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by MJK
Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Philosophy · #1018945
a Short Story about God, technology and life
The Buddy List

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         8:01 AM EST

Mj9063          Who are you and how did you end up on my Buddy List?

GOD713          I am God

Mj9063          Yeah right and I’m Buddha

GOD713          Well of course you are, wisdom resides within each of us

Mj9063          So now you are Buddha too! I thought God was a one man show

GOD713          I am everywhere, everything or so you say you believe

Mj9063          Who said I believe in anything let alone you

GOD713          Well then you seem to be having a conversation with someone who
is non existent – are you a crazy person or a sane man looking for answers

Mj9063          Who the hell are you and how did you hack into my list?

GOD713          I did not do anything, you started the conversation with me, as to who I am, you already know that

Mj9063          fine, I am now a crazy man, having a conversation with a crazy man who thinks that he is God, so go ahead then tell me how this ends - you should know, you pull the strings, mister puppetmaster, why am I here - why did they leave me here - why will they not come back for me why why why

GOD713          I don’t know I have never held the strings. I really wish people would get that one right. The world would be a better place

Mj9063          then why am I here now

GOD713          look inside and you have the answer

Mj9063          Coward! Answer ME!!!!!!!!!!!

GOD713          Apparently I am not the coward

The cursor was patiently blinking when the librarian found him slumped over on the internet carol. The others had thought he was passed out asleep. According to the corner’s report he died of an overdose of prescription pills at 7:30 am EST.

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