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by Dave
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Two old buddies are reunited.

I ran into Binky Hudson yesterday. Me and Binky used to run the ‘hood together when we was young. He was a couple years younger than me, so I kinda took him under my wing, so to speak. I always gave him a share of the apples and candy I swiped from the market. My keen senses kept him from gettin’ shot that day we almost got caught breakin’ into the bootlegger’s cooler to steal a couple six-packs of beer. But that was many years ago. Binky was kinda wimpy and kept backing out of my business ventures, so we went our separate ways.

My current encounter with Binky came about on ‘counta somethin’ that happened about six months ago. I was feelin’ kinda poorly, so I went to the hospital for a check up. They said the problem was with my liver. I figure that might have somethin’ to do with all those years drinkin’ that rotgut corn likker. They gave me some pills and said I should stay off my feet. So I went down to the guv’mint office to apply for disability. They finally approved a whoppin’ stipend of $115.00 a month. They said it was ‘cuz I was self-employed for most of my life. Made a good livin’ at it, too, growin’ and sellin’ all that marijuana, but it’s all gone now. So I borrowed some guy’s credit card to buy some food and clothes.

Day before yesterday the cops came knockin’ on my door and said I should go with them. Yesterday they took me from the holdin’ cell and brought me into that big ol’ court room. Someone said in a loud voice with lotsa spunk, “All rise. The Honorable Judge Alexander Hudson presiding.” And in walked my ol’ runnin’ buddy, Binky, dressed in a black robe. After the charges were read, my ungrateful protégé sentenced me to fifteen years.

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