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this is where all the horror begins.

This story is about a family that moves into a strange castle. Where the hauntings of Ghost, Ghouls, Spirits, the gruesome gory things that go bump in the night, such as Vampyres, Demons, Werewolves, Witches, Warlocks, Zombies, Evil Warlocks, The Devil himself and Nightmare Killers. This is a sad sad world for all who will or will not remember of what really happened in that castle. The castle of real horror and the love of all the beautiful things that lies ahead of us. So welcome to our humble world of gruesome dreams and morbid nightmares.

Chapter 1

Moving In

Stacy said,” Dad, Nick won't stop bothering me." Then Daddy said, ” Nick, stop bothering your sister." So Nick said, "But I didn't do anything to her." I said, “Yeah right, dork" So Daddy said, “Stacy, stop calling your brother a dork." That's when I stuck my tongue out at him, then I said," Ha-ha, neener, neener, nee-ner."
I stuck my tongue out at him again. as soon as we got to the castle, I had a bad feeling about this place, knowing that something big is going to happen to one of us, but I don't know what it is. So then I saw two people leaving the castle and welcomed us and said, “Hope you like your stay here, please feel free to call us for anything."
My Dad said, “Thank you for all your help for letting us have the castle, my daughter will love it here." Then Nick said, “Uh, Dad, can I speak to you for a minute, please." So Dad followed Nick to me and I said, “Dad I have a bad feeling about this place." “Stacy, I don't like your bad feelings at all, whenever you get them something really bad happens to one of us." I said, “But Dad..." Dad said," I mean it, Stacy, now get in the castle and pick your room too." “You know what, Nick, something really bad is going to happen to us, I can feel it, I really can." Nick said, “Look, Stacy, it wasn't your fault that Mom died." “Yes it was, you just don't understand." So I started running up the stairs I really didn't care what room I got, I just ran into a gorgeous room and something was in there with me. I just didn't know who or what it was.
That's when I heard footsteps coming closer and closer to my new bedroom, the door slowly creaks open and a voice said, “Stacy, can I come in." I recognized the voice and it was Nick. So I said, “Sure, come on in." "Hey, Stacy, don't worry about Dad and me, we'll be fine." "You just don't understand." "Understand, What?" "It's hard for me to explain." "Take your time." "Okay, it all started when you were trying out for the baseball team in California in the United States, Mom was cleaning as usual, then I came inside the house asking her if she needed any help, you know how she is with the cleaning, so she's says no, so that was when I came upstairs to see what mom was doing, she lied to me, she was trying to kill the werewolf and I interrupted and tried to help her, but she kept on yelling at me telling me to get out of the house, so I said, ‘No, I’m staying.' Mom pleaded for me to leave the house, but I didn't, so I tried to call Dad, but his work phone was busy, so I went downstairs to get the BB Gun, I was putting the silver bullets into the gun and that's when I heard Mom screaming, ‘Stacy , hurry up.' so I went as fast as I can, then I ran upstairs and found Mom lying on the floor and I yelled, ‘you b*****d.' so I kept on shooting at him til he fell down on the floor and then you can home and saw Mom lying there dead."
“Stacy, I didn't know, I’m so sorry." Then he held me until Dad came in crying his eyes out saying, “So that's how my wife died." I said, “Dad, I am so sorry, that you had to hear that, I didn't want you to find out this way, if I told you, you would start crying before I could even began."
"No, it's okay to talk about it, I just didn't know how she died, and it wasn’t your fault when she died." "Yes it was." "Stacy, now that's enough, I don't want to hear it." "But Dad..." "No buts about it." So I got up and started unpacking my clothes til I heard something or someone say, “Get out, while you still can." So I turned around and didn't see anyone there.
So I continued to unpack my stuff, then Nick came in and said, “ Need any help." "Just my desk, my file cabinet and my full size mirror." "Ok, be right back with your stuff." "Ok, oh, Nick one more thing, um, do you think that maybe you can sleep with me tonight, I’m scared of sleeping in here alone."
"No problem, I’ll just take the floor." "Thank you Nick." "That's what brothers are for." "Yep, that's what dorks are for." That's when he came after me, but I tripped over something on the floor and said,” Ouch." He stopped and looked at my foot, then he put his one arm behind my back and the other to grab both of my legs, just so that he can put me on the bed.
