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by RubyB
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Nicole and the vampire's relationship is based on a mutual love of pain & pleasure.
Michael Wants to Play Rough

DRAFT - This is not the final version

Synopsis: Master vampire wants to play with his favorite female pet. In this excerpt from Blood and Betrayal Part II, we see that Nicole and Michael's sexual relationship is based on a mutual love of pain and pleasure. Michael wants Nicole to play the willing slave in order to flog and play with her. Nicole is ready for their game. Extraneous plot elements from Blood and Betrayal that interfere with this interlude have been removed.

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The shapely girl with strawberry-blond hair held out the phone for Michael; her master, vampire lover and mate. At six foot even, Nicole was taller than most of the pets in the household, including the men her master employed to protect them when he was away.

“It’s for you, Michael.”

Michael put down his newspaper and grumbled something about this better not be another waste of his time. He ran his hand through his dark hair and reached for the phone, not so innocently brushing Nicole’s fingers. Michael’s green eyes met her blue ones and gleamed.

He thought about kissing her generous mouth. The look on her face was precious, her wide eyes betraying her own desires. Instead, Michael kissed the tip of her round nose and mischievously licked her cheek. Nicole grinned and turned her face to quickly return the lick.

“Have you finished your projects?”


“Thank you, Nikki.”

He took the wireless phone and Nicole stepped into the kitchen. Michael watched her sexy sway, the firm buttocks and thighs flashing from beneath a long white dress shirt. It was her only item of clothing for tonight and it belonged to him. He rarely allowed her to wear many clothes and Nicole preferred to where things that Michael had already worn. Allowed might not be the best word, he was usually busy stripping her and then dressing her again after he did delicious things to her.

Nicole stole a glance at Michael and quickly looked away. One look into his eyes could make her knees go weak. He always took her breath away. Dark curly hair framed his rugged face and thick sideburns were cut just above his earlobes.

Michael wasn’t what anyone would accuse of being a pretty boy. He had a strong nose, full mouth and a hard jaw that usually sported a dark shadow. At a few inches taller than Nicole, they fit together perfectly in body as well as spirit. His broad shoulders tapered to a narrow waist and when he turned, Nicole admired his sexy butt. Pacing back and forth while he spoke into the phone, Michael resembled a jungle cat, all muscles in all the right places. At the moment, a dark blue suit covered those muscles and Nicole daydreamed of undressing her man while she washed the dishes.

Michael was entertaining similar thoughts. The phone call now over, he wanted to take Nicole in his office, strip off the shirt and lay her over his desk.

She shook her head to clear it. Michael was projecting his desires and his thoughts made her feel both aroused and irritated. How was she supposed to finish cleaning when he turned her inside out?

“Michael, that’s very distracting," she called.

“Good. Come here.”

He was unrepentant. Nicole was distracting and the shirt would have to go. She entered the room and he smiled as she stepped into his arms.

"But the dishes…" Knowing better than to argue, she quickly closed her mouth.

“I want to play rough tonight,” Michael whispered huskily in her ear. “In my playroom with you willing and submissive. ”

He thrust his hand between her legs, the wetness pleasing. Michael relished that she was always ready for him, always excited to be near him. Her scent was driving him to the edge of control. Yes, the shirt would have to go. The floor was looking as good as the desk. He playfully swatted her bottom and she jerked in his grasp.

“Who’s in charge here?”

“You, Master. Always you.” She had automatically changed into what Michael called "slave speak" when he announced his intentions. Nicole was more than willing to play.

“On your knees. Kneel and stay.”

Nicole eagerly followed his commands. Looking down, Michael let his feelings for her take over. He unzipped his pants and his thick erection sprang free.

“Open your mouth, slave.”

When he called her slave, Nicole knew he was playing. It used to make her angry, but now it made her feel cherished. Maybe it was the way he said it or the way it made her feel. Either way, she obediently followed his instruction and tilted her head to receive his hard shaft. Keeping her hands behind her back, Nicole thought of things Michael might like.

