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This was a REALLY old piece I wrote. Looking back, it wasn't that good...
Forever Red

SCENE 1- Introduction

(Track the empty campus, credits rolling and music playing. The music fades out as the camera reaches Richards' doorway.)


(Cut to a small classroom. Within the classroom there are only seven students: Alex Morris, Harrison Johns, James West, Craig Mathers, Jessica Martins, Amy Rhymes and Edward Peters. The teacher, Mr. Richards is sitting at his desk, in front of the class, writing frantically. Alex is sitting in the back, looking around with unease as his friend, Craig, is nodding his head to some music from a C.D. player.)

Alex. Yo, Craig...
Craig. (Lowers headphones.) 'Sup, man?
Alex. You ever think that's the reason you're in summer school?
Craig. What is?
Alex. Those headphones, man. You hardly even pay attention.
Craig. (Motions to Richards.) He's not talking, right? How am I gonna pay attention to
Alex. (Shakes his head.) I just got a bad feeling 'bout you, man.
Craig. Oh, yeah? Is this like the time you saw that ghost out by Old Man Blondie's
pond? Give it a rest, there's no such thing as ghosts, you should know that...
(Goes to raise headphones, but stops when Richards starts.)
Richards. Mr. Mathers, are enjoying your little chat with Mr. Morris there?
Craig. (Lowers headphones.) Man, you need to get yourself a little honey, y'know?
Richards. (Angrily.) Do I have to remind you that you're barely passing this class and that
you're about ready to be kicked out?
Craig. Do you know that I don't give a damn?
Richards. (Stands up.) I'm reaching my limits with you, so-

(Phone rings and Richards shakes his head.)

Richards. (Picks up the phone. Pause.) And you just found this out? Dammit...

(Alex looks at Richards, intrigued by his suspicious whispers.)

Richards. (Pause.) And you're there right now? (Pause.) I'll be right there... (Hangs up
phone and turns to class.) I have to run some errands. (Walks toward the
door.) I don't want to hear anything when I get back. (To Craig with anger.)
Especially from you Mr. Mathers...

(Richards leaves and Alex looks out the door in wonder. Craig turns to Alex.)

Craig. Can you believe that guy? What a friggin' ass... (Pause.) Hey! You listening?
Alex. (Turns toward Craig.) No, what?
Craig. I said Richards is an ass, right?
Alex. Yeah... Didn't that seem weird to you at all?
Craig. What do you mean?
Alex. He was whispering on the phone. Why would he need to whisper?
Craig. It's a quiet class, what's your point?
Alex. My point is that he's acting strange...
Craig. I think you need to get a life...

(Amy walks back to a seat next to Alex and smiles.)

Amy. So what're you guys talking about?
Craig. How big Lindsey Lohan's boobs are. How 'bout you?
Amy. You're a big, Craig... I wasn't talking to you, I was talking to Alex.
Alex. (Turns his head.) Hm?
Amy. What's up? You're more spaced out than Jessica Simpson.
Craig. He thinks Richards is some kind of homicidal maniac bent on killing us all.
Alex. No, I just think it's weird that he'd leave like that...
Amy. Who cares? He's a teacher, he could do whatever he wants.
Alex. I'm gonna find out what he's up to... (Leaves the room.)
Amy. God he's difficult.
Craig. Whatever... (Raises headphones.) He's your boyfriend...


(Cut to Alex walking slowly down the empty halls until he hears Richards' voice as well as Martin Coughlin's. He peers around the corner to see the two talking to each other. In his hands, Richards is holding a small bag and looking in.)

Richards. This is it? I thought you said you had more?
Coughlin. That should be enough to get it done. Look, this stuff is hard to get. But I'll tell
you what, I'll try to get you some more as soon as I can, okay? And besides,
how many are you gonna need?
Richards. You told me you had a couple, and this isn't a couple, Coughlin!
Coughlin. I know, but...
Richards. But, nothing! You shouldn't have called me out here for this. I have a group of
little wet nosed brats to attend to.
Coughlin. (Pause.) So, will that work for now or not?
Richards. (Pause.) I guess it'll have to...
Coughlin. Alright, then I'll meet you tomorrow around ten.
Richards. You better have more then...
Coughlin. I'll try. For now, go take care of those 'wet nosed brats' and we'll talk later.

(Coughlin walks away and Richards begins to walk down the hall, Alex notices and is frightened. Richards walks down the hall and stops, turns his head, then continues. Alex, having hid behind one of the doors, slowly walks out and looks around. Meanwhile, Amy comes walking down the hall and notices him as he steps out.)

Amy. There you are. What in God's name are you doing?
Alex. I just saw Richards talkin' to some weird guy... Apparently the guy handed him
something, but I don't know what it was.
Amy. So what's that mean?
Alex. I don't know, but I don't have a good feeling about it... (Pause.) What's Craig
doing? He pissed 'cause I left?
Amy. Doubt it... He said he had to pee, so I got him to walk with me. Well, for about
a minute, anyway. He took off and I had to search this place for like ten minutes
just to find you.
Alex. Tell me something... Do you believe in intuition?
Amy. What's that?
Alex. Y'know, having 'feelings.'
Amy. (Pause.) Kind of...
Alex. Then we need to go find Craig...


