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by Julie
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A contest entry
One frosty winter night
I was awakened from my sleep
By a cold, laughing breeze.
It tickled my sides
And lifted me high,
So high above the earth.
Oh, the view!
The silent ponds,
The sleeping homes,
The dark forests
All seemed so calm.
It was beautiful.
I gleefully raced down
To an age-old tryst
With the waiting earth.
I tumbled and twisted,
Enjoying the moment as I could.
I felt so free.
When I had nearly reached the ground,
A great gust of wind
Picked me up and thrust me into town.
Happily I rode upon my chariot
And gazed at the rushing buildings.
Finally an old oak ensnared me in its branches.
Sighing, I sat and waited,
The wind rustling the tree's leaves impatiently.
Soon a small din attracted my attention.
I looked down to behold two figures:
One coughing incessantly,
The other carrying her with quick steps.
I tried to ease myself down
To snatch a better look.
What I saw when I gracefully descended
Was a red-faced girl reclining
In an anxious woman's arms.
Their breath hung in front of them.
I floated downward to rest on the child's nose.
Feeling me, she looked around wildly
And finally glanced up.
There, slowly and softly approaching,
Were hundreds of beautiful snowflakes.
She smiled and joyously gasped, "Snow!"
I awoke from my dream
Wishing it were real.
To be free like the snow would be ectasy.
But the greater pleasure awaits.
For if I were a snowflake,
I would bring joy to the world.

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