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by Jezri
Rated: E · Short Story · Children's · #1034719
A poetic story of a little girl who wants to reach the stars.

A Little Girl

One night a little girl looked up into the sky
and saw the stars there,way up high.
How she longed to touch those stars,
but for her to reach,they were too far.

"Hey stars!" she yelled,"Come down here!"
But of course they stayed way up there.
Each night she’d look up at the stars
and wish they weren’t so very far.

"Hey stars!" she’d always yell, "Come down here!"
but as always they stayed way up there.
Soon the girl began to grow
and learned at school things she’d never known.

About stars and planets,and outer space,
astronauts and spaceships and a star base.
The little girl learned and dreamed
and knew what one day she would be.

Each night she’d look up at the sky
and at the stars so way up high.
And she’d yell, "Hey Stars! If you won’t come
way down here, someday I’m going way up there!

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