(Fade in to Richards walking down the halls. In his hand he's holding the small bag, not taking his eyes off of it until he notices Alex standing outside of the bathroom, looking dazed. He immediately walks over, angry.)

Richards. Morris, what the hell are you doing? I thought I told you to stay in the
classroom, dammit! (Notices his look, then looks into the bathroom, then back
at him.) What is it? Morris, what the hell's wrong with you?! (Pauses.) Fine...

(Richards walks into the bathroom to find Craig's body lying on the floor, covered in blood. He steps back and slips on the blood, hitting his head hard against the floor. He looks at the body and then stands up slowly. Moving quickly he walks back out the door.)

Richards. Get back to the classroom, Morris... (Pause.) Go, dammit!

(Alex goes and Richards looks back down at the bag, then at Alex walking down the hall.)


(Cut to Richard's classroom. Richards is standing at his desk, looking down at a few papers. Amy is standing next to Alex. Jessica Myers is sitting on James West's lap, looking scared.)

Amy. (Terrified.) Craig's really... Dead...?
Alex. (Pause. Nods slowly.) Yeah... I saw it myself...
Amy. Who would've done that?
Alex. (Looks up at Richards, then looks around.) I... I don't know...

(Thomas Anderson and Jack Thompson walk in the door and Anderson looks over at Richards.)

Anderson. You Alexander Richards?
Richards. Yeah...
Anderson. I'm Officer Anderson of the Venice Police Department. I'm gonna need to
speak to you.
Richards. What about my class?
Anderson. Officer Thompson can handle 'em.

(Richards and Anderson walk out of the class.)

Thompson. I'd like to know who else was near the scene at the time.
Alex. (Pause.) I was...

(Cut to Anderson and Richards standing outside talking.)

Richards. What do you wanna know?
Anderson. Where were you when the boy was killed?
Richards. I don't know when he was killed...
Anderson. Well then, where were you about an hour ago?
Richards. I had to... run an errand.
Anderson. And what kind of 'errand' did you have to run?
Richards. I'd rather not say that.
Anderson. Well, I'd rather you did, okay?
Richards. I had to meet someone out by the parking lot.
Anderson. And who was that?
Richards. (Pause.) A private detective I hired, alright? I thought my wife was cheating so I
had him take a few pictures for me. He called and told me was nearby, so I met
him out there.
Anderson. And how'd you find out the boy was dead?
Richards. I was walking back and I saw one of my students out there by the bathroom.
Anderson. And you had you gone by there before?
Richards. No, just that once.
Anderson. Are you certain.
Richards. Yes! Of course I'm certain!
Anderson. And which student was it that you saw by the bathroom?
Richards. It was a kid named Alex Morris.


(Cut to the classroom. Amy is sitting in the back, sitting next to Alex, staring off into space.)

Amy. (Pause.) Why...? Why would he do that...?
Alex. Anger... Maybe...
Amy. He didn't deserve it...
Alex. (Puts his arm around her shoulder.) I know...

(Anderson and Richards walk in and Anderson motions for Thompson. Anderson and Thompson then walk out the door, the camera following them as they do.)

Thompson. So, how's his story?
Anderson. A little shaky... He says he left his class to get something from a private
detective. Now, I don't know if he's really that dense or if he's lying, but...
Either way, he's looking suspicious. Besides that, he says he saw a kid named
Alex Morris outside the bathroom.
Thompson. Yeah, I talked to that kid. He said he came out looking for that Richards guy
and found him talking to somebody. Says the guy gave Richards some kind of
bag, or somethin'.
Anderson. That could've been the guy, but then again... Could've been anybody... Did you
call down at the office about that kid?
Thompson. Yeah, it's covered... Got someone callin’ the parents.
Anderson. Damn, I hate this friggin' job sometimes.
Thompson. What'do we do know?
Anderson. Go down and join the rest of the guys by the bathroom. Find out what was
done and how. After that, come back and tell me what you got. Maybe that'll
give us something... I'll keep an eye on the 'class' here.

(Fade out.)


(Fade in to the classroom. Anderson is sitting in a chair near the door. Richards is sitting at his desk, holding his head. Jessica is sitting on James' lap next to Harrison Johns and Edward Peters.)

Jessica. This is terrible...
Harrison. (Nods.) It is...
James. Look at the bright side: that's one more twisted bastard gone.

(Alex hears this and walks over to him, picking him up from the chair and slamming him into the wall.)

James. What the hell, you freak?
Alex. My best friend just died and you have the gall to say something like that?
James. Chill out, it was just a joke!
Alex. You can take your damn jokes and shove 'em! (Slams him again.)
Jessica. Leave him alone!

(Anderson rushes over and pulls Alex from James.)

