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by locke
Rated: 13+ · Serial · Drama · #1024327
A series of episodes about a group of people who survive a nuclear attack.

Episode 1

Mike opened his eyes and heard nothing but a faint sweep of wind, he remembered the bomb tearing the building apart but as he woke now he heard no screams, no cries for help and saw no signs of life.

He thought to himself that it could not be that he had survived whatever had just happened and no one else had. I must be dead he thought. He opened his mouth to call out for help and tasted dust. On the other side of the hall in which a normal school assembly had just taken place a girl screamed out for help, Mike heard her call and ran over to her, he knew from her call who she was and he thought it ironic that only he and her had survived this trauma.

Mike saw that she was badly hurt and unable to move.

"I can't move my legs," She said to him.

Mike saw that her leg was caught under a slab of concrete and knew it could be badly broken. But before he could help her out somebody else called out. A boy of similar age to Mike was yelling asking if there was anybody alive.

" You! Come over here and give me a hand she needs help!" Mike yelled out to the boy.

The boy ran over to Mike and saw that the girl was in serious trouble.

"We've gotta get this off her before it crushes her leg okay?" Mike told him.

"Alright, lift now!" The boy said to Mike.

They lifted the concrete off her leg and it seemed as though she had suffered little damage,

"Can you move it Jane?" Mike asked her

She looked at him confused by his recognition of her but moved her legs freely.

"Guys we've gotta get outta here before the whole place collapses" said the boy whose name was Lee

The three of them exited the building with the two boys helping Jane out, As they saw a shining light revealing a small opening in the rubble they forced their way through it hoping to get outside. They got to their feet leaving the rubble behind and venturing outside to discover a desolate barren land, nothing was spared as far as the eye could see. The blast had destroyed everything and it seemed it should have destroyed them too. The three of them stood there frozen in disbelief that the world they knew was gone. Mike now realised that everything had changed.

Episode 2

Mike, Jane and Lee stood in awe overseeing a dry wasteland that they knew previously to be so colourful and full of life.

"How does something like this happen?" Asked Mike.

A week prior to the blast Mike exits the assembly hall. People around him are chatting and happily laughing as they always do at school. He looks around anxiously and pushes through the crowd passing Jane on the way through.

"Hey watch it!" She calls out to him.

It is clear he has other things on his mind as he ignores her. He eventually reaches where he wants to be and is relieved to find the line at the schools canteen is still relatively low.

As Mike is waiting in line at the canteen he is approached from behind and shoved in the back by a tough looking goon.

"What are you still doing here?" Asks the goon.

At first Mike ignores the tough as if what is happening is all too common, but then the tough further provokes him.

"You're not welcome here Livermore, you should have noticed that by now." He said taunting Mike.

"I have every right to be here." Mike protested.

"You shouldn't have any rights. Not after what you did Livermore." Replied the tough with a fierce look of contempt.

Mikes face sunk with a look of dejection, which was replaced by a look of curiosity outside the destroyed assembly hall overlooking the wasteland.

"Everything's gone." Stated Jane.

"We don't know that yet, we should explore around a bit, we might find some survivors or supplies." Said Mike

"Where? Look around man its all gone, no food no water were doomed." Replied Lee.

"None the less I think we should walk into town just to check it out, there may be less damage there." Said Mike who appeared to be embracing his new surroundings.

"No, you can do whatever you want, but I'm going to where my parents lived up over that hill." He said gesturing with his hand.

"We have to stick together, every man for himself is not going to work here." Said Mike.

"Look why don't we check his house then go into town, it's only fair." Said Jane resolving the dispute.

"Fine by me." Said Mike

"Whatever." Replied Lee.

So the three of them set off and headed towards Lee's house over the hill. Jane and Lee were both terrified inside and feared for their own well-being, but Mike was not terrified at all. In fact he embraced this new world beacause it had given him a second chance.

Check back soon for episode 1.03 "Regrets"

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