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A look at genders
Men can stand up right and fight to their end in order to protect and defend what they believe. They can be the barriers that protect from cold and never even look like they feel the cold on their body. They will support the tears of their women, old and young and offer a shoulder to cry on. They will wipe their child’s cries with the palm of their hands and never think it is not right. They will kiss the face of the wounded and the sick and not worry about getting sick themselves. They will not show the face of hurt, hence leading their partners to think they do not have feelings. They can stand in front of a burning bush and hit at the flames over and over again.


They will never admit a weakness, never call to see a doctor; they will wait until they are half dead and then tell their partner to call for help. They will never wash the dishes after the meals but will never understand why a stay-at-home woman does not do it. They cannot do two things at once, like watch a movie and look after Junior. If baby needs helps, the answer is “Wait a second, Daddy’s busy!”, if baby needs water, the answer is “Go ask Mama, I’m busy!”, and he knows Mama is washing dishes or ironing or even just putting her feet up for one second, but who cares? Daddy’s busy!


They are very quick at figuring that their partner can do not only two but many things at the same time: iron clothes, keep an eye on the pasta, another one on Junior playing with his toys, answer the phone and make up a mental shopping list while contracting her buttocks to keep fit and doing Ah! Oh! exercises to prevent extra wrinkles from appearing, and not to forget answering with admiration when mister shouts from the couch “Don’t forget to buy bread, you should write it down or you’ll forget, I know you!”

Men can swear to be faithful and promise to never lie. They can even never lie because they can make up their own definition of the word “lie”. Answers can be something like “I did not lie to you, you never asked!” Men can love their woman forever and still get aroused by a bimbo. Men can find twenty reasons in the blink of an eye to justify having sex with a lover (long-lasting or one-night stand) when asked by their pals. However, they will need all the cavalry to support their charge when asked to find more than one reason why they love their women. The women might actually be too old to even remember having asked the question by the time they get the answer!

Men can swear to be entirely faithful to their women and still take off their clothes and engage in savage sex with a total stranger.


Women should never mention having once thought about having sex with the neighbour, because even though nothing happened, their men’s pride would be forever dampened.

Men can stand up right and fight to their end in order to protect and defend what they believe. But they will never trust their women’s love and decision-making enough to look them in the eye and admit having a lover until the entire village comes knocking on the door to render public something the women have known from day one.
Men will never understand that a face-to-face confession walks miles where a public knowledge causes the halt of the journey. A woman’s broken heart will never mend.
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