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Becoming wise is difficult when adults never answer all your questions.
Adam's Missing Rib

I wonder how it felt when Adam first lost his rib.
Was he moaning, was he nonchalant, or slightly glib?

What was said to him when the bone just went away?
Did he pat his chest and simply guess the rib had been mislaid?

If I’d been that man who woke up short one bone,
Immediately, I’d have called the doctor on the phone,

And worried that my other bones might likewise disappear.
Do you suppose he trembled and lived in constant fear?

Poor Adam. scarcely receives any sympathy for that horrific day
When the rib inside his chest suddenly went astray!

I hope that when he perceived the beauty of dear Eve,
He stopped looking for his loss and completely forgot to grieve.

But it’s a very odd story, this ominous theft of a rib.
It makes me wonder if x-rays are based on a fib.

I often ask my minister, but he never makes it clear.
How Adam came to lose a thing that was so very dear.

I'd really like to know what he said about that bone part
For the pain of its absence must have given him a start!

Did his wife Eve suffer from guilt knowing of his pain,
And did her husband forevermore always complain?

Mom keeps on whispering, “Be quiet, my dear.
The minister starts quaking whenever I come near.

These are questions I think must be asked,
So why does everyone always look aghast?

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