He started looking around the area that I tripped over, then he said, “There’s nothing on the floor." "Are you sure, cause I thought I tripped over a wire or a piece of wood stuck in the air." "Nope, there's nothing here." Then I said, “That’s odd?" He said, “Does it still hurt." "Yeah." "Ok, let me see that foot."
"Ok." So I stuck my foot up in the air in his face trying to make him smell my foot. "Ok, smarta**,that's enough, put it down." "But you said you wanted to see my foot." "Very funny, stacy." I pressed my lips together, that's when I stuck out my tongue out at him again. "That's it, you're gonna get it, girlie."
"Should I be afraid or do I have to run." "Either one, the running works for me." "Geez, you are a dork." He looked at me and started running after me, til I heard Dad saying, “You two, knock it off over there, you sound like a married couple." We both looked at each other and said, “Eeeeeeeewwwwwwwwweeeeeeee."
I said, “Dad, no offense, but Nick was picking on me." Then he said, “No I wasn't she put her foot in my face first." Dad came out of his new room and said, “Will the two of you stop teasing each other, please." "Ok, Dad." "That includes you Stacy Rebecca Gooding." "Awe, Dad why did you have to call me by my full name for."
"Just stop it, now, what time is it?" Then I accidentally said, “Time for you to get a watch." That was when Dad looked at me and started coming after me with Nick, as soon as we got to the dark room, everything was pitch black. We thought, actually I thought I saw something or someone move in the dark shadows of the room, so I asked, “Dad, what room are we in?"
"The last couple that lived here said that this was the dark Warlock‘s room." "Wow, maybe I can come in here tomorrow, just to look around and see what's in here." "Don't have too much fun in here." "Bite me, dork." Dad looked at me again and said, “Stacy, what did I tell you, stop with the insults."
"Yes, Daddy." So I rolled my eyes behind Dad's back and he said, “And stop rolling your eyes at me." "Fine." "Good, now what are we going to do for dinner." Then I said, “I wanna cook." That's when Nick said, “I’m not eating her food." "Daddy, Nick is being mean to me." "Actually sweetie, the food you cook has a lot of hot spices."
"Then what are we gonna do for dinner, huh." Then Nick said, “Let’s order out or go into town and eat at a restaurant." Then Dad said, "The second one sounds pretty good to me, Stacy go get your coat and we'll meet at the car." "Ok." So I went back to my room and almost grabbed my coat until something bad happened.
Something or someone grabbed me by the waist and I started screaming, “Nick, help me.!!! Then the thing put it's disgusting hand over my mouth and told me, “Shut up, witch, give me the necklace, and I won't hurt you." I shook my head side to side, then the thing yelled, “Give me the necklace!!!!" "Stacy, don't give it to him, Dad, Balthazar is here and he wants Stacy’s necklace."
Then Dad ran upstairs to get to the demon and said, “Balthazar, leave her alone, she doesn't have it yet." Balthazar said, “I need the necklace to save me from him." Dad said, “From who?" "The Source.” Then Dad said, “Don’t you even know how to knock.” “Yes.” “Then why did you shimmer in here.”
“Oops.” “Change to your human form and join us for dinner.” “Ok.” So Balthazar closed his eyes and opened them as a human. I backed away from him and thought that he was cute. His human self said, ”My human form’s name is Robert Cook.” “Hi, I’m Stacy.” I grabbed my coat and started walking down the stairs then that voice came back and said, “GET OUT!!!!!”
Baltha-oops Robert heard the voice too. So I asked, “Where is that voice coming from?” “Sounds like it’s coming from in…” That’s when we got sidetracked and went towards where the voice came from. As soon as we got to the door, the door opens slowly, we were about to go inside until Nick found us and said, “You two ready to eat or what.
I turned around and said, “Huh!” “Stacy, your face is white, what happened?” “We heard a voice coming from this room.” “Ok, we’ll check it out when we get back, alright.” “Ok, I am a little hungry, aren’t you Robert?” “Huh, oh yeah, starving.”
So we got to the car and Dad asked Nick what took us so long, so Nick told him what had happened. As soon as we got into town, the townsfolk saw us get out of the car. Then they saw Dad and started to run after us. We found a little restaurant close to the general store. We went inside and Dad got us a table. As soon as we sat down, our waiter asked for my father’s autograph and he took our orders.
