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Tomorrow is an election day here in Texas. What’s the pull used this time..
With Enough Money I Could Care Less

Tomorrow is an election day here in Texas. What’s the pull used this time to bring in the voters? The actual amendment reads:

“The constitutional amendment providing that marriage in this state consists only of the union of one man and one woman and prohibiting this state or a political subdivision of this state from creating or recognizing any legal status identical or similar to marriage.”

The wording alone will cause divorce to be an illegal concept— that’s another issue, but funny nonetheless.

I’ve read the problems gay families are having with the policies restricting them from having control over their beloved’s well being; their shared properties and even decisions concerning their children.

Having enough cash would allow a same-sex partnership a private room with no restrictions in the best possible medical institution. A church would love a huge tithing, and would no doubt welcome your kind, no matter what kind your kind is. Attorneys would be at a rich, gay family’s beck-and-call, day or night with all the legalese needed for all the loopholes per each relevant amendment brought to elections. Children of the rich and gay would change school policies.

While reading over my not married daughter’s insurance policy I noticed an option for domestic partners and their children to be included, for of course, an added fee. I did not see a place for me- her not married mother, to be included. Though, I stay at home to care for my grandchild so that my daughter can work at building a future for her and her child. We struggle to keep our small family happy and healthy under our circumstances.

Now, granted, I will not have the same problems that gay families are having explaining my connection to my daughter or granddaughter at any hospital or government sanctioned institution. I will even be welcomed into most religious institutions, and all of my granddaughter’s school functions, but I will not be included as a dependent on my daughter’s insurance, or acknowledged as a domestic partner. But isn’t that what I am?

If I were rich, like Trump rich, I could live my life however I pleased. Oprah would be my friend and no one could stop me from being the Misses of a Misses; a domestic partner on an insurance policy, or some wonderful human beings great-great grandmother. Money owns arrogant populous opinion, but that of course, is just my humble (meaning poor) opinion. I’m looking forward to the Redneck Amendment that will keep same type personalities from marrying and becoming President.

Oh, and for the voters, the proposition for tomorrows vote is Number 2 on the ballot. Literally.
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