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the eternal struggle.
this is just part of a story that i am writing for a film project from an online
forum. as such, most names are actually screen names. it starts in the middle because whatever was written before this was in script form whereas this is in prose form. i'll put up the beginning once i have it in prose form. it's actually a joint production by me and two friends.

here's just some background information.

the story starts off in japan. demetrius is the first vampire to exist, from a "pandora's box" scene. in order to stay with his girlfriend(kula), he turns her into a vampire as well. before fleeing from japan, kula decides to bring along her sister, amarante. along the way, they pick up the butler named delton, from china. they decide to settle down in england, and that is where demetrius establishes his reign. their victims have also bitten others, and, in searching for a haven from vampire hunters, chose to stay in demetrius' kingdom.

does that make sense? ^^

will edit and add more as i go along. for now, enjoy. constructive criticism is welcome. =)

The evening sky was coloured in hues of red, orange and pink. Birds chirped, and the early crickets started to sing. Demetrius stood on the high balcony, leaning against the rails, feeling the warmth of the setting sun on his pale skin. A cool breeze gently caressed his face, moving through his long hair like the hands of a lover. His eyes gazed over the small dwellings that littered the land before him. This, he thought to himself, is my kingdom. Mine, and Kula's.

It had been years twenty since he had left Japan, eighteen since he had left China, since he had set foot on England. Eighteen years since he had settled down here with Kula, his love, her sister Amarante, and their butler, Delton. Eighteen years since he had established his kingdom, since a small spark of light entered his life.

With a sigh, Demetrius turned his back on the breath-taking scenery, and entered his room.

The room was plain and simple. Just a dresser, the large bed he shared with Kula, and a bedside table, on which were many small portraits. Demetrius walked over, and, with great care and grace, picked up one of the portraits - that of a young, beautiful girl. The spark in his life.

He remembered their first encounter. How she had come to be, and remain in his life. That beautiful baby in the basket, all those eighteen years ago. He could still remember passing by her, seeing her, lifting her up, out of that cradle that held her.. And being captivated by her. How badly he and Kula wanted children, and how that cruel curse had denied them! To Demetrius then, there was no other way, no other alternative. The screams of anguish, the high-pitched wail of a woman losing her child.. It still rang in his ears. He could hear it clearly every time he looked at her. But it was a decision he would never regret.

How happy Kula had been when he showed the child to her! How bright her smile was, brighter than Demetrius had ever seen it. And for the first time after leaving Japan, she laughed again. It was upon hearing that laugh, that Demetrius knew his decision was not a mistake.

"The child with the look of an angel," she had said. And they had named her thus - Angel. They watched her grow, age - something a vampire would never do. Soon, she was five, the apple of their eyes. She laughed and played with Amarante's newly-adopted ten-year-old twins, Kaya and Nakuru. Then she was ten, almost as tall as the two vampire children - no, taller, even. Before his very eyes she changed, from a girl to a woman, a young lady. Demetrius and Kula decided to keep the truth from their only adopted daughter - the fact that they were vampires, eternal and unaging.

Every other day, however, she never failed to ask Demetrius this question: Why was it she seemed to get older, but not the other children?

Every time she asked, Demetrius would smile, a little sadly, and say, "You'll understand soon."

He had always been careful to keep her shielded from the influences of the human realm - despite the girl being a human herself. Always had he kept her in the company of vampires. Always.

He taught her a little combat, just enough to protect herself. He taught her to read and write, to act like a princess should. He taught her to laugh, to sing. He taught her everything she knew. And he loved her the way he loved Kula - unconditionally.

Raziel, her handmaiden, was a gift from him on her tenth birthday. How the girl's eyes had shone! Raziel never spoke, just cared and tended to her lady's every whim with fierce dedication.

The king's long fingers danced gently over the portrait. This was his girl, even though she was not of his flesh and blood, but she was his. And soon, Demetrius promised himself, soon he would immortalize her, and her beauty.

There was a sound behind him; Demetrius quickly set the portrait down, and turned. He relaxed when he saw Kula standing in the doorway.

"May I come in?" she asked.

Demetrius smiled at the sound of her. Even after all these years, her voice alone never failed to amaze him. He nodded, moving towards her as Kula stepped over the threshold and into the room.

"Thinking about the past again, Demetrius?" Every word she said carassed his soul, every sound of her brought smiles to his face. He remembered the first time they met, the moment they realised they were in love.

"Just wondering if it's time to let our little Angel know about what we really are."

Kula smiled. "Soon, my love. Soon. We shall tell her together."

Demetrius gathered her into his arms. She rested her head against his shoulder, content.

