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The bomb blast that evolved my mom in a shopping centre at Yangon,Myanmar.A true story.
Recently,there was a bomb blast that took place in Yangon,Myanmar on May 7th 2005.Unfortunately,my mom,Catherine was caught in the bomb blast and was badly injured.

The 15 of them(included my mom of course),headed by their senior pastor,Rev.Dr.Philip Tan arrived at the airport in Myanmar(forgot the name of the airport)and was greeted by Pastor Andrew Manong,the pastor of Myanmar Lutheran Church.
After check into a motel,they had their lunch and dinner held at a restsaurant nearby.They were instructed to get on bed early that night.

The second day.
They arrived at the Myanmar Lutheran church at 9.00AM.They brought gifts for the children there but they didnt have any enough gifts due to the four kids that had just been recruited.Someone suggested that they will get them something later.

They went into a mall known as Junction 8 and all headed for the supermarket on their left.
They all went shopping around and the ladies are responsible for buying the gifts(for the newly recruited kids).

Just as everyone was busy doing their shopping,a loud explosion suddenly occured followed by these dislodged tiles,flying towards them.
People was running,some even with clothes on fire.My mum was only 5 fet away the bomb and she felt on the floor.Fresh blood dripping out from anywhere flesh can be found.She had no will to get up,no,not even sit.A women came and insisted to carry her out but too,the woman was also injured badly and failed to carry her.After a few attemts,she knew she will never success-she was too weak afterall.
God knows who carried her out of the shopping centre and laid her in the mist of other victims!Thank God.The others found her and drove her to the hospital-the Yangon General Hospital.
Her hair was burnt and it looks like dried wheat more than hair.

My mom was sent back to Malaysia and was sent to the Gleneagles medical cente.She spent 70days in the hospital and the medical expenses cost RM114,00.She was not insured but we trusted the Lord would provide,and he did.

Now,my mom spent most of her time on the bed but she can also walk,slowly and with her Narrow Quad Cane.
Thank God.

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