“I know that look, Nikki. Don’t make me come too fast.”

She arched her eyebrows innocently and he laughed. When Nicole joined him, Michael gently put his hands into her hair and positioned her where he wanted. Kissing the tip first, she was rewarded by a low moan.

Her lips and tongue set to work, twirling, tasting, bringing him deeper and deeper into her mouth. Nicole loved Michael’s taste, the feeling of power she had when he was deep inside her mouth, and the sensations he broadcast. She suckled his cock, lightly, then forcefully, then switched back again. Losing herself in the pleasure of his feelings, Nicole modified her actions based on his thoughts, always knowing what he wanted her to do next and willing to do it.

A loud rumbling noise filled the room. Michael was purring. It was one of Nicole’s favorite sounds. He started thrusting and she let him take over the pace, tightening her lips to increase his pleasure. The purring was getting louder, his thrusting more furious and Michael drove himself in deep. Relentlessly, he thrust in and out of her willing mouth, the friction taking him where he wanted to go. Nicole pushed herself against him, letting him enter her deeper, giving his cock free access to the back of her throat.

Over and over he thrust. In and out, in and out, his cock pistoned between her lips in a delicious rhythm. She was getting lightheaded, but loved the feel of him. Loved what she was doing to him. With a loud grunt, Michael filled her mouth with his coppery-tasting fluid.

Now that he had stopped moving, she took over again. He held her still and savored the feel of her light suckling. Her tongue teased him. His hard cock refused to soften as he thought of her naked body swaying with each blow of his suede flogger. When he pulled out, Nicole licked him clean.

“Kneel exposed,” Michael ordered softly, his deep voice rumbling.

Nicole shifted and spread her knees wide. Putting her feet together behind her back, she revealed more of her thighs and clasped her hands behind her neck. The action pushed her full breasts forward. The tips were hard, tempting him from beneath the shirt. Her head was up and her blue eyes down. Michael admired her slender build, the soft curves calling to him. His mate, forever young and luscious. His beloved slave, ready to fulfill his fantasies. His.

Nicole's scent beckoned and Michael's demon roared. The sound filled the room and she basked in his wildness. There was a part of him that she never wanted tamed.

“Tell me, Nikki.”

“I am at your command, sir. I…”


“I love you like this.”

“You love me all the time.”

She blushed at his teasing. Fine. He knew it was true. It seemed like eternity before she could hear herself breathe. Her heartbeat was loud to her own ears. Michael knelt down and ripped her shirt open. Buttons flew in all directions. Nicole gasped in surprise. Cupping her firm breasts, he lowered his mouth to hers. His tongue licked her lips, pressing for entrance and Nicole moaned. Michael’s hunger confused her senses, increasing her desire for him. He had left his mind link open and his hunger became her hunger.

Michael stood before her and stripped, casually tossing his clothes to the floor. Nicole glanced up to see his thick erection and quickly lowered her eyes. She wanted him so badly that she couldn’t stop herself. She leaned forward and stroked his hard shaft, rubbing her face into his groin. His hands caught her wrists.

“What’s this? Touching me is a privilege. Ask for permission.”

“No!” Nicole hissed in annoyance. “You’re my mate and I get to touch you when I want to.”

“Nikki, Nikki, Nikki, I think you’ve got that reversed.”

She looked at him blankly, totally confused and overwhelmed by his emotions.

“You forget yourself, slave. Who is your master?”

Michael was all amusement and no anger, his eyes glowing gold with his desire. He released her wrists and she automatically placed her hands behind her neck, clasping the fingers together.

“Who?” Michael whispered. He lowered himself to kneel between her legs, to caress her breasts and lick at her neck.

Nicole couldn’t think straight. He asked her something. She was supposed to respond, but his hands and mouth were doing the nicest things. He tried again, his voice gentle, yet demanding an answer.

“Who owns you?”

“You, Michael. You are my master, always and forever.”

He licked her cheek.

“And your mate. I know you want to touch me, but I told you I wanted you to be submissive tonight. Remember?”