Anderson. Take ten, kid... I know you just lost a friend, but it's not worth taking it out on
this punk. Do me a favor and go grab yourself a soda or something. Just don’t
wander off, okay?

(Alex walks out.)

Anderson. (To James.) And you need to be more sensitive. For all we know it coulda been
your sorry ass who killed that 'twisted bastard'.


(Cut to Alex walking down the hallway. He reaches a soda machine and stops to grab a soda. After grabbing the soda, he takes a small sip, then notices something through a nearby window. He slowly approaches it, then backs away, shocked. Cut again to the classroom. Alex walks in then looks at Anderson. Then cut to Anderson walking out the door to where Thompson is standing.)

Anderson. We got another one dead, dammit!
Thompson. What?!
Anderson. Yep, Christine Annabell Richards.
Thompson. You mean...?
Anderson. Alexander Richardson's wife…
Thompson. And where is he now?!
Anderson. I sent Johnson over to keep a closer eye on him.
Thompson. Who else went out of the class?
Anderson. That Alex kid; he got into a bit of a scrap, so I sent him to get a Coke. Personally, I don't think it was him. I mean, the only one who has the motive is Richards. Unless, of course, the kid had something against him… And what'd you get from the body?
Thompson. We believe that the kid was strangled to death.
Anderson. By what?
Thompson. Dunno, maybe some kind of wire. But not only that, the kid must've cracked his
head on the side of one of the sinks.
Anderson. (Pause.) I swear to God I hate this friggin’ job...

(Fade out.)


(Fade in to the classroom. The kids are left alone. Alex is sitting alone in the back. Amy is sitting near, being consoled by Jessica. Meanwhile Harrison is talking to Edward.)

Edward. I thought they had to have somebody watching all of the suspects.
Harrison. We're not suspects.
Edward. (Pause.) Wasn't that what that guy just said?
Harrison. Y'know what? I don't care. Really, I don't.
Edward. (Pause.) What's your problem?
Harrison. Nothing, just leave me the hell alone.
Edward. You need to chill out, man.
Harrison. Whatever...

(Harrison walks out of the room.)

Edward. What's his problem?
Alex. Two people just died, Eddy. Do us all a favor and shut up! I don't blame him
for walkin' out... In fact, I think I'll do the same...

(Alex walks out.)

(Cut to Harrison walking down the hallway.)

Harrison. Insensitive asses, all of them... I can't believe this...

(As Harrison walks he slows his pace and continues to look behind his back. His demeanor becomes frightened as he moves forward. He nears a bathroom and walks in, carefully. He walks over to one of the sinks and washes his hands, then splashes his face. As he turns he notices one of the doors opening. He pulls away, terrified, and then the camera pulls back as his screams are heard throughout.)


(Cut to Richards sitting in a nearly empty room. Before him sits Anderson.)

Anderson. This is getting ridiculous, Richards. This makes three damn deaths in one day. (
Pause. Slams hand on the desk in front of him.) I'm sick of it! All I need is for you to just tell me you did it, then we can all just get on with the rest of our lives!
Richards. I didn't kill them...
Anderson. Dammit, Richards! We both know the truth here, so let's hear it!
Richards. I didn't kill them! I didn't kill them! (Stands up.) I didn't kill them! I didn't kill
Anderson. (Stands.) Then who the hell did it? Who? Who killed them?!
Richards. I didn't kill them! I didn't kill them! I didn't kill them!

(Cut to a dark room. Inside, Alex is standing in the middle, looking down at the ground. As he speaks we two voices, both Alex.)

Alex. Why did it go like this? Why did they have to die...?
Alex 2. (Deeper.) They deserved it...
Alex. Why... Why did this happen...?
Alex 2. You wanted it... I wanted it...
Alex. No...
Alex 2. We wanted it... We knew they deserved it...
Alex. No... They didn't! None of them deserved to die; no one does!
Alex 2. Yes they did! They deserved it! All of them! Sick, twisted, pathetic... All of
them were unworthy of the lives they were given!
Alex. Please! Make it go away... Make it end!
Alex 2. Gladly! (Stabs himself.)


(Cut to Amy walking into the dark room, slowly. As she enters the room, she searches the wall for a lightswitch. She can't find one, but she can see a shadow in front of her.)

Amy. Alex...? Are you in here? Come out... Please... I know how upset you must be
over the entire situation, but I'm here for you... Okay?
Alex. (Deep.) We've been dating for a while now, right?
Amy. (Slowly.) Yeah... Why?
Alex. So, tell me... What's my favorite sound...? My favorite sound in the whole, wide
Amy. (Slowly.) I don't know... What?
Alex. Heh... There's a point when the human mind increases the adrenaline to the
body... At this point all the mind can focus on is survival... And what do they
Amy. Alex, stop it! You're scaring me...
Alex. Am I? Good... Then I can hear that sound one more time...

(As Alex turns around, Amy hits the lightswitch and we see Alex looking at her, dark eyes, blood covering his body. The image cuts to black and all that can be heard is Amy's scream.)

(End; music plays and ending credits roll.)

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