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Manyon exlains the role of account manager at an ad agency.
The Lewiston Morning Tribune - Business Profile
Published in the January 2003 issue as My View featured writer

Advertising Keeps Commerce Alive

Frequently I am asked, "What do you do for a living?" My reply varies,yet usually starts with, "I work at an advertising agency." There area few individuals who understand what that means, usually because they’re in the business, too. There seems to be a certain mystique about what advertising agencies do. Many people look at me quizzically and inquire further, "What do you do there?" It's an appropriate question as full-service advertising agencies perform a myriad of tasks for clients. It also isn't the most common profession, nor does it lend itself well to a simple explanation.
So I explain further, "We as a team are responsible for client relations, advertising budget consultation, strategic planning and development,creative writing, directing, assisting with the production of radio and television commercials, public relations, print ad ideas and design and finally, creating a finished ad campaign targeting the desired audience. To put it simply, most managers and business owners don’t have time to meet with all of the individual vendors and sales people from various media. That’s where an agency comes in."
There is no simple explanation of our industry or my position in particular. So, when speaking of my career I try to mirror the rule of thumb for billboards. The rule is simple. Billboards should be an exclamation about, not an explanation of, your product or service. With that being said, my exclamation is, "I love my career!!!" I really don’t think there is a better endorsement than that.
Having heard our industry referred to as "a necessary evil," I can say I understand that point of view on many levels. I have found, however, when executed properly and professionally, there is nothing evil about advertising. If one chooses to view advertising as a necessary evil, it's important to remember it is the necessary evil that keeps commerce alive.......
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