Nicole nodded. Grinning mischievously, Michael changed the tone of his voice as if he was angry.

“You know, slave, you didn’t need to give me a reason to punish you. I was going to flog you anyway.”

“Please don’t punish me, sir.”

“Talking out of turn? Best keep quiet, slave, or I’d be happy to gag you.”

Nicole shook her head in absolute terror. She could handle being hog-tied, blindfolded, and almost anything that Michael wanted to do or try. But her phobia of being gagged sent her down a path of terror and Michael only gagged her if she was truly being disciplined. He rarely joked about it. Had she angered him enough that he would do that to her? Nicole lowered her eyes and took deep breaths. She felt like she was going to be ill.

Calmly, Michael caressed her face and debated if Nicole was up for what he wanted. He hadn’t planned on gagging her and now she was distraught, frightened of a punishment. Not excited the way he needed her to be. Michael may be a vampire and a demon, but he was no a rapist. Touching her forehead, he sent Nicole images of being bound, spanked and whipped for his pleasure, and then of him kissing her and laying her on their bed.

Nicole calmed down when she realized that in none of the images was she gagged. She thought about her mate and their relationship. The images were a part of their life. They both enjoyed a spiral of erotic pain and pleasure that confused Nicole. She felt alive when he was overly ardent. A part of her liked the pain, the promise of pleasure, and the feelings he generated when she lost herself in his wild cravings. Nicole feared this part of her that was so willing to satisfy him that she stopped trying to defend herself and let him do whatever he wanted. She had to trust Michael to know when to stop, because Nicole didn’t trust herself.

Michael’s desire beat at Nicole, the emotion further confused her, adding to her discomfort. She tried not to look at his broad shoulders, his well-defined stomach muscles, and the way his erection jutted out, waiting to fill her warm body. He was irresistible to her and he knew it. Nicole started to cry.

“Hush, baby, I’ve got you.”

She begged with her mind, afraid to speak the words aloud, “Michael, please, don’t gag me.”

“Be a good slave and I won’t. Play with me, Nikki.”

Michael knelt down and kissed her thoroughly, deeply. The kiss was fiery and passionate. Nicole thought she’d go up in flames. Still kissing her, Michael picked her up and carried her to his playroom. He set her down under a pair of hanging wrist cuffs and removed the offending shirt from her luscious body.


Nicole blinked and tried to watch his quick movements, but it was no use. Suddenly, Michael was in front of her, his hands around her neck clicking together the clasp of a cool metal collar. Her least favorite of his collection, it was hard and uncomfortable. She opened her mouth and his finger gently touched her lip in warning.

“Be a good slave, Nikki. Please me.”

She nodded and held out her hands, giving herself to him like she knew she would.

“That’s it, Nikki. You’re not human anymore. We can play rough. Trust me.”

Not human. She was and she wasn’t. Didn’t ever know if she’d get used to it. As a halfling, part vampire and part human, Nicole was much stronger, healed faster, but Michael was in charge. He was always in charge and she was in agony, wanting to taste him, to please him and to touch him.

“Who are you?”

“Your slave, sir,” she answered with a waver in her voice.

“My Nikki, you are so much more than just my slave.”

His voice warmed her heart. Michael felt her body responding, saw her eyes mist over as Nicole took on the role he wanted for tonight. Her sweet scent called to him. She always smelled of strawberries and cream and of something wild. Like a child of the forest. Her blood and emotions were begging to be tasted and her body was ready to be claimed.

Securing Nicole's wrists above her head, Michael checked her arms and shoulders. It was a habit. Everything in the playroom was adjusted to her height and weight. Fondling her breasts, he kissed Nicole. His tongue licked, teased, and tasted her open mouth. She returned his kisses, pressing herself into him, coaxing him to let her tongue enter his mouth.

When she began to pant, he moved away to appreciate his possession. The silver collar wasn’t enough to accentuate his strawberry-blond slave. He crossed the room and returned with a small rolling table, the kind that hairdressers use for transporting items. The table had three rows of baskets with an assortment of toys and accessories for Nicole.

