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Eternity...shall you stare into hell's flames by face?
The Weight of One Word

We live in pride
Not allowing ourselves to realize
To succumb our hearts to the truth
The weight of one word
One single word
That can never be understood
As we die
Without knowledge
Dying into eternity
A Hell of flames
Or a Heaven of mercy
Mercy that all of us are given
But we must choose for ourselves
But why do most keep their hands folded
Not accepting this free gift
Forever will never die
But we will
So much sooner than we realize
The weight of one word
Shall it not help us open
Open our hearts to mercy
And turn our soul to the truth
Eternity is endless
But again we turn our backs
And follow the darkness
That seems so pleasing
To our blind eyes
We allow the world to chain us
Chain us, we become addicted
But it seems like the right
Because the world has disguised it
And our time ends
We die blind, or just refusing to see
All the second chances end
In one heartbeat
The last moments of recollection
Do you doubt?
As your souls makes its' way
To the judging place
As we spend our last moments
Wondering without knowing
Did I make it?, but our minds are void
There are no condolences
We are lost
We live lost
We die lost
No more second chances
And eternity is our fate
Staring into hell's flames by face
And this is our forever
This is our ruin
No we are the ruin to ourselves
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