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I pray to God and thank him.
Thank You

I pray to God and thank him
Because that's what I should do
To He who's given reason
Who has made my life anew

I just don't read my Bible
Quite as often as is best
But strangely He still loves me
For that reason I feel blest

I'm not a perfect person
But I know that God is here
He's in my heart just working
Christ is taking all my fear

I hope one day before death
That I'll fin'lly get this right
Get back from sin and far back
So there's only God in sight

This is not an ev'ryday
Religious poem but it's true
Sadly I still sin too much
But it's God that gets me through

I pray that God will help me
And I'm sure He will prevail
As long as that takes I will wait
Since my God can never fail

I'd like to say I'm sorry
For the pain I've caused You Lord
I beg for your forgiveness
That you'd please restrain your sword

I don't wish to be evil
No, I long to do what's right
O Father please have patience
Help me fight the holy fight

Don't ever give up on me
Even if at times I'm wild
'Cause since the day you saved me
I'll forever be your child

I pray to YOU, I thank You
Down here now on bended knee
You'll always be my Savior
And my God, eternally

I want to take a moment and thank my God, my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, for all that he has given me. I will try to give back a portion through my writing, through my life, though it will never amount to the grace he gives me every single day.

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