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by water
Rated: 13+ · Sample · Fantasy · #1015879
A crazy story with no meaning. But, has plenty of meaning.
Their is a girl across the street, who's toes look like toe jam! Toe Jam, is a dark and ugly man that lives on a hill inside ten caves. The first cave was dark and dirty, like a fonky sox. Two pair of fonky sox that the toe jam man had on while he was walking through the mudd. But, who is mudd and where does mudd live? Mudd is a lady that lives in the bottom of a lake. Mudd is mixed with ditr and water. Is she a mix breed? No! She is not a breed,but she did have some bread for dinner. One thing that I like about dinner is it doesn't taste like toe jam, or smell like fonky sox and it is not mixed with mudd. Dinner just taste good and looks great. She even goes great with wine. Wine is a man that has much class. He can even teach you how to wine and dine with dinner. Its easy! They come together every night that there is a special ocasion. On one special ocasion. Dinner and Wine invited Toe Jam and Mudd over for a peice of sweet potato pie. The sweet would not stop running around the room. Sweet had too much sugar that day. The potato sat in a chair and was picking at his spuds. But, the pie gave them an apple a peice so that they wouldn't die of starvation. Starvation can kill Toe Jam and Mudd because, without a body to go on, no one has a clue what they could do. People use mudd in many different ways. One day you should tell your legg to invite mudd over so that it can fill your toes with jam. Just a little crazy story. That's all!
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