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Some quotes that I had the (mis)fortune to put down on paper
Looking at the world through our eyes is an eye opening experience, the more you look the deeper you will see.

I write what I think and think what I write, you know what I mean?

Imagination paves the paths that we trod daily! How we use it is up to us.

Variety is a feather caught in the wind and hurled beyond our horizons.

Inspiration is the key that unlocks the door to our heart and soul.

Our dreams are what make our lives real!!!

Mundanity is a ritual of ignoring the events that occur because of the waves we create.

There are two maxims in this life that I adhere to and they are:
1)The only constant in life is change.
2)The one thing we all have in common is that we are all different.

Today is a gift...
Tonight is a blessing
Tomorrow is a hope.....

Saying it was lucky, is just a way around giving credit where credit it due.

Remorse is the threshold of the doorway we must cross to find happiness.

I concern myself not with what others think of me but if they see beyond my shortcomings and see my soul.

Opinions are like sphincters...
We all have one and many times the scent isnt to our liking...

It's easy to go toe to toe when you don't see eye to eye.

Ignorance depicts our government pretty well and I think that many of our leaders live in bliss.

Sometimes when our backs are against the wall we can see into the future.

When you're swimming with the sharks, you better swim faster...

A good author says as much between the lines as his words themselves say.

Some people make sense. Some people just make noise.

Often those who cannot perform... Preach or teach or review...

Life without humor is like an ocean without fish.

Panic on your part does not neccessarily constitute an emergency on my part.

Presentation is 99% of acceptance.

Implications are only speculations from our point of view...

There is no absolutes in life... only relativity... from these issues we arrive at our own perspective.

Speaking about dial up networking: A watched download never completes.

Controversy is the continuity of politics in our everyday lives.

Hope and faith are the boots we shod our feet with, humility is our staff, as we climb the mountain that we call life.

There are not any limits to our imagination, other than those we ourselves impose.

You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him sing.

Women, no matter how long I live for the life of me, Ill never understand them only underestimate them...

Anything worthwhile is worth work !

Everyday is a test- Its how we deal with these tests that either makes us a character or shows character!

After careful reconsideration I would like to amend the previous quote somewhat...

One must hold on to hope, for without hope is only to survive...

Those of us that understand that life is a gift and a privilege show character in our everyday lives...

Those of us that think because we were born we deserve so much more than the rest are only characters...

An explorer seeks adventure in new worlds, a general looks at the new world as a conquest to conquer, A poet looks and imagines...

I used to like math. Here is my formula.
Arrogance+Ignorance= Stupidity

A loss is a loss, but a loss doesn't always mean defeat.

Music is like the dressing we put on our salad...It enhances what we have on our plate.

Middle age is when you're surfing the cable channels you find yourself watching CNN.

I have this theory that there are users and helpers and it seems that the users usually win at least in this life.

Like minds think along the same lines...

No matter how far you travel or where you go... There will be a critic there saying... You should have done it this way....

Always speak out from within...

When all else fails... Read the constructions...

Rhetoric is, the way many streams are muddied with irrelevent words...

I say what I think... And I think what I say

Funny thing about getting a few miles on you. You start looking at what is rolling down the road and start paying more attention to the fine classics we are *Smile*

I live to learn and I have learned to live. I write what is inside me and it lets others have a peek into who I am.

Could you please freak out a little quieter...
because I can still hear you...


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