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This is newly written my first time writing a fantasy. its only one chapter. Please review
The Arcadian: Quest for Truth


In the beginning it all seemed so simple. We all knew the journey was going to be hard, but we never expected this. The tragedy of losing your family and everything you have can break even the toughest spirit, but not Alaron and Arabeth, Elvadorian twins. The tragedy only fueled their passion to find the Arcadian. We just stood and watched the village of Elvador burn to the ground, tears of sympathy and pain spilled from within my soul. I watched as Alaron and Arabeth stood unflinching. We had arrived too late, by the time we reached Elvador; it was already being consumed by the flames.

The twins bravely watched their home and everyone they knew be consumed by the hungry fire. The village burned with brightness greater than the sun itself. I wondered what they were thinking, what our group was thinking. I knew as an Elvadorian, neither of them would cry. The people of Elvador were a mighty people. They didn’t believe in ever showing your weakness, not even to mourn. Death to them was just a part of life. We come and we go, that is our process. I knew that Naiya, the water nymph, could help, but she wouldn’t dream of coming up against an Elvadorian.

We continued to stand and watch until the great orange glow was no more and all you could see was a cloud of blackness lingering above the once proud village. Arabeth knelt down on one knee if front of her brother and pointed her sword towards the heaven, while Alaron pointed his blade towards the tip of Arabeth’s blade. They both began to speak in their language, “Tori adunte remir avais. Lamir sermi denosh.” Their eyes began to glow and a blue aura surrounded them both. A green glow appeared as hundreds of tiny white lights ascended towards the heavens. I had only heard of the Elvadorian ritual of releasing the souls, I had never witnessed one until now.

I watched the rest of our group in awe of what they were thinking. Garik, who was part of the Lionizes tribe, was gazing with his mouth open in amazement. Garik stood a blazing seven feet tall with a fiery red mane and golden brown skin. His eyes were an emerald-like green and his tail was long and glorious. Garik was probably the strongest of the group. He had the strength of ten Lionizes, which often came in handy.

Naiya looked afraid and stood behind Garik shivering. She was a water nymph from the land of Wateria. She joined our quest in search of her sister Naira, who was taken by the Lord Crelin to help in his search for the Arcadian. The little nymph was only five feet and a few inches tall. Her skin was a bright and bold blue color, and her hair was water-like and very long. Her eyes were the color of the heavens. She was the princess of Wateria and possessed great powers of controlling the waters. She was useful to our quest.

Three elementals accompanied us, by order of King Faylinn and Queen Rheine. Veata controlled the winds, and was made up of wind; she was a gusty white, gray, blue color whenever it was possible to see her. Iselia controlled the earth. She was a deep brown color and her hair was green as the grasses. Sokal controlled fire. He was a deep red color and his hair was the color of brightened flames. I also think Sokal is in love with me, but my heart belongs to Kadar, a Seer, from Kaldonia.

He was about six feet tall, with golden hair and blue and gray eyes. He always wore his white strapping and carried around his silver, crystallized oracle. His powers were good, but not boundless. He couldn’t foresee the future only bits and pieces of both present and past. He doesn’t know yet of my love for him, but one day he will know. As for me, I am Sajili. I hail form the land of Valois. I am a mimic; I can assume the powers of anyone I become psychically connected too. My little brother Tarakin is a healer, his healing powers have evolved greatly, but he still has a way to go. We are both in search of the Arcadian, in hopes of finding our parents again.
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