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Beyond Reason

Kaleidoscopes of sharded lunacy,
trickling explosively from a knife tip.
Curling scents whispering from nowhere,
reality lapsing, an upside down flip
of senses. You take me there.

But wait. Where is this untamed place?
This universe of twisted space
where life goes without a trace,
collisions of ecstasy, delicious disgrace.
And through it all, I see your face.

Spinning sweetly slowly sense subsides
waxing, waning, waves wonderfully wash.
Trembling totally, transcendentally touched
decadent desires driven devilishly down
morphing magnificently, melting, making...me...moan

Take me to the edge of reason
No! A cliche, for mere mortals.
Don't show me apathetic treason
lead me through this dark portal,
For we are Gods, above the rest,
we reside succinctly above the crest.
For WE are beyond Reason.
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