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Two girls with two secrets to tell. POTO mix with reality.
Part 1: The Beginning

In NYC lived two 17 year-old girls. They were only friends and known each other since the end of 6th grade. Their names were Lotte and Chris. Although they seemed to be normal city girls they also had secrets to hide. Of course, the original powers and supernatural beings.

Lotte was a reincarnated medium. She had only one spirit to talk to and she has told many people that he goes by the name of Erik. Plus, she was a fallen angel which also goes along with the fact of 'reincarnation.'

Chris, on the other hand, was a practicing witch. A very good practicing witch at that. But there was something within her that could drive her into pain. A terrible wolf demon inside her that had no where else to go but to stay inside a soul. That wolf demon's name was Kira.

So we start around the middle of fall around Halloween. Starting school as a senior at VF high
this year, they were about to get ready for school shopping.

Lotte: (in her room, seperate from Chris, and is sitting by a small enchanted mirror where she is contacting/talking to Erik) No... I really don't know... I don't know when I start... I'll have to check that out sometime.

Chris: (walks into the room) Talking to "him" again, (air quotes) I see. (she doesn't believe that she's actally a medium and talks to one spirit)

Lotte: Yeah, so what? Got a problem with it? (glances back at the mirror then back at Chris)I have voices in my head and he doesn't like you.

Chris: Obviously. (sigh) Well come on...(throws trench coat) cover your wings. We need to go school shopping.

Lotte: (sighs, puts trench coat on and exits out of the room)

Now we enter the shop where they are trying to gather all of their school supplies at the last minute when...

Chris: Some of these and some of these and... CANDY! (runs onto other part of the shop)

Lotte: (rolls eyes) K then. (looks at other stuff besides the candy)

Chris: Hmm... would sugar counter act the blood instead of newt guts? (whips out book)

Lotte: (finds a necklace and buys it; the necklace has a fancy looking dream-catcher on it with many beads)

Chris: (walks out of the store w/ Lotte closly behind her)Ready to fly home?

Lotte: Yeah I guess I'm ready. (puts on necklace)

Chris: (she takes off her coat and snaps her wings open with Lotte doing the same; now in the air)

Lotte: Have you ever get the feeling someone is watching you do this?

Chris: Yeah, but I could always zap them.

Part 2: The Book

Chris: You just can't wait to get to your imaginary whatever huh?

Lotte: Shut up! How many times do I have to tell you he's not my imaginary friend!

Chris: ...sure...

Lotte: (rolls eyes)

Chris: Yeah, its just the mirror you talk to. It's like... I talk to my cauldron... but guess what? It can do stuff a mirror just can't. All it does is show you your reflection!

Lotte: You talk to your cauldron? Wow... what a weirdo... does it talk back?

Chris: Incantations, moron. God, do I have to explain everything? Besides what has a mirror ever done for you?

Lotte: More than you'll ever know. (flies faster)

Chris: (flies after her) Let's just say there is a guy in there...how come he will never come out? Unlike Kira, who could very well come out at anytime.

Lotte: You wouldn't understand... so why explain?

(now at home)

Chris: Lotte, it makes no sense to me that's all.

Lotte: It's okay.

Chris: (walks over to her book) Now, come look at the book with me... I need two people for this spell. It's in a different language which I haven't mastered yet... so it could go well... or horribly, horribly wrong.


Part 3: Not the Mirror!

Lotte: Erm... okay?

Chris: Yeah... I'm hoping its the first one...

Lotte: You hope?

Chris: I told you I haven't mastered it yet. What it's supposed to do is expel Kira from my body into another host.

Lotte: Yeah, heh, me too.

Chris: (tries to say the words from the book which takes longer than it should. All of a sudden a white beam of light comes out from her eyes and mouth.) Lotte, keep reading from the book!

Lotte: (also tries to read it, but gets the hang of it)

(a black winged spirit shoots out of Chris's mouth and into the mirror)

Chris: That wasn't good was it?

Lotte: (horror struck) No! (runs over to it and pounds fist against the wall several times)

Chris: I told you something would happen. I was hoping it was good... not bad...

Lotte: (throws herself to the bed, sobing) I hate that stupid spell book piece of crap!


Part 4: The Reunion

Chris: (walks over to the mirror and sticks hand threw it as if it were a portal) Oh, wow. This... kinda fun... Lotte you have to try this!

