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Brainstorming and such i guess...
imagine being a struggling actor... living day to day as someone else... everyone else's life but your own...
imagine discovering when your taking a job-required physical that you have a tumor in your brain...
imagine spending the next month doing everything you've ever wanted to do... experience the best and the finest in life...
...then... imagine finding out that the hospital made a mistake and the tumor that was SUPPOSED to be malignant is actually benign and completely operable...
... and at last... imagine living the rest of your life in anticlimax... already having experienced and done everything that you've ever wanted and everything of the finest calibur... what would you do?

2)"My message to the aliens..."
A boy of the age of 8 becomes inspired to write a journals for a timecapsule to the aliens after watching a great sci-fi film... the boy returns to this journal consecutively over the and it captures the boys life and all of his experiences (seperation of parents, abuse, drugs, contracting an STD, etc.)

Have you ever seen the Truman Show?... just imagine if that were made now... with all of the crappy reality tv shows on the air...
Picture an ordinary man with an ordinary job, going through numerous adventures and challenges just to get to work (i.e. getting onto a speeding bus that crosses over a river, or coming home for dinner and his wife has cooked cow testicles for dinner) and all along he's just trying to live his life as normally as possible... (THANKS TO ALEX BARNARD FOR GIVING ME THE IDEA FOR THIS ONE AND COMING UP WITH A LOT OF IT)

--sound like something you would read?
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/1046573-Ideas-for-novels