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by kailu
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Is writing for me ,do I respect what a writer does,goes threw.and deserves.
I'v been wanting to write every since ,I can remember.When you read books ,some how you get the impression that being a writer is easy .It's just words on paper.When I saw that my aunt Ellen Diggs was a accomplished writer.I knew I had what it takes.Not so ,I remember the first time I wrote something ,oh lord,I went over that draft 50 times,I threw the papers down ."I said this is not going to work like I thought it would".It's not as easy as it looks.There's a lot of things involved in writing.I had to learn this the hard way, I first had to know. I had the confidence that it takes."Just because I like what "I write doesn't mean everybody will".Having "someone "tell you that this is not writing,can make you reconsider. asking yourself a 1000 times is this really for me.You can never have to much knowledge of anything, especially writing, there are soooo,many words to choose from.Books for days that tells you from "how to to not to".It can be very confusing,misunderstanding,and' make you never even want to write a letter".I finally found a website that helps me a lot.I still have that urge to write something,I'v been to school had a couple classs,still learning to type But most importantly,I still want to become a author.Just make sure this is what you want.I f this is for you keep your dream alive and go for it.
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