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A mother daughter moment.
"Oh My Gosh!" She tapped her index finger several quick times against the glass window of the driver's side Toyota Corolla. "That's the guy." Like I'm supposed to know. Before I can respond, she answers, in the quick speed, never take a breath until you've spit out five sentences, delivery. You know, teenagers and young adults all have it. Listening makes me gasp for the air I know she must need.

"Three shots skinny, no foam latte. You know!" She gives me a quick glance. "I told you about him yesterday." She scrunches up her brow, "The creepy guy?"

It's been a long day. I search my memory. I sorta recall some story, told in that breathless tone, about some guy who gave her the creeps. Was I only half listening to her then? I laughed; a repressed laugh, which came out like a snort.


Should I tell her? It's funny to me; how young people talk. How she knows this man by the drinks he orders at her job?

I smile. "I love you." I know, it's so off topic, but she flashes me a sweet smile.

"I know." She senses my weakness. My motherly warmness, and she dives in. "So, do you love me enough to pay my Visa bill?"

"Um." I hesitate, trying to grope for a sarcastic response.

"Mom." Again, there's that smile, the one with the dimples. "I'll pay you back." And after a small pause. "I'm just not sure when."

She's bought me lunch several times lately and I can't resist. It must be tough going to school AND working. When I was a sophomore in college, all I had to worry about were lectures, note taking, exams, and where the next party was. Working thirty - forty hours a week wasn't on my weekly agenda. I admire her efforts. "Okay," I cave.

She smiles. Now it's her turn. "I love you."

Taken on 4/29/07.
Robin (Mom), Autumn, & Laney

Laney, Robin(mom), Autumn
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