Lotte: What now? (sits up and eyes widen)

Chris: Seriously... this is fu- (her arm gets grabbed) Um... (tries to pull it out but it doesn't move) That's not good.

Lotte: That's not supposed to happen. (walks over to the mirror, wiping the tears off her face)

Chris: (gets yanked into the mirror and screams)

Lotte: Oh jeez... (jumps in head first, of course, landing on her head) Oof! That's gonna leave a mark... (rubs head and stands)

(the room look like a large cave that was surrounded by a large lake. There was a large piano in the middle along with music. Our characters are right by the wall were our stranger put this mirror large mirror)

Chris: Lotte! (lands in someone's arms) Whew... well, at least, I was caught...

Lotte: Yeah... lucky you.

Chris: (looks at the rescuer and screams)

Lotte: Wait a minute... I know you from somewhere...

Stranger: You do look somewhat familiar...

Chris: Did I miss something?

Lotte: Erik?

Stranger: Lotte?

Chris: Hey... is this your imaginary... your very hansome imaginary friend? If he is, can I have 'em?

Lotte: (jaw drops open) I can't believe it!

Erik: (he smirks)

Lotte: After all these years...

Erik: Yes, after all these years... See, I told you I would see you again...

Lotte: Yeah but -

Chris: Look... I'm glad for the reunion... but (turns to Erik) you can let me go now... you're starting to hurt me!

Erik: Oh yeah... sorry... (sets down gently)


Part 5: The Demon, Kira

Lotte: (snorts) Oh yeah, this is my best friend, Chris.

Erik: Ah yes... the one that says I'm just an imaginary friend that doesn't exist...

Lotte: Yeah... uh...

Chris: ...heh... about that, I'm really sorry... If you'll excuse me... where did the spirit go?

Erik: (points right) I could of swore it went down that way... through that door...

Chris: And who's door is that?

Erik: Uh... just a chamber...

Lotte: A chamber of what exactly?

Erik: Heh... just a chamber... Listen, there's a door within the chamber that leads to a chorus girl's dressing room.

Chris: oh no... that's really ba- (you hear a distant scream) oh shit, BAD DAY! (runs through the door to the chorus girl's dressing room)

(Lotte and Erik can't hear the screams)

Erik: Did you follow any of that?

Lotte: Not a clue...

(they both run closely behind her)

Chris: (bursts into the room with Erik and Lotte behind her. The chorus girl is screaming her lungs out. 'oh the pain' she keeps on screaming) Oh man! I'm too late!


Lotte: Oh no, not again!

Chris: (runs over to her) Shhh... it'll be okay... (black wings bursted out of her back, very bloody)ShhShhShh... it's alright...

Erik: (very worried)

Lotte: It'll be okay... (deep breath) Everything will be alright, Erik...

(the screaming stopped. What stood up was a replica of Chris, except with black hair and red eyes)


Part 6: The Fight

Erik: (muttered) oh no.

Chris: Kira...

Kira: Chris! What a lovely surprise! ... Not really...

Chris: You evil witch! HOW DARE YOU TAKE OVER HER BODY!

Kira: (raising her voice) Hey! You knew I needed a body, you just didn't know who. I bet you don't even know this random girl and there's nothing you can do about it. I'm free and that's all that matters...

Erik: (whispers to Lotte) what's going on?

Lotte: Well, uh... she... uh... erm...

Chris: ERRRRRRR! (holds out her palm and a ball of white light formed from it)

Kira: Now, now... from in her mind, I can see she would be very missed if you did that. Isn't that right, (turns to Erik) Erik?

Erik: Wait... how?

Kira: I can see everything in her mind including her desire for you...

Erik: What?

Lotte: Whoa.

Erik: No... that can't be... she can't have a desire for me... she has the desire for that dumb ass Rao- ... never mind.

Kira: Well that's not what its like here... How about little less talkie, more fighty, yes?

Chris: (growls)


Part 7: The Mirror

Well, of course Chris won the fight between her and Kira. Lotte and Erik ended up leaving the room inbetween this... more or less... maybe in the corner.

Kira: Goddammit! I'll get you for this! *limps off*

Chris: (snorts)

Lotte: meep.

Erik: Chris... where's Christine?

Lotte: Here it comes...

Chris: (she changes back) Erm... I don't know how to say this... but... this really sucks...

Erik: Where is she? (filled with sorrow)

Lotte: Um...

Chris: (walks up behind him) She... She's with Kira now... It's all my fault... I'm really sorry...

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