Michael pulled out set of hematite Nipple Huggers that he’d purchased over the Internet. The non-piercing jewelry would allow him to adorn her with or without a chain between her beautiful breasts. He showed her one as he pulled and tweaked her left nipple, causing it to harden and her to squirm. Grinning, he placed it around her nipple, deftly sliding it closed flat against her breast. She sighed and he lowered himself to her right breast, sucking and teasing the nipple to harden between his lips and tongue. When Michael pulled away, she moaned and wiggled her wrists. Chuckling, he closed the sexy jewelry in place.

“Hmmm…perhaps a little tighter.”

He pinched each piece and she moaned again.


Each tip was now dressed in shining circles of hematite, showcased for his pleasure. He’d have to have her wear them under her tight shirts when they had company.

Michael picked up a double penetration dildo and a small egg shaped vibrator, showing each to Nicole. Her eyes widened and he laughed again.

“Yes, slave. I’ve been shopping. Too bad I can’t try out my new toys all at once. I think you’ll look good in this tonight.”

He set down the toys and picked up a tube of KY Jelly. After he coated both the vaginal and anal cocks, Michael put his fingers between her thighs.

“Spread yourself.”

Nicole widened her legs and Michael leaned in close. He licked the skin under the silver collar and she pressed her body into him. The Nipple Huggers teased his chest and he raised a hand to tweak a pink tip. His hand lowered, possessively spanning her firm belly, and he lazily brushed his thumb back and forth.

Moaning, Nicole tried to press her leg into his groin. Michael let her reach her goal and relieve the stress on his throbbing cock. His teeth grazed her shoulder and she bent her head to give him better access. While he suckled the skin, his hand moved between her thighs, spreading her wetness and fondling her clit. It pleased him that she was so close to climaxing. Nicole was panting, wriggling into his touch and his fingers moved in a slow circle, rubbing gently, teasing, but not satisfying.

He whispered his commands into her mind and she squirmed, trying to press herself into him, wanting him to be a little rougher. Michael gave her the pressure Nicole wanted, but denied her release.

“Not yet, slave. Not yet…Hold it for me.”

The squirming ceased. She was too close and he knew just where to touch her. This was agony and Michael was an expert at this type of erotic torture. He increased the pressure of his suckling on her neck and Nicole moaned loudly in protest.

“Hold it for me, little one…just a little longer. You’re so sexy like this.”

Nikki became even more excited when he called her ‘little one’. It was a nickname she favored far more than ‘slave’. She was shaking from her head to her toes. Beads of sweat appeared between the valley of her breasts and Michael leisurely bent his head and flicked his tongue, savoring her taste. It was time to be merciful.

“Let it go, Nikki. You can come now.”

Licking a finger, Michael rolled it over the tip of a nipple, causing it to swell in a combination of pain/pleasure. He tapped her clit, mimicking the sensation of his cock and Nicole erupted like a volcano. She shouted her relief, his name filling the room and echoing off the walls. Nicole did wonderful things for his ego without even trying.

Panting, she put her head on his shoulder. Anything to touch him. Without warning, Michael thrust the well-lubed dildos into her relaxed body. She grunted and he wiggled them, causing them to go deeper, to tickle her insides. The dildos weren’t as big as he was, but that was the point. They were a taste of what was to come, not the final attraction.

Michael reached into a basket and pulled out a leather chastity belt. The leather harness had a waist belt and a second belt that fit between the legs and flared out in an hourglass shape around the crotch area. It provided for excellent coverage in front and back, narrowing between the legs to conform to her pelvic anatomy. The belts kept the dildos in place and yet exposed ample skin for spanking. When Nicole was secured, Michael picked up a hairbrush and placed a hair band around his wrist.

He stepped behind her and brushed her long mane of hair. The red highlights made him think of the taste of her blood. Knowing that he wanted to drink from her, Nicole tilted her head. Michael whispered that she was going to have to wait. Every few strokes, he lowered the brush to swat her bottom.