After a while, Kula pulled away. "I'll be going into the town for a while, with Amarante and her two children," she informed him. Demetrius nodded, and Kula left the room, smiling.

Demetrius turned back to the balcony. Today, there would be a visit - one he had been eagerly anticipating.

It had been long, too long.

The last vestiges of brilliant oranges, yellows and reds faded as the king watched from the stone walls of his home, unblinking eyes observing the entire sunset.

As per custom, there was the familiar tread of almost silent footsteps. The butler was so careful with his steps- it still could not escape the ears of the king however, whose senses were ever more acute with the transfusion of more human blood.

The king turned. "You look like you're blushing." The corners of his lips twitched.

Delton bowed ever so slightly. "I have just fed, Master." The emphases on the words were selected carefully, so that only the one before him caught the nuances. Demetrius allowed himself a smirk. He took a step forward.

"It's been a long day." Unspoken words were heard all the same.

"Indeed. The Mistress has risen from her sleep to visit the town with Her Grace." There was a slight turn of the king's head towards the closed oaken doors.

"Yes, she has just been in to see me. And what of the princess?" For the princess' affections and intense loyalty were not lost on anyone, least of all, her 'most important person'.

Delton inclined his head. "I believe she has left the castle, master."

"Then I see no reason for the formality." A quick step, then they were side by side. Slowly, the servant tilted his head upward to look silently into the king's eyes, cold onyx versus stony jet. The warmth of their humanity had been lost long ago, though traces of it remained.

The cool whisper of a touch brushed against the servant's lips, as always, stayed there, and he closed his eyes.

"You're warm," Demetrius murmured.

"It is the human blood." Delton raised his eyes to Demetrius'.

Demetrius smiled. "I know." He leaned in closer, and bit Delton's lip. Blood welled up, but he did not flinch, and allowed Demetrius to lap at the red nectar. A few moments slipped by like that, their lips touching, then the king pulled away reluctantly. The pallour of Demetrius' face had darkened into a delicate colouring and his lips were stained red.

He smiled again, and dipped his head, as if in thanks for that miniscule drink. Delton, for once, smiled back and inclined his head as well.

"They've not been out for a while," Demetrius said, raising a hand to Delton's face. The other did likewise.

"Not in a week," was the agreement. His hand curved around the base of Demetrius' head and pulled him closer, finding only compliance in the slight tilt of his partner's head. Their arms came up to wrap around the other's torso, holding each other in a tight embrace.

They broke apart after a while. Delton lowered his gaze to Demetrius' slightly bloody lips, then looked up into his eyes again. "I've missed you."

"Same here." Then he turned his turned his head slightly to the left, and his brow furrowed. Quickly, but with grace, he stepped aside, back to his position at the rails. Delton frowned in confusion, and stepped forward. He turned the king's head towards him, hand over his cheek.


The door flung open, and the princess peeked in, smiling brightly. Behind her, Raziel bowed, keeping her gaze directed to the floor.

"Father..?" She blinked. For a moment, she thought the butler had been so audacious as to touch the king's face in such an intimate manner. But no, they were at a distance now, and the butler was prudently arranging a cloth over his arm.

Demetrius turned and smiled indulgently at Angel. "What is it?"

Angel moved towards her father's side, Raziel close behind. "What went on here..? I swore-"

The king raised an eyebrow. "Nothing happened." His indulgent smile never wavered.

"Oh." The princess shrugged, seemingly deep in thought, then beamed brightly. "I merely wished to ask if I could have your permission to visit town."

"Go ahead." The king inclined his head and waved at the departing figure. Raziel bowed at the king again, and follwed after Angel. The doors shut with a click, and Demetrius turned to his butler. "That was the reason, my dear butler."


It was dark, and quiet. Too quiet, she thought, as she stood contemplating the narrow, empty hallway before her. The only light was from the moonbeam streaming through a nearby window. A full moon tonight - not a good omen, but she was not one for superstitions. She flicked a switch on the wall next to her, and a single lughtbulb flickered to life, briefly, before dying. Great.

Using what little moonlight available, she slipped the piece of paper out to read again.

"Tonight, room 211. I trust you won't keep me waiting."

There had been no signature, nothing. Yet, she knew who it was from.

She crushed the piece of paper, and it's beautifully calligraphed words.

"Damn you," she muttered, then started down the hallway, tossing the piece of paper over her shoulder.

Her fingers closed around a doorknob somewhere down the length of the hallway. It was cold to the touch, but not as cold as her eyes were. There were no emotions in those eyes - nothing.

