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What is true love? Try a pineapple.
I’ve always strived for perfection,
I’ve always dreamed of the best,
Always wanted to the top prize,
And leave the bad ones for the rest.

You, my sweet darling,
Are the finest of fine,
Better than pure silver,
Greater than aged wine.

I love you more than anything,
Your body is my chapel,
The best thing I can compare you to,
Is a fruit- a pineapple.

Your eyes are pure yellow,
Your voice is so sweet,
Whenever we converse,
Your words I do eat.

The juice of this spiky fruit,
Is as delicious as your face is hot,
Oh how I’d love to cut a pineapple up,
And eat it with chocolate sauce.

And same with you, my dearest,
My pineapples I do not share,
I want to have you just for myself,
For only you I shall care.

A pineapple is prickly,
And your skin is rough as well,
The top of a pineapple is leafy,
While your top must’ve came from Hell.

But even though your hair,
Is quite a huge disgrace,
I still have my pineapple,
Which will keep me in my place.

And so to you, I bid,
“Farewell” from my throat and lapel,
I’m late already for the wedding,
To the love of my life,
My pineapple.
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