Michael was in no hurry. Nicole was a beautiful dress up toy and he enjoyed playing with her. Putting the brush between his teeth, he parted her hair and made a long braid, then closed it with the hair band. He swatted her bottom a few more times and tossed the brush into a basket.

Lovingly, Michael kissed her neck and draped the braid over her shoulder and out of his way. The action revealed his mark on her left shoulder. He licked at the crescent shaped scar, remembering when Nicole had willingly accepted his claim and he had bitten her with his fangs and blunt teethe. He could have healed the wound, but he used the scar to show the world that she was owned. Only he could harm or mark her, anyone else would pay dearly if they tried.

Nicole rubbed herself against him and Michael lavished her shoulders with kisses, nipping occasionally. His hands fondled her breasts and she tensed on the edge of an orgasm. Wrapping Nicole in his psychic touch, Michael entered her mind. To her it felt like his cock was thrusting into her wet sex, his hand rubbing her clit, and his lips sucking a breast. His strong musky scent enveloped her and his hard body pressed into her back. She could see his face when she closed her eyes, feel his hungry kisses on her lips, her breasts. Michael was everywhere at once and Nicole loved it.

“Oh…oh…please, Michael!”

“Yes, Nikki. Give it to me.” Michael rubbed his erection against the leather belt while Nicole gave herself up to a mind-bending orgasm. Before she finished, he commanded, “Give me another one.”

His real arms surrounded her, a hand held her throat, and the other held a breast. She squirmed, wiggled and came again, crying out her pleasure, calling his name over and over. Nicole was shaking and Michael held her, kissing her neck and shoulders.

“Oh…so good. Thank you. Love you…You’re the best…”

He moved and kissed her mouth, silencing her praises and relishing her emotions. Nicole melted into his touch. She didn't think that she could possibly become any wetter, yet her body cried out for his.

“Are you ready for more, slave?”

“Always ready to please you, sir.”

“Do you want to feel this?”

Michael sent Nicole an image of him flogging her and she nodded.

“Please, Master. I want to feel all of it and you.”

Michael considered her request. If he let her feel his excitement, then Nicole wouldn’t be able to tell him if she’d had enough. She had a problem using their safe words and it meant he would need to be in complete control.

Reading his thoughts, Nicole’s breath hitched. She was an emotional wreck, needing to feel him more than she realized. Her eyes filled with water. Accepting she was doing her best to please him, Michael lovingly kissed her.

“Hush, Nikki. I know what you want and you know what I need to honor your request. Just rest for a moment.”

Silently, Michael called two of his female pets. He draped a blanket around Nicole to keep her warm and wrapped himself in a robe. Brittany and Heather opened the door and knelt before him. Michael had purchased the twins with brown hair and hazel eyes from Dimitri last year.

“Rise, girls. Come to your master. Brittany, you first.”

Brittany saw Nicole and winced. She was afraid that Michael would do to her what he was doing to Nicole. Brittany couldn’t feel Nicole’s excitement or understand how she wanted to play with Michael in this room. She hated any type of pain and had horrible nightmares. Before Dimitri acquired the girls, a violent human owner had brutalized them. Michael had taken great care to treat the girls with the utmost respect. First and foremost, they were for his feedings and didn’t compete with Nicole. Yet, they were very, very tasty and he was a vampire with a large appetite.

He held out his hand and Brittany looked into his eyes. Michael filled her with his feelings of warmth and tenderness. Mentally, he stroked her body into a frenzy of sexual need and when his fangs broke the soft skin of her throat, she climaxed in his arms. Michael let Nicole feel the rush of power and the girl’s orgasm then he tenderly licked the blood from Brittany’s neck and had her kneel. The wounds were healed before her knees touched the floor.

It was Heather’s turn. She nearly ran into his arms. Michael was her knight in shining armor, the one who saved them and gave them hope. The one who was sending them to college, letting them do real work for him and wear clothes; things that might seem absurd to normal girls. He even promised they would be able to marry and have children.