So he did, then Daddy said, “Now, what did you find in there?” “I actually we (that’s when I pointed to Baltha-Robert) found a room on the first floor.” “ When we get back, I want you to show me where it’s at?” “Ok.”
So we ate dinner and as soon as we got back to the castle, I began to show Dad where the room was at. That was when I heard something moving around the room, it sounded like feet shuffling through the room. I could even hear a soft voice mumbling saying, “I gotta get out of here.” over and over.
Then all of a sudden, it stopped in the middle of the room and looked straight at me, saying, “Help me.” I just looked at it and said,” How?” Then it vanished out of thin air. Then there was silence in the room until Nick said, ”Now, that was weird.”
Robert said, ”No it wasn’t, I’ve been in here many times and this was the first time that this happened, but that was before you moved in, this place was haunted with a lot of ghosts and beings, including me and him.” I asked, ”What do you mean by ‘him’?”
“What I meant to say was, he’s a ghost and he can never come back into our world, actually he was one of us.” “How did he die?” “I really don’t know, but all I know is that he died in this room, probably in the middle of the room.” “Huh, that means I have some research to do.” Robert said, ”I’ll help you.”
“Ok.” Robert was following me to my room until he stopped to talk to Nick, as soon as I walked in, something grabbed me again, but this time it wasn’t Robert, it was The Source, Robert’s head boss of the underworld. He had a black robe on with the hood over his head, not revealing his face. He said, ”I want the necklace now.”
“Robert.” Robert didn’t come in because he was still talking to my brother. So I said it again, but instead I yelled his name, ”ROBERT.” so he finally came to my rescue and grabbed me really hard and screamed,, “What do you want?” I started crying and then I told him not to touch me ever again and that’s when I said, ”He wants my necklace.”
He said, “Then give him the necklace.” “No.” “Stacy, give him the necklace.” “NO!, you can’t make me.” “Stacy, don’t get me mad.” “I’m sorry but I’m not giving him my necklace, I wish I never even met you, I just want you out of my life.” That’s when I changed into the most powerful witch ever, and he looked at me as if I was the girl for him. Then, I cited, ”From dust to dust.”
“Stacy, please don’t.” “Ashes to ashes.” “Stacy.” “Take this demon.” “Stacy.” ” From whence it came.” “Stacy, I like you.” I stopped and said, “What?” “I LIKE YOU, is that good enough for you.” So I continued the spell, “So…” “Stacy, I want you.” “No, you don’t.”
“Yes I do, please don’t vanquish me, I need you.” He walked up to me and grabbed me by the hips and pulled me to him, saying, ”You’re my everything.” “I am.” “That‘s right, now let’s get rid of him, right now, so that we can finish our moment.” “Mote it be.” The blast was weird, it kind of looked like as if he was killed before. That was when he vanished out of thin air.
Robert said, ”Are you ok?” “Yeah, I think I vanquished him before, but I can’t remember how I did it.” “Oh, are you sure you’re ok.” “Yeah, I’m fine, why did you yell at me like that?” “I was already behind you, and I was talking to your brother, that’s why I didn’t hear you at first.”
“Oh, okay, but you really did hurt me, when you grabbed me.” “I’m sorry, when he’s around, I get caught up and I tend to get mad very easily, but I do like you a lot.” “I like you too.” “Good, now we can finish the research, o k.” “Ok.” Then I smiled. As soon as I turned around all of my stuff was here.
I was really confused about this, so I finally called my brother to come to my room and he said, ”I didn’t do this, my room looks similar like this.” “Really, cause I didn’t do this either, do you think the mover’s did this for us.” “Maybe?” So anyways, I was heading over to my rolling chair and all of a sudden I tripped over the same bump, but this time, there was something there.
Robert was about to catch me but I fell into his arms instead. Then a minute later, Nick comes back and said, “What happened?” “I tripped over the same bump from earlier.” “How?” “I don’t know.” He walked over to where I fell and picked up the rock. “Stacy, where did this come from?” “I don’t know, I never saw that there, is that a piece of paper on the floor, could you hand it to me.”
Nick picked up the paper and handed it to me. I looked at it and it said, ”Get out of the house, now!!!” So now I ’m getting frustrated with whoever wrote this to me. So I finally said, ”Who wrote this? I want to know NOW!!!” All of a sudden a Warlock shimmied in. I stared him down and shoved the paper in his face and yelled at him, “Did you write this to me?”
