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by Candy
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Sadly watching a friend battle depression. REVIEW
Desperately I'm fighting to keep my sanity,
Daily, I hang by a thread to reality or something like it.
When I feel like this,
I try hard to concentrate on me,
Not the outer me that the world knows.
Invisibly, the me inside, which nobody beholds.
Usually, a stressful situation,
Will happen in my life.
This sets off a mental chain of events.
Remember the fight at the onset?
In my mind, I feel like I'm loosing the fight,
And it's virtually useless to continue fighting.
Emotionally I begin to give up,
and stop fighting.
In my mind, I disconnect myself from what's real.
At this point, I must really concentrate,
On the me nobody beholds, because if I don't,
I could slip off to a very dark, far away place,
From which I might not find my way back from.

This war I constantly battle...

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