Because Heather gave herself with all her love, Michael paid special attention to her desires. He held her gently and sent Heather visions of a husband, children, and a house in the country. Mentally, he fanned the flames of her sexual fantasies, assuring her that a man would love her and care for her the way she needed and wanted. Flush with desire, her body temperature rose. Heather wiggled restlessly in his arms and offered Michael her throat. When he tasted her, she shattered over and over again, spiking her blood and enhancing its life giving essence. He licked her neck clean before helping her to stand on her own.

“Thank you, girls. Drink some liquids and go to bed.”

They nodded and left the room, quietly shutting the door behind them. Nicole watched the man she loved. His tenderness and concern for the girls always filled her with pride. Grinning, Michael shed his robe.

“Now, slave, where were we?”

“Did you want me to answer that, Master?”

“It was supposed to be rhetorical, but perhaps you can remind me.”

Nicole blushed.

“I believe you wanted to play rough, sir.”

“That I did.”

Michael picked up a soft flogger, strode across the room and tossed Nicole's blanket aside.

“I think you might need to be warmed up again. Hmmm?”

Nicole wanted to argue that it wasn’t true. She was burning for him. The girls’ orgasms had rocked her senses, but she couldn’t argue. It wasn’t really a question that needed to be answered. Michael wanted her on the edge. He was in control and if he wanted to make her warmer that’s what he’d do.

Using the flogger as an extension of his hand, Michael caressed Nicole and let the strands brush across her sensitive skin. Her nipples became harder, the wetness between her legs increased and he knelt between her legs, licking the juices from her thighs as he pressed against the belt. Nicole squirmed into his hands and clamped down on the fake cocks. They were not enough. Michael raised his hand and put a finger into her mouth. Making little mewling noises, Nicole sucked on it like she wanted to suck on his thick shaft.

“I think you’re ready now.”

Michael warmed up her backside, swatting her bottom often and pushing the dildos against her aroused orifices. When the skin was a light shade of pink, he switched to a heavier flogger. Nicole moaned softly. With each blow she felt the sting of the lashes and his pleasure increase.

At first, the hits teased her senses. The light pain caused her aroused body to tingle, to reach for more. The rush of endorphins sent her rushing into subspace. She greeted the pain, anticipating her future release.

Michael raised the flogger again and again. Hitting her harder and harder, he set up a rhythm and adjusted the blows to land in a pattern; shoulders, bottom, thighs, repeatedly.

Nicole twisted and moaned. The pain had become pleasure and was crossing into pain again. The blows left her stinging and no matter how hard she clamped down and squirmed in the chastity belt the fake cocks left her unsatisfied. Dancing with the blows, Nicole gave into the sensations of the flogger and her mate’s emotions. Her moans became louder and Michael was thrilled with her reactions.

“Scream for me, Nikki.”

Michael hit her again and she found her voice. His cock swelled and he waited for her to scream after each blow. She was beautiful like this; her body flushed, dancing and her charming cries of pain further excited him. After a dozen blows, Nicole returned to moaning. Michael set down the flogger and brought a glass of cool water to his partner.

“Drink, my beloved slave. Our dance isn’t over yet, is it?”

After Nicole drank, Michael checked her fingers and arms for signs of stress. He made sure her feet were firmly planted on the floor and smiled at her desire to please him. She enjoyed their games as much as he did. Nicole was holding up well, even though her arms had been extended longer than was considered safe. Then again, she wasn’t fully human anymore.

“Ready for more, slave?”

“Mmhmm,” and a nod.

“Say it.”

“I’m ready for more, Master.”

Silently, Michael removed the Nipple Huggers and Nicole trembled knowing what he had in mind.

“Do you want me to gag you?”

She shook her head violently.

“No complaints then. Just pretty moans.”

Nicole looked into his eyes and nodded.

“Keep your eyes open, Nikki. Let me see what you’re feeling and stay with me.”

