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My story is about a man that wishes to be a lesbian. dont read yet it has not yet begun
Look at that beautiful girl in the mirror....how did she get to be this way? Has she always had those big, bright eyes those pouty lips, that one freckle perfectly placed on the side of her...
"Hey Baby", says Sharon, as she enters the bathroom interupting my thoughts, "sleep well?" All i can do is stare into her deep blue eyes through the mirror and stutter out a confirmation as quickly as I can....Sharon's hands slowly caressing the sides of my back. I turn around not to answer her but to kiss those sensual lips. She backs away and tells me that she is late for work but will be home in a few hours so that we can "chill".

Every morning I wake up wishing I were someone else.
Every morning I wake up to the sad fact that I am not.
Last night I dreamt I was happy
With that girl that I'd seen the other day protesting the gay marraige ban
Oh she was so beautiful
If only I had a chance with her
She wouldnt even look my way
Only because I am a man
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