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A letter I wrote one day for my mother. I never gave it to her.
This is a letter I wrote one day, when I tried to speak to my mother about a situation in my home and she wouldn't listen to what I had to say. I thought that she would at least have to read the letter. I never gave it to her because I was able to completely broach the subject and realized that she didn't care. She told me so. David is/was my mother's boyfriend and Brianna is my younger sister.
         It’s not fair mom. It’s not fair. It’s not fair that you can do as you please and what we want means nothing to you you. That’s not true? You’ve told me so.
         You shouldn’t be so worried that we will offend David, but rather worried that he will offend us. We’re your children after all. We were here first. Shouldn’t we matter more? It doesn’t seem like we do.
         David is not a part of our life and he is not apart of mine. You shouldn’t force it upon me. I don’t want any part of you and your boyfriends and it bothers me when you bring them home. I can’t go and talk to you then, because they are always with you and they are not apart of my life.
         Here is this stranger in my house, where I live and have live my whole life, and he walks around like it is his home, but it is not. It is my home. I can’t do the things that I would usually do because here is this stranger in my home who I have to tiptoe around in order to not offend. I try to ignore him, but it upsets you and so I am distantly polite. I would be nice, but I can’t. This is a stranger in my home. You don’t seem to understand how that feels.
         You have become moody and tempermental and you don’t seem to notice. When I point it out, you don’t seem to care. I want you to come home and spend time with me, but when your home, you yell and scream and don’t spend any time with me. All I want then is for you do go out and leave me alone.
         But you do go out. You go out all the time. Sometimes we have no idea where you are and sometimes we do, but you are still out and away from us. I think Brianna notices it too, but you have always been like this around her and she knows no better. She’s growing up alone with a mother who seems to care more what her boyfriend wants than what she need. She needs a mother. It’s not dad that tells her to dislike your boyfriends, its that you pay more attention to them than you do to her. She’s a ten year old child. She needs her mother more than a grown man does.
         There is something seriously wrong with this situation and everyone seems to see it except you.
         Never mind. You don’t hear me anyway.
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