Another nod. She was excited and scared. How much pain could she take for him and why did she like it so much? Michael smiled and kissed her passionately, erasing her fears and leaving her in a state of anticipation. Silently, he crossed the room and chose a light flogger. He returned to softly hit her thighs in a sweet caress of leather.

Nicole moaned and Michael hit her again. The skin on her thighs turned pink and rosy after a number of well-placed hits. Aiming higher, he landed a few soft blows to her stomach before taking aim at her breasts. Her moans became a continuous hum, pausing only when she took a breath and her eyes never left his face.

Abruptly, Nicole was looking at herself through his eyes. Michael found her to be beautiful and sexy, his own body was hard with need, aching to fill her, yet caught up in their dance. She saw the flogger slashing towards her vulnerable chest, felt Michael tempering his great strength to help her bear the blow. Her body danced when the flogger hit her sensitive nipples. The next blow was a little more forceful and she felt warmth suffusing her breasts. Blow after blow struck her vulnerable chest and she felt herself reaching for a climax.

Michael paused and denied her release. Nicole saw herself smile. It was a blatant invitation for more.

Stepping behind her, Michael aimed at her bottom and Nicole saw the leather connect with her pink flesh. She felt the familiar rush of pain and pleasure, and also felt Michael fighting for control.

“More,” Nicole murmured tempting fate.

She wanted the dance to continue, wanted to see how long they could make it last. Michael renewed his earlier pattern; shoulders, bottom, and thighs. Nicole went deep into her own mind. Moaning and twisting as the flogger turned her skin red, she sought to pleasure her sadistic mate and herself. Sometime later, her dancing ceased. Michael landed a blow to her bottom and she didn’t make a sound.

“Let me hear you, Nikki.”

He increased the force and landed a blow solidly on her thighs. Nicole stayed quiet and her knees buckled causing her to dangle by her wrists. With his supernatural speed, Michael laid down the flogger and gathered her into his arms.

“Come back to me, little one.”

The pain in her body hummed. Nicole was floating in his excitement, her ears were ringing and yet, she heard the concern in his voice. She wasn’t with him. Tenderly, Michael kissed her and Nicole thought of sleeping beauty. He kissed her again and she fought her way to consciousness.


“That’s my girl.”

Michael untied her wrists and threw her over his shoulder.

“My caveman,” she teased and he laughed.

Michael gently placed Nicole on the large bed that was against the wall of his playroom. He massaged her arms then gave her more water. When Nicole was finished drinking, she kissed her mate the way she wanted to be kissed, with fire and passion. Michael moaned and his lips stayed locked to hers as he removed the chastity belt and dildos. Nicole was on her back, she spread her legs wide and put her hands to her sides.

“Please, Michael…have to feel you in me…I need you.”

He stared at her for a moment, memorizing every detail of the collar on her neck, her body coated with sweat, her breasts swollen and rosy from the flogging, and the wetness between her thighs. Nicole was made for him and he would take what was his.

“Michael, please…”

He claimed his mate. Michael fucked her hard and furious, like the animal he felt like, the animal she wanted. Nicole’s hands dug into his hair.


Michael didn’t slow down. He thrust into Nicole repeatedly. Her hips rose off the bed to meet his thrusts, her hands clenched his long hair. He removed the collar in one swift movement, throwing it to the floor.

His fangs buried themselves in her soft throat and Nicole climaxed immediately. He drank deeply then pulled out the fangs to slow the flow of her blood. Her taste was sweet and flavored with her love for him. Her warmth surrounded his erection. The tight muscles of her pussy were milking his cock with each thrust, but he held on, not wanting the moment to end and simultaneously wanting to explode.

Nicole shook, her legs wrapped around him, encouraging him to use greater and greater force. Between his mouth on her throat and his cock in her sex, she felt like her body was fire. His hand found a breast and squeezed, sending another orgasm crashing through her, then another and another.

