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Sokal and Sajili are in for trouble. What will they do?
The Huntsmen rushed at us sword drawn and aimed for Sokal.

I knew I had to be quick on my feet.
"Adalante!" I screamed and held up a barrier protecting Sokal and I for the moment.

"Sokal, we must get out of here. I wont be able to hold this for long."

I began to watch as Sokal studied the room for a way out. I began to feel my powers weakening as the Huntsmen began slashing at the forcefield with extreme power.

"SOKAL, Hurry." I screamed as the forcefield got smaller and smaller.

I watched as Sokal turned towards the back wall and aimed with precision. He threw his hands toward the wall and an immense fire left his hands and opened a hole for us in the dirtlike wall.

Just as the forcefield faded, Sokal grabbed my arm and rushed me towards the opening, he'd just made. As the Huntsmen came after us. Sokal turned and set a blaze around the Inn, making it difficult for them to follow.

I felt weak and was unable to keep up with Sokal as we ran towards our camp.

As I fell to the ground panting and sweating, I felt the safe arms of Sokal as he drew me near him.

"Sajili we must continue."

"Sokal, something's wrong." I remembered the thoughts of the Huntsmen, and I was finally able to understand what they meant.

"What's wrong?"

"I think we should wake Alaron as soon as we get there."

"Sajili, what is it?" Sokal said, worry washing over his face like a flood wiping out everything in its path.

"Lord Crelin is going to destroy Wateria, and the Queen will die."

Sokal continued to run with me in his arms and the last thing I saw was the fear in his face as everything went black.
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