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Paradox (to be recited mentally while lying in bed with your lover)
Paradox (To Be Recited Mentally While Lying In Bed With Your Lover)

Loyally double cross me with your rough smooth tongue,
Kiss me under the bright dim moon that crookedly smiles nativity.
Entrap me with your warm, ice skin
and let your snowflake teardrops burn holes through my lip.
Kiss me on a rainy day and tell me its sunny,
and hold me on a cold day and tell me its a tropical paradise, ill believe you.
Disrobe my naked soul from its happily depressed livery,
make glorious nightmares nothing more than waking dreamscapes in my head.
Contort my body until it stands straight and tall,
pull me in until I'm inside outside out, and then cool me in warm thighs.
Sleep awake on the pillow, as skin roughly rubs and slowly slides,
cheek to cheek, knee to knee, breath locked hand in hand with breath.
Keep the throwaway who was discarded from osciety,
pull the poet from the cleared rubble.
Pour burning shots of Bacardi from past memories into unholy grails,
get drunk on the light giggles of the voiceless.
Let scentless incense fill the room with smoke from out consciousness.
Catch up on not sleeping,
deprive your NREM.
Kiss my coarse, clean skin.
Hold me in your unforgiving eyes forgiving me once again for nothing,
because i seek pennance for nothing.
Hold me in this bed with this deadlock stare on my face as you smoothly run your hand through my
troubled, tangled hair.
Here, somewhere in the chaos,
we are order.
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