The rush of her emotions was addictive. No one sated his demon's needs like Nicole. No one sated the needs of his soul like her. If he could live off her taste alone, he'd be satisfied. She climaxed again. Her body was bucking less as the energy was drained from her into him. Eternity with Nicole might not be long enough.

Michael kept thrusting and drinking until she was limp in his arms, his seed inside her womb. He licked the wound closed and cleaned her neck with his tongue.

Nicole whimpered softly when he raised his head. Michael used a sharp fingernail to slice open the skin on his chest. He pulled her to him, compelling her to drink his offering. His fingers caressed her throat as she swallowed and his cock hardened.

The act of sharing his blood, of her tasting him made his body burn with need. Electricity danced between them and his craving grew with each sip. She was everything he could every want in a woman and she was his. As the color returned to her face, Nicole had similar thoughts about her man.

Basking in his touch and his wild nature, Nicole smiled and gave him her best “come hither” glance. Michael could read her every thought and at the moment, she wanted to feel his passion as he took his pleasure from her. He flipped Nicole over to her stomach and grasped her hips to pull her bottom up.

“Head down, slave. Arms secure.”

Nicole positioned herself as requested. Her sensitive breasts rubbed into the sheet and her hands were in front of her as if she was tied. She felt incredibly sexy and safe. Michael spanked her a few times before he thrust into her sex and held still. It was all she could do not to push herself against his hard body. Michael licked at his mark on her shoulder and Nicole whimpered with desire.

“Tell me, slave. What do you want?”

Michael knew, but he liked hearing her plead, to beg for what he was going to do anyway.

“Please, Master…don’t stop.”

He kissed her neck, yet remained still.

“Don’t stop what?”

“Please don’t stop fucking me. I need to feel you.”

And Nicole did. To hold her in place, Michael wrapped his hand in her braid and put his other hand on her hip. He pulled nearly out then moved slowly, watching his thick erection as it entered Nicole. He loved watching his cock as it filled her repeatedly. Just as slowly, he pulled out, leaving the head of his cock surrounded by her warmth. He thrust in just a little faster and she hummed.

Absorbed in watching his hard cock enter and re-enter her tight sheath, he picked up the pace. She was heat and light, warmth and love, and hot nights of steamy sex. In, out, in, out, Michael pounded a light rhythm and Nicole tightened her feminine muscles. The movement forced Michael to gasp in pleasure as if he were the slave and she the mistress.

“Oh, yes…harder…please…fuck me harder,” she begged.

Michael set up a delicious pace, the friction driving them both closer and closer to a powerful climax. Nicole was beyond words, beyond asking for anything. She was submerged in his feelings as he fucked her senseless. With each stroke his cock sent waves of pleasure into Nicole and her responses did the same to him.

“Come for me, Nikki,” Michael ordered softly.

She thrashed underneath him, her body exploding with a climax that went from her toes to the top of her head, racking her body with sweet sensations. Seeing stars, Nicole called out his name. A rainbow of lights clouded her vision and Michael saw them with her. His mate, wife and slave.

He pulled out of her and rolled her onto her back. She was sensitive, but he nudged her legs apart and entered her again. When it came to fucking Nicole, Michael had zero recovery time. She opened her arms to receive him and he suckled a breast, the sensation kindling yet another blaze.

“I love you, Michael.”

“I know.”

Nicole grabbed his hair and tried her best to look angry. Raising his eyes, Michael met her gaze.

“What is it, little one?”

“Please tell me you love me.”

“I am telling you.”

“Then please tell me again.”

Michael circled a nipple with his tongue.

“I do love you, Nikki…more than I can say.”

Michael thought the words and Nicole beamed. The licking turned into suckling and she watched him. He was showing her what he felt and giving her what she wanted most, him. Arching her back, Nicole thrust her breasts forward and Michael teased her until she begged him to make love to her again.

Michael took her over and over again, letting Nicole rest and cuddle between satisfying his voracious need to claim his mate. He alternated between making slow and passionate love to her and pounding into her like a wild animal. By the time the moon was high overhead, Nicole was sleeping safely in Michael’s loving arms.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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