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I had to write a dialogue in english last year,I think its really funny...
This is a dialogue I had to do in english about the book Animal farm.

Characters: Baby. a fully grown cow. Paranoid Pete, a brown rat and one of Napoleon's watchdog's
Setting: Grain shed

Paranoid Pete: Hey Baby! Will you give me some of that (whiskers twitch voraciously) tasty grain you have there?

Baby: This grain belongs to honored leader Napoleon!!

Paranoid Pete: Honored Napoleon!! Lies! All lies!! (twitching from side to side) Are you hungry Baby?

Baby: (looking nervous)...I guess (regaining control, she stood up straight and still) It is for the good of Honored Leader Napoleon!!

Paranoid Pete: That's enough of that already! I've heard that too many times! Honored Napoleon, Honored leader!! Chicken poop! He's no better then you are!

Baby: (looking confused) He isn't? They all say he is.

Paranoid Pete: That's what they want you to think. But really you are better then them.

Baby: I am better then the pigs? But I can't do as much as them...I am not as smart as them...and with them, food is increasing by 200%!!

Paranoid Pete: Lies!! All lies!!!

Baby: lies?

Paranoid Pete: Yes lies!! How could something increase by 200%? Balongna!!

Baby:You....you have to be lying

Paranoid Pete: Do I look like someone who would lie? Honest Pete that's what they call me down at the rat races. A top of the line broker I am!!

Baby: Broker?

Paranoid Pete: It's my job to know what's lies, what's the truth and to stop the lies!!

Baby: So you aren't lying?

Paranoid Pete: Honest as a pig I am!

Baby: The honored pigs never lie!

Paranoid Pete: That's where you are wrong, everything the pigs told you is a lie!! Snowball wasn't bad...he didn't do anything Napoleon said he did!! He wanted a republic! What does Napoleon want? CONTROL!!!

Baby: Control over what? Why....?

Paranoid Pete: Yes control! Over all animal farm! Over all animals! Why you ask? Because he's a pig- pigs are like men! This is not what Old Major wanted at all!!

Baby: No...it couldn't be as you say, could it? ( It dawns on her, all that has happened and all he had said sank in) Napoleon must be stopped!

Paranoid Pete:Stopped? By who- you? An overgrown watchdog that happens to be a cow? (walks over to the grain and starts eating)

Baby: At least we can tell the others!!

Paranoid Pete: (chewing) ha,they won't understand, you Baby, are exceptional...and so is this grain I might add.

Paranoid Pete: We'll think of something....(streches)....ahh...(falls down dead)

Baby:Pete! Pete!! Honest Pete paranoid!!

Watchdog enters : Hey! What's going on here?

Baby: (looks at him for a moment, then realizes even more...) There's a rat in the grain bin!! He came in through the wall- he's eating all the grain! Honored Napoleon's grain!!

This isn's a very good one, but I hope you find it as amusing as I do!
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