“Maybe, got a problem with it.” “Yeah I do…” “Yeah, well, get use to it.” I turned again and this time it wasn’t pretty, I really got mad this time and started throwing fireballs at the idiot. Just hoping that he would get the message, but he didn’t. He just egged me on and I did more than throwing fireballs, that was when I started throwing ice balls at him.
No one has ever gotten me mad like this before, but this was the first time ever. My brother, Dad, and Robert was watching me getting rid of this fricking Warlock. So I finally threw a potion at him and Bam, he was gone. I looked at everyone and said, “What? He got on my nerves.”
Dad was like, staring in amazement and said, “I am very proud of you, sweetie.” “Really.” “Yes, really, I didn’t know you had it in you.” “Is that good or bad.” “That is really good, and I didn’t know you threw ice balls.” “Ice balls, what is that?” “Ice balls, is something that a white witch has, and uses it to get rid of fireballs.” “I didn’t know that.” “Now you do.” “Wow I didn’t know I could do that.” “You sure you’re ok?” “Yes, Daddy, I’m fine.” “Okay, now get some rest, we have a busy day tomorrow.” “Got it ,daddy.” “Love you, princess.” “Love you, daddy.” I turned around and Robert said, “I gotta get home, do you want me to come by tomorrow to help.” “There’s nothing that you can do.” “Okay.” “I’ll walk you to the door.” We started walking down the stairs and we heard another noise. It was coming from the same room. But the ghost was doing the same thing and we opened the door. The Source was there.
The ghost kept on saying, “Help!” So then I said,” Leave him alone.” The Source turned around and threw a fire ball at me. For some reason, I glowed and I threw another ice ball at him and he vanished again. Then Robert said, “You just glowed.” “Huh, what are you talking about?” “You glowed when you threw the ice ball.” “I did.” “Yeah.” I walked into the room and when I stopped, I had a flashback. A young guy around the my age came bursting in trying to find something that would help him get rid of some demon or creature. While he was still looking, the demon or creature came in and started throwing fire balls just like the Source’s powers. That’s when I recognized the creature, it was the Source that killed him. Then the guy looked at me and said, “ Help me!” I said it again, “How?” That was when he pointed to the bookshelf. That was when the Source was closing in on him and they were in the middle of the room and the Source threw his fire ball at the young man.
As soon as that happened I flew across the room and landed on an old wooden sofa. Robert came running in and found me on the wooden sofa. “Stacy, wake up, come on, Stacy, come on baby, wake up.” He was trying so hard to wake me up and nothing worked, except for one thing, but he didn’t dare to do it. He picked me up and carried me to my room, as soon as he put me on the bed. The ghost floated into the room and said, “Thank you, my love.” He bent over me and kissed my forehead gently as he vanished out of thin air. I woke up and said, “Your welcome.”
I sat up and Robert said, “He called you, ‘my love’?” “He did.” “Yeah, and he looked like someone I know.” “Oh, ok, did you still want me to walk you to the front door?” “Yeah, you can keep me company before I leave.” “Ok, can I ask you a question?” “Sure.” “How did I get in my room?” “I carried you.” “Why?” “You flew across the room and landed on the wooden couch, so I came to the rescue.” “That’s the second time that you saved me, thank you.” We were half way down the stairs and the castle was silent for the first time. We finally reached to the front door and I broke the silence by saying, “Good night.” Robert slowly grabbed my hips and pulled me to him and kissed me. A couple minutes later, we stopped and he said, “Goodbye.”
I gave him a weird look, right before he left. I was gonna ask him why he said that. Then he vanished out of thin air. It was like, the way the ghost had vanished. It was weird, I actually thought that he was a decent guy. There was something familiar about him, it was as if I knew him. I closed the door and heard another voice coming from the same room and I walked into the room and Robert said, “Thank you for your help.” “Robert, where are you going?” “To my wife, I’m sorry.” Then Robert vanished again.
I started crying and ran to my room, I was getting ready to go to bed until I saw something shine on the floor. I bent down to pick it up and The Source grabbed me again and said, “Give me the necklace, now.” “I don’t have it.” “Yes you do, now give it to me.” Then he pushed me onto the bed and kept on saying, “Give it to me.” I kept on telling him that I don’t have it. Then a few minutes later, I heard another noise. I was gonna push him off of me and he stood up. Then he said, “Why did you move here?”
