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Are they any closer to the Arcadian...or to being caught by Crelin? (no recaps)
Chapt. 3

Sokal walked behind me slowly as we entered the Balin Inn, drinking and lodging for the infamous Huntsmen. We had just entered the Inn when right away I noticed several Huntsmen eating Turkinis, a meat and bean mixture, and drinking Romales, a strong apple and alcohol mixture.

We both took seats near the Huntsmen table, but not close enough to be noticed.

“Sajili, I count eight all together. Are you sure you wanna stay here, the odd’s would be against us.” Sokal expressed his feelings sincerely.

“No, we’ll be fine…Im a mimic, and you’re an elemental, the two of us can handle a situation, if one should arise.”

I didn’t know if I actually believed what I said, because the truth is, my powers were not yet fully developed, nor was I in perfect control of them. I just prayed we’d be safe.

“I think we should blend in Sokal. We should order the Romales.”

Sokal stared at me with shock as if i had just killed his best friend.

“No, that is way to strong for me as an elemental. That drink could bind my powers, and then we’d be defenseless.” He shook his head aggressively.

“Just don’t drink, fake it okay.” I ordered the drinks anyway.

“Now look, I’m going to need you to watch my back while I go into a trance-like state, I have to probe their minds to see what I can find out.”

“Anything for you Sajili.”

As I bowed my head and closed my eyes, the last thing I saw was the worry in Sokal's eyes. I fell into the trance as my eyes changed to a fiery red color. I concentrated on the minds of the four Huntsmen I saw earlier.

‘Wateria’s next, the Queen ha ha ha.’

‘The Arcadian to Lord Crelin.’

‘No need for the nymph anymore.’

‘The others die soon.’

‘An elemental?’

I woke from my trance to her Sokal's voice slightly trembling.

“Sajili are you okay? You’re sweating like a boar.”

Sokal’s words were soft as the breeze. The last thought made fear rush through my body intensely. I turned to look at the table of Huntsmen and noticed that one of them was focusing on Sokal.

“Sokal, we must go.”

“What is it? What did you hear?”

The Huntsmen reached for his blade and began walking towards our table slowly. He no longer looked confused. He came at Sokal with rage and hatred in his face.

“ELEMENTAL!” He screamed so loudly that everyone jumped and stared in our direction.

Sokal turned with a look of surprise.

“Sajili, trouble.”
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