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what will john do? what did jackie do?
John and Jackie are a very happily married couple. Jackie already knew how John could be. He wasn't very strong. He had not been treated well when he was younger, so he was very sensitive about a lot of things. Jackie had to watch what she said around him, because of the way he was.
"Jackie we have to get going other wise I'll miss my flight!" John yelled to Jackie. She was still geting ready.
"I'll be down in a minute." John was waiting by the door when Jackie came down.
"You look great I wish I didn't have to go to this convernce in Cali."
"I know I'll miss you so much." Jackie kissed him, "Let's get going before your late for your plane." They both walked out the door and to their car.

They got there right on time for him to board the plane. "I love you so much, and I'll call as soon as I can." John gave her a kiss and boarded the plane. Jackie watched the plane take off. ONce it did she thought "Yes he is gone for a month. I need to call Mark."

Mark is a guy Jackie has known almost all her life. At one point in time in her life they were together for a bit, but it didn't work out to well. They just remained friends.

Jackie went home and called Mark right away. "Yes he is gone now you wanna come over?" After a pause, "Ok that'll be fine see you then." Jackie hung up the phone and called some more of her friends. After all her calling Jackie had so many people in her house at one time. Bottles everywhere! It was like a teenagers party when the paretns are out. "Hey Jackie." Mark said, "Why don't we try again?" Mark was kind of drunk, but so was Jackie.
"Because I'm married and you know it won't work."
"Oh come on no one will notice we're gone out of the room."
"Ok hold on a minute." Jackie got up and went into her room, and Mark fallowed her.

After a while Jackie came out and told everyone to leave. Everyone left but Mark left. He came up behind Jackie "Why did we end it?"
"Because it wouldn't work between us, and you need to leave too."
"Fine then I'll leave but call me when you need me." Mark left and Jackie sat down. She was thinking to herself "What have I just done? John is not going to take this well. I have to keep this from him."

The day after Jackies party with her friends she got a call from John. "Hey I'm back can you please come pick me up? They didn;t need me there."
"Sure I will." Jackie got dressed and went to get him.

At the airport John waited for his wife to come. He paced around looking around for her. Then he walked up to a woman and asked
"Don't I know you?"
"I'm sorry I don't think you do." She said smiling.
"Yes I do know you. You went to my high school."
The woman smiled and said "Well I don't know for sure. How about you refresh my memory." John walked over and gave her a big kiss.
"It's wonderful to be back Jackie."
"It is wonderful to have you back." Jackie and John walked out of the airport and to her car.
"So what did you do while I was away?" John asked.
"Oh nothing. I just got together with some old friends."
"Is that all?"
"Yes." John and Jackie were silient the whole way home. John knew she didn't tell him the truth, but he was trying not to get over conserned with it.

They puled up to their apartment building. "Oh I never thought I like seeing this place again."
Jackie laughed, "Wait before you go in though I have to make sure everything is picked up."
"You don't have to do that baby."
"But I want to. Just hold on a minute." Jackie ran up to the apartment, opened the door and went in. She had bottles all over the table and tons of party stuff. It all came from her friends being over. Jackie had to hide it from John so he wouldn't find out what she was really up to while he was gone.
Jackie came back out and said "Ok you can come in now its nice and clean."
"You didn't have to clean it up." John said as he was walking through the door. "But I like the thought of you wanting to keep it clean for me."

After a couple of days Jackie didn't feel right so she went to the doctors. When she came home she was thinking "Why? Why did I let that happen? I can't tell John."
She went to her room to think about what she had found out for a while.

"Are you all right? You don't seem yourself baby." John asked her as she came back into the living room.
"I'm fine. Really I am. I'm just glad your home."

They both sat in the living room and talked about what John did while he was gone. "So really what did you do? I know your lieing to me because it's all over your face, and you turn away from me a little."
"I'm not lieing to you."
"Yes you are, right there I can see it. If you don't tell me what you really did then I'll be even more mad at you. you know how I can be. Now tell me please." John in a calming voice, because he knew she was going o tell him something that would upset him.

"Well I had friends over yes, but we partied like hell. I came in here to make sure all the alcohol bottles were picked up."
"Is that all?"
"No you remember the night before you left right?" Jackie said smiling.
"Yes I remember, and speaking of that.."
"Well I got pregant." Jackie said interuping him. She had to say it before she didn't want to say anything at all.

"Really? your not kdding? WOW! This is great!" Jackie just left it at that. John was so happy! "You know I thought you were going to tell me something horrible."
"Well no need to worry." Jackie sat there next to him thinking "I can't believe I can't tell him."

For a couple of weeks Jackie was beating herself up about how she had not giving her husband the whole truth. Jackie thought "This has gone on long enough." She walked over to John sitting down watching TV. "Baby I need to tell you something."
John looked at her and said "What is it?" Jackie sat down and took a deep breath in.
"Well I didn't tell you everything the day you came home."

"Really? and what would it be that you didn't tell me?" He said as if he knew she had more to say. Jackie looked at him with so much love in her eyes. She started to tear a little but held it back.
"I cheated on you baby. The night you left."
"What?" John said as calm as he could. "You did what?"
"I cheated on you."
"Ok with who? and why?"
"Well I got lonely and I invited Mark over and
well you know."
"But how could you do this? To me the one you married and promised not to do anything like that to!" John was upset by now.
"Wait theres a little bit more to tell you." John looked at her with tears down his face as if he knew what she was going to say.
"The baby, it's..." She paused for a minute, "It's not yours, its Mark's."

John right then lost it. "How can you Jackie! How could you? You promised me! You said you would never in your life. After everything we've been through, this is what happens when I leave?" John stood up and walked to his room. "I can't believe this! I just can't."

Jackie not knowing what to do just stayed sitting where she was crtying, and let him leave to his room. John sitting in his room alone crying, "Theres only one thing for me to do."

Jackie stood up and walked around in worry. She kept saying to herself "I hope he will forgive me. I know how he gets but I hope he doesn't hate me forever."

After a while Jackie just sat down on the couch again. Amost right after she sat down a loud BANG came from John's room. She got up and ran to the door, opened it and saw John's lifeless body just lieing there on the floor in a puddle of blood. On his bed was a note that read:
To the one I couldn't keep but loved so much. I did this because if I couldn't keep the one love of my life, then my life is worthless. Jackie I love you darling and always will. I hope your happy with your true love though. My life is worthless with out you.

Jackie's eyes filled with tears as she sat next to John's body. She kissed his cheek and said "I will always love you baby." She got up and left the room crying, pouring her heart out.
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