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If it's this hot on the phone . . .
"I'm just bored, you know." I say into the phone, standing in my hotel room, naked underneath the soft cotton bathrobe, still wet from the shower. "Be fun if you were here to keep me company."

I'm in town for business. You were supposed to meet me here. We'd been talking about doing this for awhile and it was finally going to happen.

"Well," you sigh into the phone, "Guess you'll just have to keep yourself amused." Always the tease. I fucking love that. "What's on the TV?" you ask.


You giggle, "Fucking pervert. What's the action?"

"Younger guy just dragged this hot older woman into the men's room of some fancy restaurant. He's got her pinned up against the door with his hand up her dress."

"Mmm," you respond, "Bet you'd love to get me like that."

"Fuckin' right. You'd love it, wouldn't you?"

"Sounds like fun." you say coyly. "Is your cock hard?" you ask, your voice turning sexy, teasing.

"Mmm, yeah," I moan, feeling my cock grow stiff under the robe.

"Are you gonna jerk off for me baby?"

"Would you like that?" I say, my own voice now saturated with sex. "D'you want me to jack my cock off for you babe?"

"Mmm, fuck yeah." you moan, "I wanna hear you cum for me, jack that cock off good and hard for me."

"Let me close the blinds." I say.

"No." you say firmly.

"But there's another hotel across the way. Someone could see." I reply, laughing.

"Let them watch. Are you shy?"

"Ok, Ok," I give in, loving your little game, as I sit on the bed, propped up against the pillows. "What are you wearing?" I ask, untying my robe as I lay back, getting comfortable, letting it fall open. My cock is hard as fucking steel now, aching for release. The cool air feels great over my body, erotic.

"Nothing but a black lace bra. My tits are pouring out of it now. Thong panties to match."

"Mmm, fucking tease," I moan, smiling to myself. I look over at the TV. "He's got her bent over the countertop now," I tell you, describing the scene, taking my thick aching hot prick in hand, sighing at the pleasure, "panties down around her knees. He's got her dress hiked up and his cock out, she's begging for it. She's got a hot little pussy too."

"Mmm, fuck." you snap. I hear rustling on the other end, I know you're slipping those panties down and off.

"Is that pussy wet for me yet babe?"

"Oh fuck yeah," you moan. I hear you licking your fingers and I start to stroke my cock, long and slow, "Tastes sweet too." you giggle slyly. "Be nice if you were here to lick my sweet pink pussy for me, make me cum hard before I let you fuck me."

"Oh god," I groan, pumping my cock faster, my grip tightening around it, the robe fully open as I lay out on the bed. "I'm dying to lick that pussy babe, make you cum on my face."

"Mmm, would you now? Bury your face in my cunt? Lap away at my clit while I pull on your hair? Huh? Are you stroking that cock for me now?"

"Ungh, fuck yesss!" I groan, pumping my cock harder, faster, the thick head turning red, pre-cum oozing. "Thinking about ramming it in that tight hot pussy of yours."

"Oh fuck yeah," you groan, your voice quivering just a little. I can picture you sitting there, one leg up over the arm of your chair, fingers working frantically away at that slick wet pussy I've fantasized about so many times. "Mmm, would you fuck me hard babe? Huh?" you tease.

"You fuckin' know it," I growl, "I'd teach you not to tease me like this," my cock throbbing in my fist now, "I'd pound the shit out of you, fuck you like a common street whore."

"Aaahh!" you gasp. You liked that. "Is that what you want babe? You want me to be your dirty little whore?" I can picture you driving one, then two fingers, in and out of your slippery wet pussy.

"Mmm, fuck yesss," my own voice quivering now as I fight not to cum yet, pumping my cock hard and fast, my legs splayed out on the bed, toes curling, robe still on but completely open. "I know you wanna be fucked like a nasty little whore. You're a slut at heart. My slut!"

"Mmph," you whine, fingering your slick hot twat harder, ramming your fingers in and out, "I want you to fuck the shit out of me babe, pound me, fuck my pussy raw then shoot your cum all over me." you groan, voice thick with sex. I can tell you're close. So am I.

"Agh, Oh fuck babe, I'm close, I'm gonna cum!" I groan, pumping hard on my thick veiny cock, imagining you on top of me, sliding that slippery wet cunt down over my raging hot prick.

"Do it babe, cum for me," you moan, "I wanna hear you cum hard for me, shoot that fucking load just for me . . ."

"Ugh, Fuckkkk!" I growl through my teeth, passing the point of no return . . .

"DO IT!!!" you howl into the phone as I finally shoot off, groaning like a beast into the phone, my fist pounding hard on my big, thick meat, pumping streams of thick white spunk over my chest and belly, gasping with the image of your gorgeous body in front of me, all sweaty with sex, as I cum hard for you.

"Oh god," I gasp as my orgasm subsides.

I hear you whining, gasping on the other end of the line as you cum hard, your breath quick as your sweet body convulses with orgasm.

We're silent, breathing fast and hard into the phone as we recover.

"That was fucking incredible," you whisper finally, still gasping.

"I'll say." I moan, looking down, my bare chest and belly covered in my own cum, my softening cock slick.

"Did anybody see you?" you ask, clearing your throat.

I'd forgotten about the blinds being open. I look over. Across the way, there is one window - lights on, blinds pulled wide open - a figure standing there. I stand up to get a closer look, the robe hanging open, my semi-hard cock hanging limp. The figure - a woman, a gorgeous woman, naked except for a lacy black bra, one strap hanging off her shoulder - holding a phone to her ear with one hand, and binoculars in the other - looking right at me. I smile.

"So," you say, "How fast can you get over here?"

(to be continued?)

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