The door creaked open. The room beyond it was almost like an office, with a desk, a few filing cabinets, and a sofa. She took a step in, and the door slammed shut behind her. The silence that followed was full of tension, of the animosity that radiated from her.

"Come out." Her words shattered the silence, cold and hard. "I know you're there."

There was a soft chuckle, and somewhere in the room, something moved.

"I'm in no mood for your games." She stood firm, folding her arms across her chest. Her eyes scanned the room, and the chuckling continued.

"Ahh, Luel. I see vampiracy hasn't changed you one bit." The voice was equally cold, soft, teasing even.

Luel stiffened. "Why should it?"

From the sofa, a man rose. Tall and lanky, he wore a cross pendant around his neck. Moonlight glinted dully off the metal, but Luel was not threatened by it. She knew he would not try anything - she was his source of information, after all.

"Ahh, Luel." The words seemed to simply roll off his tongue. There was a smirk on his face. "Well, speak. I'm sure you wouldn't want to waste your time here, and I don't have all night either."

"Don't be so certain that I would give you the information you seek, Sartol," she snapped in response, clearly irritated by the man's teasing manner.

"Oh?" Sartol smiled.

"Don't get me wrong, exorcist. There never was anything in it for me." There was a pause. "Only because I used to be one of you, and only because you meant something to me."

"'Meant'?" Sartol echoed, raising an eyebrow. "Oh, come on, Luel. Don't give me that."

The teasing voice sent shivers down her spine. Luel turned away from the man that stood before her.

"I can tell you where they are. I can tell you how to get there, but that's all." She let her arms drop to her side, and made as if to walk off.


She stopped. "What is it this time, Sartol."

"We will.. Meet again.. Won't we?"

At this, Luel smiled, the sharp points of her canines glinting dully in the moonlight.

And then she was gone.


"Why us?"

The words echoed on the still morning air. Dawn had just broken, crystal clear, over the forests that constituted the border of England, lifting the thick fog of the previous evening. The forest creatures were starting to stir, and somewhere in the canopy, the early birds began singing their medley of tunes.

"Why us?" the young girl repeated, clearly unhappy that her question had been ignored by the two she travelled with. "Just when I had gotten used to life in the church, they send us on a vampire hunt," she continued, very much displeased with her current disposition. "I'd sooner choose to be back in the training room than rough it out here."

"Well, considering that we were trained to be vampire hunters, I don't think it's much of a surprise that they'd send us to hunt vampires, Eli," one of her companions, Himu, mused as he navigated his way around a protruding tree root.

"But, Himu! There were so many others, like.. Jared, or Mia, for example!" she protested. "Plus, they've got experience!"

"It's because you have no experience that they chose to send you," their other companion, Skye, snapped. She continued through the dense foilage leaving Eli staring at her from behind, openmouthed.

"Skye!" she started to say, but stopped when Skye turned to glare.

Himu patted Eli on the back, and continued on after Skye. Speechless, it was all the young girl could do to just keep up with the two ahead of her.

For the next half an hour, they trekked on without talking. Finally, they came to a small clearing in the forest. Skye set down her backpack, and the other two did likewise.

"Break fast. Make it quick, then we can move on."

"Smile, Eli," Himu said as he opened his pack, noticing the girl's sullen face. "It's only a little way more, then we'll follow the dirt road to where the vampires dwell."

"Don't want to go to where they dwell," Eli muttered under her breath, rummaging through her pack for the remnants of the previous day's breakfast.

"Well, the sooner we get this over with, the sooner we get to go back to the church, don't you think?" Himu smiled.

His cheery mood was lost on his two dark-faced companions. With a sigh, he let it drop, concentrating on his food instead.

Eli took a swig from her waterskin, then shouldered her pack again. "Come on. The sooner we get this over with, the better, I guess."

Himu patted her on the back again. "That's the spirit. Let's go."

Wordlessly, Skye picked up her pack, and the three of them continued on their way.


"Do you think he's really that tough?"

Eli's question made Skye and Himu turn to look at her. She shrugged. "I mean, he's the vampire king, right? Do you think he's that strong?"

Skye turned away from the girl. "Perhaps," she said shortly, starting on her way again.

"This really isn't the time to be worrying about that, you know," Himu responded, following after Skye. Eli detected a hint of uncertainty in his voice. Was he worried, too? Wasn't he supposed to be confident about the whole mission going off without a hitch? Eli's gaze dropped to the ground. What if he was that tough? What if they never made it back? What if..?

She sighed. Himu's right. It's not the time to be worrying about this.

Looking up, she realised that she had fallen quite far behind her companions. "Hey, wait up!" she cried, starting to run after them.
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