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Anyone who has gone through the challenges of potty training will appreciate this one.
(Written in 2002)

Anyone that knows me personally in anyway, is aware that I am a mother of two toddlers, 3 1/2 and 20 months.

At the present time, I am toilet training my son, the oldest. As most parents know, in this test of parenting, the first part of tinkling in the pot is the easier. I am not, however, saying it to be the easiest.

Once you have that down, then comes the fun part.....getting them to the toilet before the mess is made in the britches. I am now at that stage in the "training exercises". We all know how amazed the kid is when he discovers his "creation", if you will.

The first time my "ratboy", as I affectionately refer to him, looked in the water and saw "the fishes"....he beamed up at me with the hugest grin and sparkle in his eye and said, "Whoa!! Look Mawmie!!"

well, what could I say other than, "Yes, I see your poop!!" Probably not the best thing a
a parent could say to a child......but that's what came out!

So now everytime ratboy goes back to the bathroom, he hollers insistantly, "Mawmie!! Come look!! Come see my poop!"

Being the good mommy that I try to be, I drop everything to go look at my son's work. The other day he called me back, and I asked him, "Are you done?" "Yes, Mawmie" was the reply. Then, just to make sure, "Are you positive?", I asked.

That's when ratboy turned his back to me, stuck his bare little rear out in the air, patted it and said,
"Yes, Mawmie. See. Feel. My tooshie is empty!"

Enough said, eh?
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