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What must one do/endure.
~ Faith ~

Blink… Treading a precipice, I drop to hands and knees. Searching frantically, something lost. searching for the last grain of the sands of time. Dropped by someone in a hurry to make a difference. Passing many a hand out searching for comfort. Crying out to hear news that the dream is nearly over.

Blink… Wondering empty streets, full streets, hand clutched tightly in my pocket. What have I done… what will be done about it. I have broken the hourglass. The sands of time are spilling. Chaos is taking hold and people are dieing. Oh what have I done?

Blink… Reality is a knife edge walked by men such as me. Destin to tear the fabric of time, throw the world into chaos. Something tugging my memory, did I do something terribly wrong. Have I violated some law or missed treaty with another person?

Blink… Sitting at my writing desk, a pen in one hand a clenched fist the other. What was I doing? Yes I remember I was about to write you a letter. What was I to write about? It does not matter, I’m holding the last grain of the sands of time. I have all the time in the world. I may compose a great sonnet or a timeless play or perhaps a musical work of pure genius.

Blink… Running… running to get away. Running to catch something up. Running because I’m scared and I don’t know what it was that spooked me or why I’m running or where I’m going. No time to stop though, I must find it… I must find out why.

Blink… Starting to full wakefulness. Haze covers the landscape, my eyes they work just fine. I have hands. I have fingers and hands and arms free from the haze yet I can’t make out the landscape. Something odd about that pulls at the corner of my mind yet I leave it be and move on looking for an answer to my immediate question. Where am I?

Blink… staggering to a standstill… how’d I come to be here? Looking around only confirms for me that I’m even more lost than had first concerned me. Where have I been, where had I been headed?

Blink… I sit up, blinking to bring the moisture back to my eyes. I feel I’ve been awake for years. Will I ever be able to sleep again? Will it ever stop? Time is broken, the fabric unraveling. Things are falling apart and being remade anew. This day never ending – ever starting over.

Blink… I stand above the glass, my clenched fist outstretched above the glass. It will be over soon. It’s time for all the madness to come to an end… I only hope that nothing drastic has come about of this already.

Blink… I open my hand. The last grain of the sands of time tumbles inexplicably slow from my grasp. Tumbling in time floating towards the glass. Falling, following waves of time floating back to the beginning where it all began.

Blink… I’m looking at the hourglass. Wondering at the power of a single grain of sand. What effect would it have in the hands of one such as me? One with faith in self and lack of self importance. One who could take us all back to the beginning and bring us slowly back up through the decay and the brackish lack luster of life thought to be our plight. Our punishment for a sin or sins long forgotten. Remember now and have faith that YOU control your life and the direction in which it moves. Have faith that you know the answers to your questions. You have only to ask them of your inner self. Have faith in the answers received as not to your liking. You know the answers yet you deny yourself.
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