“My mother was born here in this house, I wanted to know who she was before you killed her.” Then it said, “I did not kill her, I wanted her alive when the rest of you moved in.” “Why?” “I know a lot more about her than your father does right now.” “Then why are you after me for?” “So I can be normal like you.” “Yeah, right, like I’m gonna believe that.”
Then It slapped me in the face. I started crying again, then I pushed it and I fell down on the floor. I was still crying and I was still looking at the shiny piece that I saw earlier. I picked it up and The Source took it’s hood off and said, “Give it to me.” I handed it to The Source and in a flash, it turned into a man with a built body and gorgeous eyes. Then he said, “I’m not evil anymore.”
Then I said, “Why’d you slap me?” “I’m sorry I did that, but you were being a smarta** towards me.” “I’m sorry, can I ask a question.” “I have all the answers to your questions.” “How do you know my mom?” “Your not ready to know that yet.” “Why not?” “Because I said so.” “Okay.” Then he helped me up and placed me on the bed and said, “I won’t let anyone hurt you, I promise.” Then I fell asleep.

Chapter 2

Settling In

The next morning, I woke up and I looked to my left and saw the man sleeping in the chair. As soon as I got up, I walked to my closet and got my red tank top and my mini shorts. I walked into my bathroom and took my shower, fifteen minutes later, I got out of the shower and wrapped myself in a towel. The man woke up when I walked into the bedroom and he said, “Mornin’.”
I said, “Morning, how’d you sleep?” “Ok, but my back is achin’.” “Then you should’ve slept on the bed.” “I didn’t want to bother you, while you were sleeping.” “Oh, ok, well I’m gonna change in the bathroom.” “Ok.” I walked back into the bathroom and changed. Five minutes later, I walked into the room and the man said,” My name’s…” His eyebrows shot up and looked me up and down. Then he said, “Dang.” “What?”
“The outfit, it fits good on you.” I just looked at him and said, “Are you checking me out?” “Maybe, is that a crime.” “You better not do around my dad or he’ll jump all over you.” “Don’t worry,, I promise.” “Good, are you hungry?” “Yes, just as long as there’s spices in it.” “That’s what I’m good at.” “You sure about that.” “Ha-ha, very funny.” “I didn’t know I was funny.” “Yeah, funny looking.” He looked at me and said, “Start running.” “Okay.” And we’re off to the kitchen, not stopping. Then a few minutes later, I ran to the stove and said, “Sit, you can watch me cook.” “Yes master.” “Very funny.” He smiled at me and watched me, then Nick walked in and said, “What’cha cooking?” “My favorite breakfast meal, why?” “Oh, no, I’m getting dad.” “No, please don’t.” Then the man said, “Sorry, I asked her to make it for me.” “Oh, ok, uh, who are you?”
“That’s a long story.” Then Nick said, “We have time.” The man was going to start, but I interrupted and said, “Nick, do you remember The Source?” “Yeah, but what’s that gotta do with him?” “Well…” I stopped what I was doing and said, “He was The Source.” Then Nick said, “Get out!!!” The man said, “I’m not The Source anymore.” “Bull crap, like I said, ‘Get Out Now!!!” Then I interrupted and said, “Nick stop it.” “Stacy, go get dad, Now!!!” “No!” “Stacy, do it now!” “No!” “Stacy…” “No!” “Now!!!” I stood there for a minute and breathed the air. Then I said, “You can’t tell me what to do anymore, just because you’re my brother, doesn’t mean that you can tell me what to do, I have my own opinions and decisions, so deal with it.”
“I’m sorry Stacy, I didn’t mean to tell you what to do.” “Then let me finish the story, please.” “Okay, you can finish.” “Good, like I said before, he use to be The Source til I saved him from being evil and he said that he knew mom.” “How did you save him?” Then I said, “With a necklace, that I found on the floor last night.” That was when Nick’s face turned red and said, “Did the two of you sleep together?” “No!!!” “Good, I wonder what dad is going to say about this.” Then he turned around and saw dad in the doorway with an angry face. Dad said, “Like my son said, ‘Get Out Now’.”
