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This is the story of John's redemption. Part Three.
The foreign words are highlighted to make cross-referencing easier.

         Naradin was running across fields of gold. He had never before seen so much splendour in his life. Where he was, the blinding light emanated from everywhere and no matter what he did, close his eyes or hide in a corner, the light always came to him. Down the hill he went and there he saw a village, so yellow in the light.

         The tall, golden grass was almost his height and in this place of apparent prosperity, Naradin found that he was alone. He ran north, south, east and west, and found no one. He strode back proudly to the village. He felt undefeatable in this place of his own. As the wind slapped his long golden curls to his eyes, Naradin tamed it to the nape of his neck. He stopped on the uneven and soil-stained cobblestone path just outside the village. Hearing muted footfalls behind him, he prepared himself in an aggressive stance. It was only a lion. Where he used to live, Naradin was as a lion himself, roaming the wild, scavenging on rotten men.

         He lowered himself on his right knee, with the left leg at a tangent to the golden floor, with surprising grace. He gave a salute to his brethren, right palm over his heart and eyes full of respect and humility.

         “Kom tü Seth –”

         “ – Amon undahleon

         As soon as he heard the canonic response, the man of the Voice rose and approached the lion. It too was golden-haired like the Stranger but the eyes of the lion were of a piercing blue. It was the colour of the tip of an icicle and it dug just as deep into his heart. Naradin had never been at such unease among his khurgiz before.

         The lion took one more stare at him and went back to wherever he had come from. Sighing with relief, Naradin fell on his back and was surprised to find that the sky too was blue. Such a serene blue as he had never seen before. Different from the eyes of the lion, this blue was a rich colour which drew him in every second. Suddenly, he didn’t ever want to leave…

Kom tü Seth: Come two noble beasts <Com tew sairth>
Amon undahleon: A man and a lion <Ah-mon ahn-dah-leon>
Khurgiz: race or tribe of people <Her-ghee>

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