, “My Lord. You have created birds, fish, reptiles and mammals. I wonder, can you create a single animal combining all the attributes that make the birds unique from the mammals, the fish unique from the reptiles, and so forth?”

God raised his eyebrow and cocked his head to the side in thought. Then, with a mischievous grin, He went to a lone continent south of the equator. He stood next to a small stream surrounded by dense trees, shrubs and ferns. God whispered and in a few moments, the strangest looking creature the angel had yet seen stood before him. It took its first breath, and with small dark eyes, it gazed at its Creator with both curiosity and devotion.

God said, “Go, be fruitful and multiply.”

The animal waddled to the stream. It sniffed the cool, clear and burbling water with uncertainty.

The angel kneeled beside the bank of the creek to get a closer look, careful not to startle the strange animal.

At first, the angel thought God had played a trick on him. The creature, no longer than his arm, looked like a mammal. It had short, dark brown fur, four feet, and a tail. But it also had a long, black bill similar to a duck’s. This thing looked like God had merely pasted together the body of a rodent with the mouth of a bird.

The animal dove into the water, and the angel noticed it was perfectly suited for the water, much like a fish. All the animal’s feet were webbed, and it wove and twisted about, using its wide and flat tail for a rudder. The angel also noticed that although it was a mammal, it was designed to lay eggs like a reptile would, and nurse its young like all the other mammals.

The angel looked back at God, his mouth agape. God laughed.

The animal came out of the water, shook itself dry, and started to dig into the soft, silty bank.

“What – what is that?” the angel asked.

God considered the question for several moments.

“The Duckbilled Platypus.”

The angel could only nod, still unable to comprehend the creature. He continued to watch as it dove back into the creek. It scoured the bottom with its beak in search for small animals to feed upon such as worms and shrimp.

The angel liked the name. It was as unique as the animal itself.

“Go now,” God said with a twinkle in His eyes. “I am not yet finished with my creation.”

The angel did as God commanded.

He mumbled to himself, “You'd think I'd know by now to never challenge God.”
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