“Daddy, stop it, I saved him.” Then dad said, “I don’t care.” I started crying and ran up to my bedroom. Right before I was about to slam the door, I yelled, “I hate you, Nick.” Nick was surprised when I said that to him. He was going to come after me but he didn’t then he said, “I don’t know who you are, but you better leave right now.” “I’m sorry, I can’t and your dad knows why.” Nick turned to him and Dad said, “He knows your mom.” “How?” “He was…”
Nick looked at him til dad finished his sentence, “Your sister’s husband from her past.” “Why?” Then the man said, “Because she was taken from me.” “How?” “I don’t know, that’s why I’m here to find out, why?” “Then why did you need then necklace?” “I gave her the necklace before she was taken from me.” “How did she find the necklace?” “The necklace followed her.” “How?” “Can you stop asking me so many questions?” “Sorry, I’m just a little confused, that’s all.” “Oh, okay.”
Then Dad said, “Who took her?” “I don’t know.” He also added, “Nick, I forgot to introduce myself, my name is Scott Zimmers.” Then Nick said, “Don’t tell me, that you’re a prince?” “I’m not, I just want my wife back.” “Well she’s in her room if you want her.” “It’s not that easy for me.” “What? What do you mean?” “She didn’t recognize me last night, it’s going to take time to get her to remember.” Then Nick said (sarcastically), “Your point is.” Scott rolled his eyes and went up to my room.
On his way up to my room, he heard a noise coming from the room before my bedroom. As soon as he opened the door, he saw the thing that took me from him. Right before Scott could say anything, the thing disappeared. So he kept walking to my room and opened the door.
He said, “Stacy, you still awake.” “Yeah!” Scott walked in and sat down on the bed. Then he said, “We need to talk?” I turned around and faced him. Then he said, “This…is hard for me to say.” then I said, “ What is so hard for you to talk about?” “Um, do you believe in past lives?”
“What are you talking about?” “I’ll give you an example, have you heard of a man named Scott Zimmers?” “I think so, what does that have to do with you?” “What have you heard about him?” “Well, mom told me about him.” “What did she say about him?” “I don’t know exactly what she said, but she did say that he’s my husband and that he’s been looking for me ever since I was kidnapped by a demon. I also have a question for you.” What’s the question?”
“How do you know my mom, and don’t lie to me.” “She and you dad met me in a past life and they wanted me to marry you before you were kidnapped.” “What are you saying?” “Your parents arranged our marriage, they wanted you to be safe and they thought that they would get you married before it happened.” “So you’re saying that they wanted me safe with some stranger that I don’t even know?”
“Yes, do you forgive me for not keeping you safe?” “No, why did you let me go?” “I didn’t let you go, he took you from me.” “How did he take me away from you?” “I don’t know, but I do know one thing, I will kill him this time, even if it kills me.” “Please don’t say that anymore.” “I promise, I won’t say it again.” “Thank you.” He crawled into the sheets and stayed with me in bed. For some reason, I felt safe with him, then he said, “I love you Stacy-Ann Zimmers.” That was when we drifted off and slept for a couple hours.
As soon as I fell asleep, I started dreaming. In my dream, mom was there as soon as I walked up to her and she said, “Stacy, wake up, I want you to be with your brother before he dies, don’t hate him any more, get up and save him.” Then mom disappeared and I woke up. I shot up and said, “Nick!” Scott did the same thing and said, “Stacy, what’s wrong?” “Something is gonna happen to Nick.” “Like what?”
“I don’t know, but mom told me that something bad is going to happen to him.” Then he said, “Let’s go tell your dad and Nick, right now.” “Ok.” We got out of bed and started looking for dad and Nick. As soon as we got out of my room, I said, ” I’ll take the right, you take the left.” “Ok, be careful.” “ I wil.“ Then he kissed my cheek and went our way.
The first door I opened, had a big book on a stand, a star of david rug, an alter and black curtains. I could feel an evil presense in the room. I decided not to look for dad and Nick, so I stayed and looked around. I saw black candles, a bowl, stick, and other ingredients for black magick. Then I saw a painting, the man in the painting was very handsome, black hair, blue eyes, no smile, in a black suit holding the big book in his arms. This man is very mysterious and familiar, it was as if I knew this man.
it was as if he was in here with me, watching me, waiting to strike at me, when I’m vulnerable. so I waited for a few minutes, then nothing happened. I walked to th book and opened the book and read the first page. I read it out loud:
“In this night
And in this hour
I call upon thy
Ancient power
I call to thee
For thy power
Give me thy power
I call to thee
So mote it be”
Scott, Nick, and Dad walked in and Scott said,” What did you do?” I said, “Nothing why?” “Did you read the first page out loud?” “Yeah, why?” “Now I know why he took you.” “What are you talking about?”
