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The sprawling New Orleans Dump stands as a stark reminder of Earth's overpopulation.
This map idea is called Sanitation. It is an enormous junkyard about an eighth larger than Sidewinder. A massive wall guards this slightly asymmetrical area like a fortress, broken only by two small gates on its northwest and southeast corners. Beyond this wall, 26th-century New Orleans towers in the background.
The debris-strewn landscape is dominated by a massive, roughly trapezoidal structure that could easily fit Midship within itself. In the northwest corner is a small office-like area; in there is a Carbine and four Plasma Grenades. Opposite is (by default) a Scorpion tank. In the southern part of this structure, two Gauss Warthogs and a Ghost sit, left and right, respectively. There is also a Plasma Pistol, a SMG, and two frag grenades, near the tank, just outside the south entrance, and in the middle, respectively. Two airlifts in the northwest and southeast corners of the structure lead up to four ancient, moss-covered platforms that make a gigantic X; in the middle of this sits the Red Base. There are weapons to be found here: going clockwise from northwest, there is a Beam Rifle, a Shotgun, three plasma grenades, and a primary turret.
About three minutes’ walking distance from the Red Base is a V-shaped clearing in the debris near the southeast gate. This is the Blue Base. The flag sits comfortably in the middle of the clearing, guarded by a primary turret placed in the ground to its northwest. A partially stripped steel hull is on the clearing’s left side; beyond this is the motor pool. It has the same vehicles as the Red Base: from left to right, a Ghost, a Gauss Warthog, a Scorpion tank, and another Gauss Warthog. The weapons near Blue Base comprise of a Sniper Rifle at the back near the entrance to the wall, a Magnum and two frag grenades close to the end of the hull, and a Shotgun leaning against the wall right next to the gate.
To the west of the structure is a small patch of swamp that leads right up to an entrance to the wall. This is another base, but there is no motor pool here, only a Plasma Rifle near the center of the swamp patch, four plasma grenades close in a corner of the wall, and a Needler just inside the entrance and fifteen paces to the right.
Many other important weapons are scattered about the map. Just east of the structure’s southeast corner is a Rocket Launcher; the three cartridges of extra rockets are along the wall near the northeast corner, one pace from the Energy Sword’s position and one level below, and leaning against the wall within view from Blue Base. The primary hill and Territory is a small, steel-strewn mound with another Plasma Rifle in the center. To the west of Red Base is a narrow passageway between two mountains of wreckage, called the Rite of Passage. In the middle on the right side is a cartridge of Battle Rifle ammo. The small box on the same side just beyond the end can be destroyed by a grenade; in it is a wildcard Brute Plasma Rifle. A second Rocket Launcher is on top of a crate at the northwest gate, with a Brute Shot leaning against its left side. Many more SMGs, Plasma Rifles, and Needlers are scattered in various places along the ground, three each per segment (northeast, northwest, southeast, southwest) of the map.
The wall is a formidable structure that contains two floors. When the outside is a beautiful sniper arena, the inside of this wall can be the location of vicious close-range exchanges. There are two sections that are divided by the two gates; two-way teleporters connect them on the second floor. Each section has three entrances and four ladders to the second floor. On the second floor at the northeast corner is a fourth base. A ladder is right next to the base, and a secondary turret and a teleporter are the same distance away on opposite sides of the base. This part of the wall has four Shotguns, two on each level within reach of ladders on the second floor and entrances on the first. The other has three, one on the second level and two underneath the teleporters on either side. On the second floor close to the teleporter is an Energy Sword. The wall also contains a Battle Rifle, three Magnums, one Plasma Pistol, two Plasma Rifles, a Needler, a Carbine, four SMGs, and six of each type of grenade. It also holds an Overshield underneath the teleporter on the east section, and Active Camo on the first floor under the Energy Sword.
Sanitation is a wonderland for teamed Crazy King games, as it has eight hills, one within reach of each Territory, and one around the Active Camo power-up. The Steel Hill is the primary hill; from there it moves to the hill at Blue Base, the one near the Active Camo, the Red Base Hill, the Rite of Passage, the Swamp, the wall, and the last one near the southeast gate. The Oddball and Neutral Bomb also spawn in this steel-strewn mound. The Territories are: Steel Hill (1), Red Base (2), The Wall (3), The Swamp (4), Rite of Passage (5), Blue Base (6), and Southeast Gate (7).
The default starting weapon for Sanitation is the Battle Rifle, and the default starting grenade type is the frag grenade. Also interesting to note, in any other weapon set besides Map Default, the small container holding the Brute Plasma Rifle will be empty. I may also decide to put an interesting Easter egg having to do with someone or something I like, somewhere around the wall…
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