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by EddieG
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This short, inspirational piece describes the great beauty of the wide open plains.
Sense of Awe

There is no material possession that can provide the all-encompassing wonderful feeling that accompanies a visit to the wide open plains. The feelings of bliss suffuse through the body and communicate directly with the soul. A sense of overwhelming peace takes hold and shuts out any and all negative energies.

The vastness of the wide open plains invites the soul to a limitless bounty of free-spirited frolicking. A gentle breeze sways the grasses in a soft, caressing motion. Sitting in the midst of this vast space, there is naught but the footprints of peace all around. The mountains in the distance beset against the clear blue sky bring the soul back in time to when the earth was in its infancy and the forces of nature ruled. The sheep in the distance can be seen roaming and grazing without concern. A group of buffalo trod up and down alongside them. Their joyous flocks have been enjoying this land well before humans settled here.

A sudden change in the sky’s hue to a greyish lavendar and a few rain drops to moisten the forehead are no cause for alarm. The soul keeps the body entranced in a meditative state and the feet are fastened into the ground. As the dark clouds roll by, there is only bliss. The body and soul are as if sheltered by a cozy warm blanket. The heart rate and breathing rate slow down to an almost imperceptible lull. A few speckles of lightning here and there in the distance by the mountains confirm nature’s awesome power.

And then, just as quickly, the sun mixes with the moist ether to form a rainbow. With the rays of the sun dominating the landscape for a short while, the rainbow gives way and evaporates like water on hot sand. A mixture of alternating warm and cool breezes intermingle in a show of enchanting chaos to further tantalize the soul.

It is here that one realizes the meaning of life. It is here that space, nature and time work together as healers to allow the soul to recuperate from the daily onslaught of everyday life. It is here that an observer who listens very carefully may hear a faint chime or the sweet flute of an ancient Indian. It is here that the soul is strengthened and prepared for dealing with the non-peaceful life. For the soul now knows its home and nurturer. And the soul knows that the time away from home is only temporary.
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