“You are The Source.” “No I’m not.” “Stacy, you are a demon in a human body.” “If I’m a demon, then why did I marry you?” Scott said, “Safety.” “Safety, what does that have to do with our marriage or the fact that you called me a demon in front of my family?” That’s when dadddy said, “Scott, there’s something that you don’t know about us?”
“Like what?” Daddy said, “Nick and I are demons, and her mother and herself were, actually, they are related to The Source. The Source is her real father and not me.” That was when I said, “Daddy, don’t tell him that.” Scott didn’t say anything, but I did add, saying, “Let him find out on his own.”
Scott turned around and said, “What’s that suppose to mean?” “I was suppose to go with him.” I also added, saying, “He was my bodyguard, only he can keep me safe from you.” “From me, why?” “I don’t know why, he just knew.” “Stacy…” “What? Why is it so hard for you to understand?” “I…I never wanted a demon for a wife. I wanted someone to love not to hate.”
“Are you telling me that you hate me?” “No, now why would I hate you for?” “Because I’m a demon and I kill good witches for their powers.” ‘I don’t care, can we stop fighting, please.” “Fine, can I tell them.” Then Nick said,” Tell us what?” I said, “I had a dream that I was talking to mom.” Dad said, “About what?” I sighed and said, “She said in her exact words saying, ‘Stacy, wake up, I want you to be with your brother before he dies.’” Then Nick said, “What did she mean by that?”
“I don’t know, but I’m scared.” “Why would you be scared?” “I don’t want you to die.” “Stacy, I’m not going anywhere, you know that.” “No I don’t, I’m sorry, I’m just scared, that’s all.” Then Daddy said, “What else did your mother say?” “She said that I needed to get up, stop hating him and save him. Why did you wanna know?”
“Maybe she left a clue about your past.” “Like what?” ”Like, Where you two were at? Who was around? That kind of stuff.” "I wasn't really paying attention to that kind of stuff." Dad just looked at me and shook his head in disappointment. Then I said, "What? What did I do?"
Scott said, "Can I see the book for a minute?"“Why?” Scott sighed and said, “I just want to see the book, now!” “Ok, geez.” So I gave him the book, as soon as he took it. He looked at the cover and said, “This isn’t an evil book, this is a Wiccan Book of Shadows.” Are you sure?”
“Stacy, as your past husband, I would know what is evil and what is good.” “Then what do you know about this book.” “This was given to you from your Great Grandmother Anastacia, this book is your heirloom.” “Does that mean that I’m not an evil witch.” “Yes it does.”
“Wow, but how did this book get in here?” “I don’t know.” We just stood there in silence and nobody said a word. That was until the man in the painting appeared out of nowhere. He said, “Anastacia, I’ve been looking for you for centuries, will you please come home. I miss you and the children miss you dearly.”
I was staring at him and Scott, they both look alike, that was when I said, “What did you say to me? And who are you? How do you know my name? And what do you mean by ‘centuries’?” The man in black said, “I’m your real husband, not this Warlock Scott Zimmers.” I looked at Scott and Dad said, “I knew there was something wrong about you, Scott.”
That was when Scott grabbed me and said, “She doesn’t want you any more, she wants me not you.” The man in black said, “Give me back my wife, Warlock!” Scott laughed and said, “ I knew I should’ve kept her away from this room, it contains… good magick.”
Then I said, “Scott your hurting me, let me go.” Scott threw me across the room and the man in black came to my rescue. He whispered to me, saying, “Are you alright?” I shook my head up and down, then I had another flashback.
I saw a man that looked liked Scott and he was fighting two men. They both looked liked the man in black and Nick. The man in black whispered to Nick, “Get Ana out of here, I’ll take care of Scott.” “Got it.” Nick left the room and Scott said, “You can’t keep Stacy away from me, she belongs with me, not you.” “You’re wrong, Scott, she belongs to God and me.” “You foolish man, you actually think that she loves you.”
“Say what you want, Scott, The kids and I love her dearly.” “Dearly, that’s funny as heck, King Tyler White.” "Don't call me King! You have no right to call me that. And I'm not a King!"

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