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The critique that unveil whats laying behind the online-games that requires payment.
I was once a slaves to online-games like many others of you and i used to play for many hours a day,7 if nobody is looking and 5 if there are.Once you logged into the game,you actually logged your soul into the game.You won't be able to stop until you began to feel dizzy and sleepy.Well,i'm one of them.

Worse still,there's a few online-game company that also applies the fee-payment for the game.Well,if you think that the small amount of fee is just to mantain the service and the expenses of the game server,think again.We students have pocket-money and i was no exception.I got RM10 per day for my breakfast and lunch in school during the recess session.Two meals made up a average expense of about RM7-10,I just have enough and i knew that well.Though,I never play a online-game that requires payment but little do i know that some of them(online-games) are so tricky that you don't know that you actually gotta pay for the game after a free-triller of about 6 months.

Well,its up to you to decide if you wanna continue the game or not but addiction itself is never an easy matter.You may call it a passion but i definately wont,I prefer calling it a booby trap instead.If you ever thaught that you won't be addicted by those online-games,what about the time u put in,the effort u put in and,the friends u made in the game,the real-life friends.For me,its never easy to leave a generous and a true friend which accompanies you for the past few months,in every single adventure.

The fees itself is fatal enough for students like me and its no laughing matters.They come in Daily reload card(RM4),points reload card(RM15) and Monthly reload card(RM38),think about it,does it worth?

There's more,many players used the real cash to buy "fake-money"that is used in the gameplay or,some even use the "fake-money" in the game to buy reload cards from others.Sad thing was,most of them are scammers and once you offer the card,your opponent will disappear and you won't get a sen of it,neither the card as your opponents had reload the card.This problem mostly occured among the begineers.

Another problem was,there is a lot of player that choose to buy items in the game with real cash and they date each other so that the deal will be able to be carry out,face-to-face.They thaught it was safe,well it wasnt.Im one of the examples and I'm just fifteen that year.Think again,you might be lucky if your opponents isn't a bad egg but what if u arent lucky?

I tidy-up my room last night and guess what i found-23 monthly cards and 2 daily cards.I bet there's more.See,at least RM682 was spent just for the game itself,what a waste!You may not be in the least agreed with me but please bear with me as i'm just pouring out my opinion.Thank you.
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